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  1. I've got the base as good as it's gonna get.  I'll have to add more snow around the tracks once the tank is fixed in place.  But I've dryfitted everything to give me a complete idea of where I am right now.


    The pre-shading helps the the bas a little, but further attempts will be required.


    The wheels and hull are painted in my rendition of 4BO.  I found the recipe and fudged a copy of it...  sortta....



    The ummm...  infantryman's view....






    I want to leave the tank green...  surely they didn't all get whitewashed.




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  2. Hi Everyone,
    My first snow diorama... heck, first diorama... And I'm using some hobby snow I recently bought. I pressed some tank tracks in it to make an impression, but they're very hard to see.

    I've seen wildlife photos where shadows in animal tracks look like a pale blue. is there a consensus of what works to make detail in snow photographable?

    Or is it a question of trying to use shadows and photography to tell the tale?

    Thanks for your thoughts!


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  3. 8 hours ago, Peterpools said:


    Nice work on tne tracks; looking mighty good

    Keep ‘em comin


    Thank you, Peter!

    7 hours ago, DocRob said:

    Looks good to me, you can add more later and more appropriate to the scenery if needed. I have the same process ahead with my mud, snow and ice covered T-90, so I'm in your footsteps.

    Cheers Rob

    Thank you!  Funnily enough, I didn't even think of adding more later...  thanks for the tip!  I have a little vegetation I have to work in, too.

    7 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

    Looks good to me as well Gaz. You can always add a bit later once they're installed like Rob said. 



    Thanks, Carl!

    6 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

    Gaz,  completely missed your build,  I like the idea of the diorama. What did use as snow?

    Thank you!  For the tracks, I dabbed on thinned white glue then covered it with bi-carb soda then brushed away the excess.  I have some diorama snow for the base, but I didn't want to use it just yet.



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  4. As I'm working on a winter scene, I needed some snow.  But not so much that it obliterated the details.  What do you think?


    There'll be more blobs of snow on the inside of the tracks that I'll place strategically once the roadwheels and all are in place.



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  5. Back again, Everyone!

       I spent a lot of time on the resin tracks.  Saved 50 bucks over buying Friuls....  but I don't know if the aggravation was worth it...  anyway...here's where I am now:


    After completing the tracks it was time to test-fit how I wanted everything to look.  The tracks are tautened by the position of all of the rollers.  No sag, yet everything here is only dry-fitted.



    Here, the idler arms are all glued into place.  The wheels only dry fitted.  I also primed the track.  Next up is painting all of the wheels and tracks then weathering em'...  And I have to complete the base, too....


    Thanks fer lookin!





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