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  1. Bill_S

    The Force is strong with this one...

    Historically, it's always been cockpit first for me. Why am I delaying that part? I've been busy with subassemblies... I test fitted the landing gear pods into the wings. The starboard side fit like a glove, but I have some sanding to do on the port side.
  2. Bill_S

    OS2U Kingfisher by Kitty Hawk

    A challenging kit, Carl. I look forward to watching this one!
  3. Another fine job, DrDave! Are those PE wheel spokes? Were they included in the kit, or AM?
  4. Simply astounding, James!
  5. Bill_S

    CSM nieuport 17

    Well done, DrDave! That really is a nice little kit, and you've done a stellar job!
  6. Bill_S

    1/32 Lancaster build and improvements

    Those pieces that you speak of fit under the glass; they are a support for the bulb and fit between the glass and the reflector.
  7. Bill_S

    1/32 Lancaster build and improvements

    Nige, might you be looking for something like these? http://www.brengun.cz/e-shop/1-32-accessories-31/british-landing-lights-1007#!prettyPhoto
  8. It should be relatively simple to do, David. Here is the outer cowling tacked together with white glue and tape... The hole in the end plate is approximately 4.35 mm in diameter; the shaft end of the engine has a small step that engages the hole (4.31 mm). The propeller shaft itself has a diameter of 2.81 mm. If you have capability for turning parts, it should be relatively simple. Here is a rudimentary drawing of what is required: The thickness of the largest diameter disk is inconsequential; I personally would opt for something about 1.5mm thick. I hope this helps.
  9. A minor faux pas in the instructions... Step 64 The attachment holes on part F2 are on the side opposite that shown in the instructions. The same is true for part F1 in the second step. Note that the assembly has magically flipped in the third drawing.
  10. Bill_S

    The Force is strong with this one...

    Yes indeed - a burger joint! This one has a separate room that can be reserved for birthday parties and such. On Thursday nights when we meet, the bar is busy with trivia night, and they still have room for a couple of hundred walk ins. Personally, I limit my build night activities to sanding and cementing - and never any tiny parts!
  11. Bill_S

    The Force is strong with this one...

    Ha ha. I'm following Nige. If he drives into a ditch, I think we'll all go in!
  12. This great big box has been staring at me for weeks. I got some other goodies to go with it, too... At least once every day, I'd open the box, ogle all the styrene stuffed into it - and promptly close it again. I brought the beast to my monthly club meeting, sure that I would win the "Mine's bigger" bragging rights. I did. I also received a challenge - bring it to build night! Once a week, a group of us meet at a local burger joint for a little camaraderie and to build. Challenge accepted! I figured I'd start with the resin; that way I won't feel so bad about putting other projects aside for a little while. Still a little filling and sanding to do here. Barnes Wallis' bouncing bomb... The bearer and framework are only half done here; I like to put them in situ while cement on the cross members dries. More soon!
  13. Bill_S

    Wingnut Wings DH2

    Pictures, or it didn't happen!
  14. Bill_S

    I guess its time to say hello!

    Glad to see you over here too, Scott!
  15. Bill_S


    Looking good as usual, John. You are a machine!