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  1. Maxim

    VF-9 Hellcat

    Great! That means Tamiya will release theirs just as you finish yours! Look forward to seeing it completed John.
  2. Maxim

    1st LSM Christmas Raffle

    If I was lucky enough to win the Lanc I would donate it back to someone on this board that truly deserves it.
  3. Maxim

    T minus six days...

    I was in Auckland in October this year and gasoline was $2.50 per Litre local currency. My company offered me over $300K per year to move over to Auckland and run one of our Breweries and I declined even though it's more than what I get in Aus.
  4. Maxim

    T minus six days...

    I travel to NZ often with my work. Even though I live in Aus, traveling across to NZ is like stepping back in time about 20 years. Beautiful country and nice people but very expensive to live there.
  5. Maxim

    Kitty Hawk F-5F first quick BUILD

    The TBD is dead in the water as is the F-100F. Considering that Trumpeter are very focused now on armor and their large scale aircraft kits have declined for new releases in 32 scale.
  6. Maxim

    Kitty Hawk F-5F first quick BUILD

    I was referring to the kit overall. Not saying it's not a nice kit and years ahead of the Hasegawa kit but getting the decals incorrect, panel lines incorrect etc is a sign of bad research or rushing the kit out the door. Trumpeter are another culprit for this as well and usually worse though they do have some beautiful kits like the Avenger etc. No kit is ever correct and that's why we are modellers.
  7. Maxim

    Kitty Hawk F-5F first quick BUILD

    I think it's typical Kittyhawk. So close but they just drop the ball a little at the end. Sometimes I think it's rushing to get the kit out without final checks and balances in place.
  8. The Enterprise 1942 fit kit 03712 is just about to be released in 1/200 scale and the Yorktown kit 03711 will follow. I hope for a 1/200 scale Essex Class. They do have a Yamato in the works in 1/200 scale. The only new Russian carrier is in 1/700 scale.
  9. Maxim

    Tamiya 1/32 ??

    A new F-14A in 32 scale scaled up from their 48 scale kit would be the holy grail for me. I'd just like the early boat tail as well in the kit so I could do first cruise VF-1 and VF-2 aircraft.
  10. Maxim

    Tamiya 1/32 ??

    Two things we can be sure off, It'll have wings and at least one prop!
  11. Maxim

    1st LSM Christmas Raffle

    I'm in.
  12. No tax on winnings in Australia. You only pay tax after 12 months on any profit you gain as with all other savings and investments. You can also give up to $10K away max at one time without paying gift tax. So this weeks lotto is 60Million. If you win, you win the lot.
  13. Maxim

    Bullet Head , movie

    Anything with John Malkovich is sure to have a good twist in it.
  14. Boy that's nice! Certainly not a weekender kit is it. Nice to see everything you need in one box and then some. Thanks for the review.
  15. Maxim

    ZM F4 - Opinions

    Personally I don't think it's that much of an issue. Unless your an F-4 expert or comparing the ZM kit against others you basically don't even notice it. A lot of work to correct it with the resin replacement parts. It would be noticeable in 32 scale but now ZM know about it it won't happen if they release a 32 scale F-4. If they do I just hope they release the F-4B first.