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  1. Sorry to hear of your plight, Ernie. My thoughts are with you.
  2. Indeed it was, Ryan. Sadly, I left a couple of planes at the venue, and I won't get them back for a couple of weeks. I'll post some photos then. It was a good show; aircraft were very well represented.
  3. Picked this up at my local contest today! While I was at it, I snagged these, too.
  4. It works very well with Tamiya acrylics too!
  5. Awesome, Ernie. A well deserved Congrats!
  6. HpH Catalina. IM 1/32 B-58.
  7. I don't care for the stuff myself, but if you're ever passing through Minnesota, the SPAM museum is worth a visit!
  8. Actually, John if you have a US ebay account, you can follow this link and contact them without having to register for the UK version... https://www.ebay.com/itm/GMAC3201-1-32-SCALE-P40-EXTENDED-TAIL-HASEGAWA-P40-KIT-AFTER-MARKET/223253968161?hash=item33faf93521:g:o74AAMXQNo5Tanoz
  9. Try sending them a message through ebay...you'll have to register on the UK ebay site first, though.
  10. Almost ready to set the upper wing and start rigging... A fuzzy shot of one of my contest builds for this coming weekend...
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