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  1. On 1/13/2019 at 10:57 PM, Peterpools said:


    Aces on a the start of your NFM - looks fantantastic.  I’m strictly in the AK/Alclad camp and love the effects and aluminum shade variations that can be achieved. It’s finally sunken in my block head that the gloss finish under the AK is as important or maybe even more important than the AK itself. For a gloss black base, after trying every gloss black paint and gloss prep:

    Mr Color Gloss Black .. dries fast, hard smooth as silk and will help yield a super aluminum finish

    Mr Color gloss Medium Gray .. same deal but the aluminum AK on top is a lot less polished and a great base for a more weathered/anodized look.

    Foil - fantastic and realistic but a ton of work compared to AK

    Keep ‘em comin






    Great advice, Peter!

    But I love my foil.  Watching what Airscale 32 is doing with thicker aluminum is making me consider other real-metal avenues.



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  2. I'm glad you test fitted before you modified.   Otherwise you'd have needed two modifications.  NIce job!

    I've got the smaller scale Dacklebaucbh which I'm gonna convert to a D2...Really hate the D-bauch idea.  I wonder how similar the construction of mine will be.\



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  3. 12 hours ago, DocRob said:

    Thanks Gaz, and this NMF-job decades ago let you to the 'easy' way of foiling :lol:?

    Cheers Rob

    Foiling is easier in some respects.  Where it gets hard is when you think about masking.  Because foil is happy to lift when you don't want it to, but more stubborn than an angry camel when you want to remove it.  I've been considering painting whatever need to be painted on, and then foiling around it, then trimming.  But the paint has to be sturdy enough to take some abuse as the excess foil glue is removed with isopropyl and the aluminum polish that is removed with acetone.  And then there is the question of my ability to trim cleanly.


    See...  easy!



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  4. 2 hours ago, DocRob said:

    Love every bit of it, but my biggest smile came with you mentioning the Master barrels on that build, priceless :rofl:, advanced nostalgia in a way.

    Cheers Rob

    Thanks Rob.  the fact that I have the barrels stems from an ordering error on my part.  I thought I was ordering three sets of 1/48 parts.  Since my Trumpeter 109 build went to hell, I have a spare set.  So...why not use em'?



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  5. 53 minutes ago, HubertB said:

    I had never realised that liking Vegemite was a condition to settle down under :o


    I hate the stuff, yet ate a half sandwich of it at my citizenship ceremony.  While I was on the point of hurling up my innards, my Australian family was enjoying the show.


    But I didn't have to eat it.



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  6. 51 minutes ago, Ivan Ivanovich said:

    Mmmmmh... Warm, buttered whole wheat toast with Vegemite and a poached egg on top with a splash of MAGGI seasoning sauce. I love it!

    MAGGI seasoning is extremely popular among (native) Saarlanders, by the way. We put it on almost everything. Be it dead or alive.

    saarland.jpg 519SG720RTL._SY445_.jpg

    You sure we're not cousins?  My mother grew up in Saarbrucken, I was born in Landstuhl, and I have relatives that live in the middle of Spiesen-Elversburg.  Family name Schumann.



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  7. HI everyone,

        Completing a couple of other builds put this one on the back burner.  However, I;ve been rolling on it slowly through the week as life has permitted in fits and starts.

    The engine and IP.  I didn't bother painting the engine as it would never be seen and would need a lot more love than I was interested in giving to make it presentable.


    I did a quick paint job on the IP and my dry brushing didn't show to well.  The Revi gunsight came with a solid green plastic "lens".  I sawed it off and will replace it with some clear plastic.


    The pilot is safely covered by the tip of a rubber glove which is taped to the fuselage sides.


    Because of the pilot being there (and looking much better than the cockpit details) I placed the radiators in a full open position since the donated Trumpeter parts gave me the freedom to do so.  You'll also noticed that I removed the hinges at the fin and filled the holes with milliput.  A dded the hatch behind the pilot with card.  I have one in PE, but thought I would save it for a future Revell 109 mega-build.


    Because the kit MG's looked like anemic Brownings, I decided to replace them with proper MG 131 barrels by Master.  I have a Master Pitot tube to use as well,


    You can just notice the hints of brass under the Tamiya tape.  I'm a bit dubious about the LG angles, but wonder of wonders, both wingtips are 50MM above the tabletop exactly.


    You've probably noticed that I've shimmed both the cowling and the wing joints with white card.


    Amazingly I've got to this point with no loss of surface detail that I didn't mean to remove.  The rudder, ailerons, and elevators are all baby bottom smooth.  I need to engrave a fuel hatch behind the canopy, and two hand-holds before it.  I didn't open up the locator holes for the fuselage beulen.  I'll remove the locators from inside the bumps and position them freehand.


    I was tempted to try the Trumpy rudder.  However, the horn balance and the thickness of the rudders is vastly different.  I'll tell you this, though:  Though this kit is wrong in just about every area, it hasn't pissed me off as much as the Eduard 1/32 109E4.   I'm thoroughly digging this kit!


    Thanks for looking!



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