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  1. Maxim

    Derek's Birthday

    Happy Birthday !
  2. Maxim


    Happy Birthday Harv! Enjoy your special day.
  3. Maxim

    1/32 Hobby Boss B-24J Pic

    Engines can be fixed. I'm more worried about the wing and the turrets. For me they are two reasons I decided not to drop any coin on one.
  4. At least we'll know that the kit will fit almost as good as a Tamiya kit. I was waiting on the B-24 and the HK Lanc but decided to drop the coin on another two B-25's and I'll wait for the WNW Lanc to be released.
  5. Maxim

    HPH model 1/48 scale B-36 Peacemaker !

    I'm probably going to drop some coin on their 48 scale B-52. I like to make an early H model in natural metal and white anti flash paint. Could be tempted with the B-47 as well.
  6. Maxim

    1/32 Hobby Boss B-24J Pic

    Just like the Monogram kit. I wonder if they used it to help prototype the new kit? Someone will do aftermarket replacements, that I'm sure of.
  7. Maxim

    1/32 Hobby Boss B-24J Pic

    It's going to need a vac form replacement as well as the rear turret I'd say. The D interests me more.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but this looks like the first pic of the Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J kit.
  9. I think it's great that we'll have two Lancaster kits available. Both kits will appeal to different modellers and their skill sets. The WNW kit will probably require rivet replacement because of seem work where the HKM kit will need engraved panel line replacement. The WNW kit will be more expensive and I would say about $100 more expensive. I can't see anything to moan about as both kits give us modelers different options, price, skill set, versions. Life is Good!
  10. Your'e a brave man and they are coming along nicely! Hat's off to ya for tackling 7 as once.
  11. Maxim

    12 Strong

    Interesting how we supplied weapons to the Taliban to fight the Russians now we are fighting the Taliban who have Russian weapons. Considering the Russians lost over 15000 men and over 30000 wounded you'd think we would have come up with a better plan. It's a war you can't win unless you went nuclear and then it opens up a whole bigger mess.
  12. Maxim

    12 Strong

    Seen it today, good film.
  13. Maxim

    Trumpeter TBF ?

    Hi John, pretty cheap out of China: $70.00 +$26.00 postage. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Trumpeter-1-32-02233-TBF-1C-Avenger/261656145231?hash=item3cebebed4f:g:DhcAAOSwLa9UX7B7
  14. Maxim

    Chino 2019

    Chino is one place never to be missed. Great show and great museum. Try and check out the restoration hangars when your there.