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  1. HI Everyone,

         With me pouring most of my modelling energy into the Brummbär build, I haven't done much with this bird.  Over the last couple of days I was able to spend a little time on the pilot.  His face is a bit malformed, but my figure painting hasn't helped him, either.  For your entertainment I present:




    I haven't detailed his boots as they'll never be seen again.  Hopefully some day my figure painting won't be so bad.


    Thank you for sharing my nostalgic trip.



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  2. What an interesting Topic/build!  I'm glad you have a color photo.

    I was planning to wall-mount the Monogram B-29, so I needed to increase it's structural strength, and transfer that strength downward.  Here is a link to my solution:


    Maybe you'll find it useful.  You'll want to scroll to the bottom of the page.


    Will watch your build with interest!






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  3. 3 hours ago, Mikester said:

    Outstanding builds, really like the G-6/AS!

    Thank you!  That's an old Fujimi kit I bought for $9 at a model show, still in cellophane.

    3 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

    Gaz, I’d really like to knock out the HPH 410 as well, but the Helldiver’s gotta come before that....

    It’s just those bloody dive flaps on the Helldiver that drive me to stupidity. Oh crikey I detest PE.


         I try to avoid PE whenever possible.  The only brass on my 410 is tubing I used to replace the oleos after I shortened them to get a weighed-down look.  Still...  it nearly passed my interest period:  The time allowed on one build before another one completely captures my imagination.

    2 hours ago, Jackster said:

    Very nice and varied subjects Gaz, fantastic work.





    Thank you, Kev!

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  4. 3 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

    Looking good, just trying out a new airbrush set up before starting priming the 10 kits have ready.....what the base sand / yellow you’ve used??

    Thank you Phil!  The base coat is Tamiya Buff XF-57  mixed with Tamiya Flat White at various ratios close to 70/30.  To pick up the edges and details a little, I added a tiny bit of Tamiya Red Brown XF-64 into the mix.  I was suggested to try the buff by fellow club member because we both felt that Tamiya Dunkelgelb weathered up too darkly after washes, filters, and a matte coat had been applied.


    Hope you find this useful!



  5. Spent some time today increasing my eye strain and trying to paint details.


    Instead of being tied to one of Dragon's three almost identical camo schemes I decided to do one that has been in my head since I was a teen.



    I've become totally unsure about rusted mufflers of late.  So, my reasoning here is to rust only the part that would have gotten rained or dripped on.  It'll get a heavy dose of pastels later.



    If you think your eyes are seeing hints of red in the axles of the spares, you'd be right.  I saw a picture of a captured example and noticed that the bearings had been coated with a layer of protective grease.  Whether this was modern grease or WWII vintage grease...  I have no idea.  I hit all of the canvas cover tarp clips with a bit of steel to make them standout.  Fortunately for me, some of this Stürmpanzer's pioneer tools must be hidden.


    I only primed the metal schürzen plates today and will probably hit them with paint either late tomorrow or Saturday.


    Thanks for looking!





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  6. 6 hours ago, DocRob said:

    I wonder what you have in mind when I recommend their great magnifying glasses :rofl:.

    Cheers Rob

    I have five pairs of glasses.  Prescription Trifocals, 2.5X reading glasses.  3X reading glasses (used the most).  3.5X reading glasses. (all three bought from the local Chemist for $20 each.  And a custom pair of 4.82X reading glasses I had made by the Optometrist.

    The 4.82X glasses have a working distance of 20cm, so there is no point of getting anything stronger because 5X and above is watchmaker territory, and the working distance is dangerously close.  The 4.82X glasses I got especially for rigging biplanes and other rare circumstances.  They cost $89.


    I bought an optivisor and found it cumbersome and not suited to my needs at all.  One problem I often find with hobby-specific magnifiers is that they are made for people whose eyes are closer together than mine.  I'm a big guy and find that stuff made for 'the average guy' just doesn't work for me.



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