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  1. harv

    F16 C

    Good grief !
  2. harv

    F16 C

    Wow thanks Scot. Yes pics would be greatYes Scott.....harv
  3. harv

    F16 C

    Yes Scott, already have the Tamiya kit....harv
  4. Thanks Alan. Its a good kit, no big probs. Hope you do a WIP....harv
  5. harv

    F16 C

    Ok, after a lot of confusion over the intake, I spent the morning on the net. Everything I have read about POLISH F16s states they were equipped with P&W 229 ENGINES. This means they had small mouth intakes. Sprue Br. Has both intake and exhaust in stock. I will be ordering them. The Tamiya kit is GE engine and large mouth intakes and different exhaust.still looking for the conformal fuel tanks and extendedpara pack...harv
  6. Thanks. Yes, I cut them from the IP sheet that came with Aries pit . They had them on the sheet but lost them after I cut them out. Very small and thin...harv
  7. harv

    F16 C

    I may get the GT anyway. Much nicer and just 1 part
  8. harv

    F16 C

    Also, according to Gary of GT resin, I need the large mouth intake. Also would have to add the bumpy thing neer the intake....
  9. Actually I made like 4. Kept pinging out of the tweezers....harv
  10. harv

    F16 C

    Actually the kit tail on top is pretty accurate. But the Polish Para Pac has sensors on the sides and top
  11. harv

    F16 C

    Ok, I have found a couple in my search, but it seems anyone I pick ill have to scratch sensors. Any ideas gents ?.....harv
  12. harv

    F16 C

    I took a look at this. It is an option. But sensors would have to br scratched....harv
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