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  1. Mike, Excellent build. The finished product is first class and fantastic shots too. More power to the Focke Wulf GB
  2. Thanks heaps Ross . ... I won't trouble you! I've ordered an iwata needle online. Will see if that does the job. Thanks again. Tim
  3. Hi Rick - not yet - I'll get in contact - thanks! Thanks for the tip Dave - I've fired them an email. Fingers crossed. Thanks heaps for the offer Mike!! . I'll try not trouble you - if I have no luck in the next few weeks I'll let you know. Tim
  4. Hi All, I'm looking for replacement 0.3mm needles for my GSI Creos 'Mr. Hobby' Procon Boy airbrush.. WA Trigger Type. (great airbrush - I can recommend it) No amount of googling can find an online stockist, and my LHS (from whom I purchased) seem unable to help. Any suggestions/ideas/direction on how to find a suitable replacement needle? It does seem that Mr. Hobby airbrushes are made by Richpen (?) who also make Iwata and Tamiya airbrushes.. how generic are the airbrush needles... ? Thanks...
  5. Ah.. good question.. My modelling resolutions - in general terms - finish the year with a net reduction in stash size. (Build more than I buy! B:B ratio?) - finish the kits on the bench: Tamiya Spit and Trumpy P-47N, both for the Pacific War GB - rescue from shelf of doom - hobbyboss spit - assuming I can resolve the canopy shape issue New projects (from the stash) - Hasegawa Dora for the Focke Wulf GB - SWS P-51D - scheme undecided - I really want to build this kit. - Hasegawa 109 Gustav with Aries engine set That'll do methinks!
  6. +1 for Junkers GB. I need an excuse to buy the Revell Ju 88 kit Also - back to this GB - I am hoping to sneak in with a cheeky quick second build - a Dora this time. Intending to start in a coupla weeks.
  7. Great result with this kit, Benjamin. Makes me want to rescue mine from the shelf of doom
  8. Excellent Mike ... back in action! Looking forward to the painting stage.
  9. Excellent Ralph.. glad to see this build underway again. Wow! You make it look easy!
  10. Very high quality builds - superb. Would love to see more pics!
  11. Excellent work. Really interesting history on this aircraft too.
  12. Excellent Dave. Not too shabby for 17 days! Wow!! Tim
  13. Thanks Rick.. Jonathan. Still haven't taken the final pics. This weekend for sure! Been so hectic with the xmas rush. Tim
  14. Excellent work Brad. Superb paint job and overall finish. Congrats! Tim
  15. excellent... looking forward to more pics. Didn't realise the eagle editions seat was that good! Tim
  16. Great start with the pilot. Figure painting is on my 'must acquire' skills list.. Tim
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