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  1. GB would certainly help get it finished.! Here's a coupla pics.. what's the verdict?
  2. Thanks all.. ! Thanks Martin.. I'm looking forward to your Harley Davidson.. Late night surfing on the iPad mini.. and I end up with 1/48 decals.. ah Well, you're welcome to the 1/48 markings of QJ-O... (maybe Eduard Mk.VIII if (when) released !?) Thanks Jamme Hi Dave.. that would be brilliant! PM sent. I'm in your debt. Thanks Daywalker.. ! Looking forward to your Corsair.. now that is a great kit.
  3. Now.. decals.. hahah I have hit my first hurdle.. .. I ordered the Barracudacals 'Spitfire Mk.VIII Part 1' set and.. it arrived.. hmm.. these look a little small? Hang on.. my bad.. WRONG SCALE 1/32 set seem hard to find.. maybe plan B.. Kits-World set?
  4. Hi All, Time to get started. I'll (slowly) build the Tamiya Spitfire Mk.VIII, in RAAF markings, 79 Squadron - either 'Hava Go Jo!!' or 'Avagrog'. 79 Squadron was formed in 1943, originally equipped with Vc's before replacement with VIII's. In 1944-45 they were based in Morotai (now Indonesia) and conducted a variety of operations (fighter sweeps, bomber escort, strafing, but mostly ground attack and attacking Japanese installations, etc). Colour schemes for RAAF spitfires seem to generate a lot of debate - however I don't have any special knowledge so I'll be following conventional wisdom (or.. maybe just reputable decal instructions !>?! ) Here's the kit.. I'll be using aftermarket from BarrracudaCast: BR32001 - Seat with leather backpad BR32003 - Cockpit upgrade set (stick, throttle etc. includes cockpit stencils) BR32002 - Door with separate crowbar and of course BR32010 - wheels: Z-block 4 slot mainwheels (for Australian Spitfire VIII's) Aftermarket pic..
  5. Hi Dave, for the Jug.. cockpit is basically done, most of the internal plumbing and I've painted most bits of the R-2800 (needs assembly, wiring etc.. I lost steam at this point ).. fuselage not together.. still a longish way to go... !? P-40 is one of my favorites... ! Thanks Grant.. hopefully I can do it justice. .
  6. Hi Martin, thanks for the warm welcome! I'll get started shortly. The plan is to build both in parallel - a fast build (P-40) and slower, more involved build (Spitfire - with some aftermarket). I'll need to clear some space on the bench.. My stalled Trumpeter P-47N is too far progressed to meet the criteria for this build..
  7. Hi All, I'm a newbie.. mind if I join the group build? I'm hoping to build the 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.VIII, RAAF markings.. 79 Squadron.. perhaps 'Hava Go Jo !!' or 'Avagrog' Also.. Hasegawa P-40M/Kittyhawk Mk.III (I'm undecided on the scheme.. but probably kit decals.)
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