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  1. Excellent work Mike! great scheme and very well executed. Great to see your posts again. Trumpy G is next on my 109 build list.
  2. Watching with interest... likewise I didn't have time for the Junkers GB.
  3. Good job recovering the decals. Very sharp - camo is fantastic. I think there is a 1/48 kit of the He-177 ? As Rob said.. fascinating aircraft.
  4. hmmm.. educated guess? The kagero profile does look nice regardless....
  5. Wow - love it. Wiring and detailing on the Merlin is first rate. Excellent work all round.
  6. Nice work Kent. Great to see it finished. Would've been great to see one flying at Avalon.
  7. Very nice work there - the airbrush work is superb. Looking forward to more 190s.
  8. Thanks! True - musn't run out of 109 kits.. it's funny that without planning it, the 109 is by far the most numerous type in my stash.. - the Hasegawa kits are a great canvas.. can do little or a lot. Thanks Aaron! The HAD decals were nice and yep agreed - some great schemes. They didn't seem to have a lot of adhesive? I had to replace the upper wing balkenkreuz. Could've been my fault. Colours are also very bright so you might want to use tamiya smoke to tone them down. Tim
  9. Hi Rob, Cutting Edge have a couple of options for G-6 + gunpods eg CED32025 Gustav Aces Part 1 or CED32032 Friedrichs & Gustavs - has another JG 3 machine Can find them on Amazon eg. http://www.amazon.com/Cutting-Edge-Decals-Friedrichs-Gustavs/dp/B009YF43XM/ref=pd_sim_sbs_misc_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1Y0EYB8G727ART98CBX2
  10. Or the Eduard exterior PE set Eduard 32249 Spitfire Mk.IX exterior TAMIYA Cheers.
  11. This is the 1/32 Hasegawa Bf 109 G-2/R-6, built as yellow 10 "Mickey Mouse", flown by Fw Hans Döbrich, JG5, Finland Feb 1943. It was a reasonably quick build in order to continue my practice on Luftwaffe schemes. Apologies to the Experten for any mistakes! The build was mostly OOB with addition of HAD decals and a harness from the stash. So it's the kit spinner, exhausts, wheels, etc. It was painted with a mix of Mr Color for the standard RLM 74/75/76 and oversprayed winter camo was Tamiya acrylics. Weathering with mostly oils. Post-shading was done with redbrown/black mix and tamiya X-19 smoke in some places. and flat coat applied was Gaia Ex-04 (good stuff). No WIP for this build. No new information to add to the wealth of excellent Bf 109 builds on LSM, and mine was a fairly typical Hasegawa 109 build process. I wasn't sure how it would turn out either I think the bar is pretty high and building the ultimate 109 is like writing the great novel. I've still got a way to go. Here's the pics. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Tim
  12. Excellent work on the pit. The wiring looks superb. I'll have to try your approach on the exhausts.
  13. Superb paintwork. great job! I just bought this kit myself.
  14. Thanks all! Dave, yes I'm thinking of a Mk. IX (classic eg. Johnnie Johnson) or 453 Squadron with full D-Day stripes.
  15. Finally - just in time for the Spitfire GB, here is my Spitfire Mk VIII, built for the Pacific War GB right here on LSM. I'm yet to post the final pics - so here they are. Firstly, a big call out and huge THANKS to Dave J for supplying the decals. Dave - this one is for you. I added the following to the excellent Tamiya kit: From BarracudaCast BR32001 - Seat with leather backpad BR32003 - Cockpit upgrade set (stick, throttle etc. includes cockpit stencils) BR32002 - Door with separate crowbar BR32010 - Z-block 4 slot mainwheels (for Australian Spitfire VIII's) Decals are also from BarraCudaCals I also added - HGW Sutton Harness - Eduard exterior PE (in the end I used very little). Paints used were Gunze Mr Color. Weathering was the usual mix of pre/post shading, oils, washes etc. This was my first Tamiya 1/32 superkit - it was an immensely enjoyable (and very long) build. Highly recommended. WIP link here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/1239-tamiya-spitfire-mkviii-79-squadron-raaf/ Now for some pics: Cheers, Tim.
  16. Excellent Jeroen.. cool build. can you imagine 'flying' one of those things?
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