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  1. Courtesy of Harv... my first ever Russian aircraft.
  2. Enjoy the pleasures of lake living, Scott. Unpacking can wait for a rainy day. I'm not a procrastinator. Just an amateurcrastinator.
  3. Beautifully done! I'd love to have one of these, but they're fetching unbelievable prices these days.
  4. A lot of people complain about them being over engineered, but I love Z-M's approach.
  5. Harv, I've seen postings with a bunch of box tops next to the open boxes. One picture, all kits listed with prices. P.S. I sent you a PM...
  6. Real vernier calipers... you don't see those very often! My dial caliper was stolen; I've gone digital. I use them often.
  7. Carl, You're in Canada - what are you doing using English measurements? Nice stash, by the way. Bill - who at 193 cm would have a tough time in that basement...
  8. I used their seamless intakes and burner cans on my F-4J. Beautiful stuff. As I recall, I was contacted, too.
  9. Have a great time, Harv!
  10. Harv, Try the Scale Model Graveyard on FB. Things seem to move pretty fast there - and no fees!
  11. That thing makes DH.2 rigging look like a walk in the park! Kudos to CSM; I can't wait to get my hands on their Spad XIII.
  12. I know your pain, Gazz. You almost need a degree in chemistry.
  13. In my early days, that Revell Wildcat was one of my favorites!
  14. As usual, a very nice job, John! One of these days I'll have to pull mine off the SOD.
  15. I'm nowhere near ready to start on Trumpy's A-7E, but I received the Avionix cockpit in the mail the other day. I thought I'd see what was required to get it to fit. All my previous resin cockpits have been from Aires, and I've always had lots of work required to get them to fit. First impression: the level of detail is impressive, and the casting is top notch. There were some interference issue with the intake; twenty minutes with the Dremel on the bottom side took care of that. The Avionix pit fits like a glove! Zero sanding on the neither the sides of the casting
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