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  1. On 2/2/2019 at 1:51 AM, Mikester said:

    That old warhorse cam out pretty nice, great work!

    Thank You!

    42 minutes ago, Clunkmeister said:

    Very nice work on a Stone Age kit, Gazz.



    Thank you!  Love the otter!  Except for being almost completely erroneous, it was a fun kit to build.

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  2. On 1/31/2019 at 5:48 AM, 1to1scale said:

    ok, next question

    How do you flip/rotate a picture? It shows up correctly on my computer, but once I move i\t here, it goes sideways,


    I've had this problem before with an old phone.  It was some kind of compatibility issues between rival companie's software.  You can try to rotate it with your photo editing software (not always successful), rotate it at your photo sharing site, or retake the photo ensuring your camera is not rotated when you take the picture.  HTH, brother!



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  3. Thank you for your inputs, fellas! 

    The sudden realization that I don't have a pilot to put in the cockpit means my MiG-25 will have to be down and dirty.   I had a cool idea for a flying-aircraft's base, but I'll have to save that for another Soviet aircraft.



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  4. 2 hours ago, GusMac said:

    Cockpit looks great. Given how small the canopy is I'm not sure how much will be seen anyway.

    Thank you! 

    You're right, mate.  I'm not sure that the canopy is any larger than the average WWII fighter's canopy.  I wonder if the Soviet's were up to the point where they could launch missiles at an unseen enemy 14 miles away like a lot of US stuff was.



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  5. Thank you for the enthusiasm.


    Be advised,  there is a  guest commentator who will appear from time to time.



    Cockpit is pretty simple.  Q-tip supplied for size comparison.


    No seat belts or pilot supplied.  I stained the seats to show wear, but it's not easy to see under the bleaching power of my benchtop light.


    When I was using online pictures to help paint the cockpit, it became readily apparent that there were multiple cockpit configurations.  It says on box:  'Kit faithfully represents prototype'.  In the end I got tired of trying to get the side panels perfect.  The IP is made from 7 decals.  Most are in groupings of three.

    Now a short message from our guest commentator:



    Thanks for looking!




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  6. 1 hour ago, BlrwestSiR said:

    It wasn't the RyeField Panther was it? I'm still trying to wrap my head around the near 2000 part count. 



    This one.  It's pre "smart kit".  I showed it to my club's facebook page and one of the guys said:  " I have this one in my stash.  You might as well build a real one... it'll take less time."


    Still... I want to take on the challenge...



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