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  1. John, I did a search on "Floquil thinner substitue" and this came up from TOS... Gregory, Your local hardware store should sell lacquer thinner by the quart or gallon for a very reasonable price. On the other hand, I prefer xylene (also known as xylol), which is the principal component of Dio-Sol and also is sold inexpensively by the quart or gallon at any good hardware store — wherever I've lived in the USA, at least — or via the Internet. Xylene/xylol is strong stuff, however, so be careful with it. A 2:1 mixture of xylene and lacquer thinner comes quite close to being home-made Dio-Sol. Charles Metz
  2. I built this paint rack years ago; it's served me well. A piece of pegboard, some aluminum angle and some screws... you can make one as big as you need.
  3. Two different sources, same color. I can't find any reference on the web as to mislabeled Alclad lacquers. I have no clue what the lighter colored one is. This was shipped from Japan via DHL. I've never seen a kit packed this way, but it got to me in pristine condition. Got this one at a very good price. The first this I did was put it in a conventional box.
  4. Wow is right! Most generous of you, Herbert.
  5. Please count me in, Ernie. Thanks in advance for your efforts once again! My donation:
  6. Makes it sound to me like the Meng deal was legit.
  7. Bill_S


    I read somewhere long ago about car modellers using thread to cut doors out...
  8. So sad to hear of Dale's passing. He fought hard for a long time. RIP my friend.
  9. Incredible stuff there, John. That MG42 was bad ass!
  10. Try this, Mike http://www.aerohistorians.org/Other/Tamiya_paint_mixes_4-17.pdf
  11. Revell He-219. Base color of RLM 76 is done. Now onto that "splotch camouflage. Any have any wisdom on how to do it?
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