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  1. Here is a photo of my car. Enjoy. I thought it was a cat thread. Here is my cat. Enjoy.
  2. Ernie, can you build a Super Model for me? (Don't tell your wife.)
  3. Holy ×÷+++÷//==€€€€€!!!!!! Outstanding. I will try to find it complete. Is there a ready for inspection area? I have difficulty navigating this forum.
  4. Wow. Is there a build of this on-site? Great models all.
  5. Hi Carl. I just bought 2 bottles of AK paint. I have never used it. I am ignorant (no secret there) regarding their use with thinners. I have the following thinners. 1. GSI Mr Colour levelling, Mr Colour & Hobby colour. Tamia acrylic & Laquer. Mr Paint. AV Vellego airbrush thinner. Italeri acrylic paint thiner. I am currently putting an order together for supplies. Do I need to get the AK thinner? Thank you. D.
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