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  1. Luckily, I'm a long way from NY City. If the border was open, it would be faster for me to drive to Detroit! We are still subject to the mandatory statewide closures: no bars or restaurants (except take out). No movies or malls, even barbers and hair salons are closed. Liquor stores are deemed essential, so they're still open. The grocery stores have been able to restock, though they're imposing limits on meat, bread, milk and toilet paper. We seem to be adjusting to the new normal.
  2. Four years ago, I sent the kit landing gear from the Z-M J7W1 Shinden to a friend in Texas. Yesterday, I got these back. Resin cast over metal rods, and they are beautifully done. The rod extends through the bend on the main gear, too. Not sure if they're for sale yet; I'll let anyone interested know when they are.
  3. No. That branching is from front and back cylinder banks. Here's a Pegasus from a Fairey Swordfish...
  4. Watching this one with interest, Ron. The old Beau takes a LOT of work to bring it up to current standards. I did one about four years ago... it was prior to release of the Model Monkey cockpit - the build log is here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/65261-beaufighter-252-squadron-1942/&tab=comments#comment-850746 Those exhaust tubes from the engine to the collector ring are a bear. When all was said and done, it was difficult to see the added detail. Good luck!
  5. How do you keep modular units together, Harv? Do they use magnets like Hobbyzone?
  6. Go, Harv, go! https://www.arttystation.com/en-US/Board/Detail?boardInfoID=21&boardID=150
  7. It's a thing of beauty - and long overdue...
  8. http://tigger-models.blogspot.com/2012/03/welcome-to-tigger-models.html
  9. I've been on an IJA/IJN binge the past few years. Frank, Tojo, Shinden, George (N1K2), Rex and Raiden. All Hasegawa save the Shinden and Rex. Getting ready to start Hasegawa's Tony as well.
  10. Picked this up from my LHS... Got this oldie from my local club's Secret Santa The Spad was one of my favorite kits when I was a kid. I opened the box to have a look... There was something conspicuously absent. Flash!!!
  11. I'm not sure what's going on there, Dale. I finished this last year, and I don't recall doing anything special with the tailplanes.
  12. I might be persuaded into pulling my Ki-61 out of mothballs!
  13. Hollow nose tire... a perfect place to add some weight!
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