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  1. As I'm working on a winter scene, I needed some snow.  But not so much that it obliterated the details.  What do you think?


    There'll be more blobs of snow on the inside of the tracks that I'll place strategically once the roadwheels and all are in place.



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  2. Back again, Everyone!

       I spent a lot of time on the resin tracks.  Saved 50 bucks over buying Friuls....  but I don't know if the aggravation was worth it...  anyway...here's where I am now:


    After completing the tracks it was time to test-fit how I wanted everything to look.  The tracks are tautened by the position of all of the rollers.  No sag, yet everything here is only dry-fitted.



    Here, the idler arms are all glued into place.  The wheels only dry fitted.  I also primed the track.  Next up is painting all of the wheels and tracks then weathering em'...  And I have to complete the base, too....


    Thanks fer lookin!





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  3. 5 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

    Gaz I have a resin figure of Warsaw part pilot if you're interested to spice it up a little?


    That's very kind of you, Martin!  Honestly, I wanna be a diorama guy...  but most of the time my interest fades pretty fast once the kit is ready.  I have a bunch of figs for armor that I keep consistently putting off.  That was another reason I was thinking of making a base for an in-flight model.

    If I do put this MiG on a base, it'll be pretty simple.


    Thank you kindly for your offer,



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