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  1. Bill_S


    Happy birthday, Smitty! Did you get the package I sent your way?
  2. Smitty - do you need the paddle blades?
  3. .50 inches in 1/48 is 0.0104 inches (0.5/48) 0.0104 inches equates to .333 inches in 1/32 scale (0.0104*32) Keep in mind that's bore size, not OD. As long as the length is OK, I'd run with it. A true 30 cal bore in 1/32 would be .009375 inches
  4. Landing gear assembled; got the sink holes filled, but some more minor filling to do. Some sub-assembly work done... I don't know how much of this will be visible, but I had to fill ejector pin marks and voids... The wing has had its EPMs filled and sanded. A coat of paint already, too.
  5. Please don't tell the guys in my club...
  6. It would be this guy, John https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/
  7. It is indeed, Ernie - but the two parks are very close to each other. Scott is planning a day in Yellowstone.
  8. Then my advice would be to get to Old Faithful as early as possible. There's a huge parking lot, but later in the day it can be near impossible to find a spot!
  9. Jackson Hole is a wonderful place! I would recommend more than a day at Yellowstone, though - it's huge!
  10. It's nice to get away, Ernie. I'm looking forward to camping season - where you spend lots of money to pretend you're homeless.
  11. If I could find decals for "The Stars Look Down", I might consider converting Revell's P-51 B for this GB...
  12. No joy on the Beaufighter sheet...
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