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  1. How do you keep modular units together, Harv? Do they use magnets like Hobbyzone?
  2. Go, Harv, go! https://www.arttystation.com/en-US/Board/Detail?boardInfoID=21&boardID=150
  3. It's a thing of beauty - and long overdue...
  4. http://tigger-models.blogspot.com/2012/03/welcome-to-tigger-models.html
  5. I've been on an IJA/IJN binge the past few years. Frank, Tojo, Shinden, George (N1K2), Rex and Raiden. All Hasegawa save the Shinden and Rex. Getting ready to start Hasegawa's Tony as well.
  6. Picked this up from my LHS... Got this oldie from my local club's Secret Santa The Spad was one of my favorite kits when I was a kid. I opened the box to have a look... There was something conspicuously absent. Flash!!!
  7. I'm not sure what's going on there, Dale. I finished this last year, and I don't recall doing anything special with the tailplanes.
  8. I might be persuaded into pulling my Ki-61 out of mothballs!
  9. Hollow nose tire... a perfect place to add some weight!
  10. I received my metal landing gear innards from Aerocraft this weekend. The casting is top notch - I'm quite pleased. They'll need some cleanup at the the pour stub at the very bottom of each part. The material is too hard for my file; out comes the trusty Dremel tool. In addition there appears to be a minor bit of sanding to remove artifacts of parting lines present in the kit parts. A hit with the Flexi-File should make short order of those.
  11. Welcome to LSM, Magneto! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.
  12. Iain, There is lots of room above the bomb bay - but in my mind it's not far forward enough of the main gear attachment points to be very effective. To get the same effect as 1 gram placed above the nose wheel, you would need over 5 grams above the bomb bay!
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