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  1. As mentioned earlier, my main objective is practicing Luftwaffe schemes. This build will be OOB with addition of HGW harness. The engine is finished.. and will be hidden behind the cooling fan, so nothing over-the-top here... Painted with Gunze H-18 Steel, #8 Silver and H-53 Neutral Gray. Silver drybrushing on the cylinders and a dark wash to finish it off. I went with the kit instructions of painting the pushrods in silver. Not sure if silver or black is more accurate for a wartime Wurger?
  2. The black coffee might make a nice oil & grime wash!?
  3. Thanks Dave , Matt, Jamme! I've made a start - pics to follow.
  4. Even without glasses you can see that is excellent work - well done!
  5. Demonstrating once again that starting a project is easier than finishing - it's time to add to my in-progress builds and join Arrow Wolf's Focke Wulf GB. Thanks Grant! I know there are prizes for this GB - well.. I think my best hope would be 'most improved' or 'coach's award'. Just nice to be here. Main purpose of this build is more work on Luftwaffe schemes. I'm building the 1/32 Hasegawa Fw 190A-8. I guess most of you are familiar with this kit.. The scheme is this one.. JG5, Rudolf Artner, based in Norway, Feb 1945. (source: Internet) (source: Internet) Stay tuned.
  6. Thanks Mike, Jamme! It's been another demanding week with little bench time, but thank God(s) for the weekend Some more progress pics. After reaching the point of diminishing returns, the cockpit is just about done. The Eduard set is (of course) great bang-for-buck - I was sorely tempted to add the excellent Hasegawa pilot figure but decided on the etched harness instead. Pre-painted makes it easier - however next time I think I'll use a HGW harness or equivalent. Weathering was completed with paint chipping, some pastels, etc. Next step: coaming & gunsight,etc Main construction is complete.. ! Next step: cleanup: filling, sanding etc It's gone together reasonably well. Just the left side (from front of aircraft - ha.. um.. is this port or starboard? ) wingroot will need some work. The P-40 is a good looking aircraft.. one of my favourites. All feedback - comments, criticism - is welcome!
  7. Great progress. Nice scratch building.
  8. Some bench time today and progress on the cockpit, wheel bays, etc. Cockpit almost done.. next step - adding the harness (from Eduard set) and a tad more PE Dryfitting.... starting to take shape..! So far trouble free and enjoyable.. but.. it looks like front wingroot/fuselage join might need work.!?!.. All feedback - comments, criticism - is welcome!
  9. Hi Grant, Gaia paints are available here in Hong Kong. I haven't used much, but my humble opinion.. their flat clear Ex-04 is very good - I use on a regular basis and it comes in a useful 50ml bottle. They have a range of metallics which look v. promising - I picked up the no. 123 star bright duralumin for some experiments with bare metal finishes.. Tim
  10. Thanks Rick, Erik, Grant, Dave! Agree more weathering is necessary. I made a start last and will continue in coming days. Stay tuned.
  11. Instrument panel done.. Eduard. Just realised I'm missing a toggle switch - must've dropped off while taking the pictures. Base coat of Tamiya XF-27 black green followed by Gunze H-58. Work in progress.. adding Eduard PE, etc All feedback - comments, criticism - is welcome!
  12. Thanks Martin! After a fairly busy week, I had some bench time today. The kit ready to go: Starting with the cockpit. Ready for painting..
  13. Hi Mike - agreed! One of my fave aircraft. I'll be learning from your builds
  14. Watching with interest! Keen to see how you tackle the canopy issues.
  15. This will be my second build for the Pacific War GB. 1/32 P-40M: Unit: 44th FS, 18th FG, 13th AF, USAAF Pilot - Joseph J. Lesicka 'Jumping Joe'. Munda Field, New Georgia, August 1943. Artist: unknown Source: 'Aircraft of the Aces. Legend of the Skies' by Tony Holmes, © 2004 Osprey Publishing ISBN 1-84176-825-1 This scheme will offer some good weathering opportunities. I discovered that Gypsy Rose Lee was named after a famous stripper - in reference to the various weight saving measures that were applied to P-40s! I'm using the Hasegawa kit and markings. The plan is to keep this build fairly simple. The only addition will be Eduard interior PE (33090) and masks. Stay tuned!
  16. Construction of the Merlin is complete.. The easy bit is done.. next steps - cleanup, painting, weathering, etc.
  17. Here we go. I'm late coming to the Tamiya superkit party - I've had the Mk.IX and Mk.VIII Spitfires and P-51D kits in the stash (oh.. and just bought the Corsair kit! Wasn't planning to, but my local hobby store here in Hong Kong had it for approx $80 USD.. I couldn't afford not to!) - but, like a fine bottle of wine, I didn't want to 'waste' it.. After some 'cheap plonk' (eg. Dragon 1/32 P-51D - I wanted it to be ok and disprove the naysayers, but what a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE kit), it's time to crack open the good stuff. I've started construction of the Merlin. It's been said many times, but this kit really is superb!
  18. Ok good :) In which case I'll add it to the list. Probably pick it once the spitfire is done..
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