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  1. That doesn't look like your typical BSOD...
  2. Did you have to do any finish sanding on those, Ernie?
  3. Cruising right along, Ernie. It's looking superb!
  4. I tried using plastic rod, but I'm not good enough. Then I tried brass rod, but had difficulty getting a small enough bend radius. I settled for solder.
  5. I decided to leave the seat at its original height; my eyes are bad enough that I won't notice the difference. It's high time I got some paint on this thing!
  6. It's a wonderful thing to be able to create demand.
  7. Don't forget to paint the interior of the body panels before you start assembling them to the frame! (RLM02)
  8. I took some time off, FME - I got to spend a week in sunny Florida! Back at it now... Thanks Carl, It's I beam, Evergreen #272 (0.08 x 0.051) 2.0mm x 1.3mm for you metric folks.
  9. I agree with the others on the paints, Danny. Once my supply of Model Master enamels dwindles, I'm going to have to find a new brand.
  10. It's a great kit, and you're doing it justice, my friend!
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