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  1. Hello friends,

        Gonna be decaling a MiG soon.  It's not exactly Large scale, but to me it's plenty large.  The kit comes with like a thousand stencils.  Besides the pretty red stars, and ID numbers, I'm wondering if any, especially the smaller ones,  would be seen from 48 feet away.  or even 32. 


    What do you guys think?



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  2. 17 hours ago, DocRob said:

    Paint is looking great Gaz Is the angle of the wheel in picture one for real, due to relaxed fit Russian production tolerances maybe, or is it just not glued in place.

    Cheers Rob

    Thanks Rob!  The angle on the wheel...  it's a bit of a sore spot.  Unlike most models where a cylinder is inserted into a cylindrical shaft, the pegs on this kit are cones...  not cylinders.  So that means that they only meet on a narrow band.  And, I'm ashamed to say that I wasn't able to get the angle I desired on the wheels.  Though It looked right when I had it propped to dry, the end result is a bit off.



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  3. Putting the missiles together.  


    Just let me say...  unless you feel like wasting a lot of time...  get ya some aftermarket missiles.

    They're roughly cast, with soft details, square edges on the fins, and the fit of forward to the rear halves is awful.  As a bonus, none of the parts are made to click into the perfect place and angle.  It's all up to you to ensure that everything sits straight, perpendicular, and parallel.



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  4. 23 minutes ago, Clunkmeister said:

    Well Gaz, I spent a few years of my life slogging one around the north country, trying desperately not to kill myself in it, so I guess I owe the freight haulers a bit of love for allowing me to live.

    I just like airplanes. I have that 1/48 Ju-52 looking at me, and I’ve spent years collecting all the goodies I need to make a killer 1936 airliner

    So, what's the hold-up?  The non-LS forum is pretty lonely.

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  5. Hi everyone!

        Finally got most of the paint laid down.  The main scheme is grays I created to mimic pictures and perhaps my own ideas.  The detail colors are either Tamiya or Alclad II.  Anyway...pics:






    Still I have missiles to build, touch up painting, detail painting, coats of Future, and then weathering.  Fortunately there are some good photos of active duty machines.


    Thanks for looking!



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  6. Here in Australia I'm currently paying AUD 1.49 for diesel.   But I'm not a huge driving fanatic and I live close to work.  A $70 fill-up lasts me about three weeks.  Still, the wages are good here. 

    UK taxes are amazingly high.  Must be paying for all of those CCTV cameras that are everywhere.



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  7. On 4/10/2019 at 10:29 AM, SapperSix said:

    Gaz you are a model making machine!  I very much like the overall scene.  I can see the drama of the fight in your work....


    But I hate to tell you panel one of the tank was built in the Ukraine in 1941 when they only used olive paint type 2.4 from Venezuela.  Also the vents on the rear engine deck were made by a guy name Harold on a Tuesday after an argument with his dog.  Because of this he used the inverse ration of wiring in its creation.  Had your tank included any of these factors it would have been ok.....:rofl::stirthepot:

    Hah, Hah...  Quite funny!  I would never have guessed Venezuela was a large paint exporter to the USSR....lol  And Harold....  is there a Russian equivalent?  ...lol



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