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  1. Not a big surprise when we look for signs. Made me cry we still hear our Charpe' toenails in the hardwood floors or cement..and it makes me smile...harv
  2. Dam buddy, that does suck. I know the feeling.....harv
  3. Does anyone know if the D pit differed from one with a centerline gun ? Need some help here. TIA.....harv
  4. Well my friend, I have partaken and maybe that's my problem lol.......harv
  5. Ern, great talking to you today and like I said, this is STELLAR! It will be the hit at Nooga......harv
  6. I'm also thrilled ! And like Ern, have the same in the stash......harv
  7. It says for all F4's but you need to check your refs. There are members here that have more knowledge than I do. First pic is package. The next two are the front of PE frets. Next the back of PE frets. After that, resin parts, then seat detail. Hope you like.......harv
  8. Just keeps getting better and better !.......harv
  9. Yes I did Martin. Hmmmm.........harv
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