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  1. Another one that I started long ago. Thanks to Clunkmeister for getting me back on this one! Not sure yet which markings I will use... Lots of Tamiya tape...
  2. Happy birthday, Maru!
  3. Clod 4 and Clod 5 should put you on Clod 9, Carl.
  4. Have a great time, Harv! Any hobby shops close by?
  5. Looking forward to seeing progress on this one, Ernie. Amazing how a grail kit can move everything else down the list!
  6. Nice detail work on those ignition harnesses, Rob!
  7. Happy birthday, Recon!
  8. This one is way down the list, Jeff.
  9. I thought the same thing, Carl. A fleet of 1/72 Liberators in preparation for a fleet of 1/32 Liberators.
  10. Rob, years ago, they were throwing away a box of these drills at work - they were used for drilling precise fuel metering holes in carburetors. You can ones used for drilling holes in printed circuit boards in even smaller sizes (this one is about 0.25mm). I use good magnification, too!
  11. Great stuff here, Rob. I manage to break the frames on my W.29 build, too. I find it easier to attach cable to rudders and control column first, then pass it through where it's supposed to go.
  12. Glad to see you back at the bench, John. I hope things have settled a bit after the storm.
  13. I don't understand why this one is so hard to find...
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