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  1. 59 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

    Today was the day. Bed liner is in, substantial debt is on :) .  Upon arrival I had to remove those hood decals so kids won't mistake my car for Santa's sled .

    It has pretty much all I wanted except for the LED lights that weren't available when I placed my order.


    Somebody was super excited .


    And it speaks Russian too.


    Because two is better then one 



    And after some time of rubbing off the adhesive residue, it is somewhat presentable.  Althou my special operation to eliminate the nazi orange will continue till further notice.


    Why is it Nazi Orange?

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  2. 44 minutes ago, DocRob said:


    I'm completely new to rigging with yarn. I only used what is supplied with the kit until now and I think it's high quality yarn, made by Güttermann. I do like the rope like appearance of the material and it was easy to get good tight knots into it, with a drop of CA for securing. 
    I just had a quick look for silk thread and it seems to be really expensive, two meters for 6 Euros, was the first I found with a diameter of 0,45 mm :blink:. I considered using a flame to get rid of some fuzzy residues, but wouldn't like my work destroyed by fire and chickened out.

    Cheers Rob

    The silk thread I have is Guttermann.  I've had it for a while, but cannot remember what I paid for it. 

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  3. I'm quite impressed by your level of detailing with the rigging and steering.  Somehow, I thought that tiller arrangement would all be below decks with only the wheel visible.  Thanks for the education.


    Have you ever considered silk thread?  It's much less fuzzy than other threads, and after you've worked it and it has gotten a bit fuzzy, it can be de-fuzzed with the quickest lick of flame.  And I mean quick!  Then, it can be sealed with CA.  It won't look as Rope-like in macro photos.  But I much prefer it to fuzzy thread.

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  4. Hi everyone.  Two steps forward, two steps back. 

    When I applied the air-drying clay the first time, I neglected to put any anchors in the foam.  So, once dry, the clay detached itself from the base.  I imagine I could have glued it back on...   but I wanted to take this opportunity to improve the surface.

    One of the things I wanted to do way to fix the places of the soldiers while the clay was still wet.  Hopefully the improvements will show as I go along...   but here are the setup pics.




    Sadly, the resin handles of the Teller mines broke.  I will have to replace them with wire, I reckon.


    Happy modelling!

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  5. 23 hours ago, DocRob said:

    Nice looking figures with very believable poses. The modifications you made, are well integrated.

    Cheers Rob

    Thank you, Rob.  As much as I like the idea of warlike action-poses, these more relaxed fellas seem to be easier to get right.

    10 hours ago, Peterpools said:


    I'm back just in time to pull up a front row seat and enjoy the journey. Nice start on the kit and thanks for the background bio - helps so much to understand the build/dio and your thoughts. Of course your figures will bring the dio to life and other gem in the works.:popcorn:

    Keep 'em comin


    As always, I'm glad to have you around, Peter.  I appreciate your input.

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  6. 12 hours ago, Kaireckstadt said:

    Great to see you back on the bench, Gary!

    These figures look really nice as does your surgery on one of them.

    Can‘t wait to see your progress! 


    1 hour ago, GusMac said:

    Figures look great Gary and well done getting a refund from AliExpress. Only site I've ever had my account hacked from, so wouldn't touch it now even although it does have some good stuff on it.

    Thank you, fellas!   Hopefully I can make a decent job of painting them.

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  7. Hi everyone,

        I haven't done a lot of modelling recently.  I've been lazy, and waiting on word about some AM for the kit.  Seems my attempt to get the parts via Aliexpress has fallen through.  Thankfully I already got my refund.


    Here are the three figures from Panzer Art.  One I modified a little.  He was originally equipped with a Ppsh 43 with two drum magazines in their Russian ammo pouches.  Because I wanted to make this more of a very late war dio...  to fit the life of the Jagdpanzer, I replaced the PPsh with a Stg 44 carried on his back.  I needed something to fit the empty sockets of the drum mags, so I scratch built a Stg Magazine pouch with styrene, masking tape, and Mr. Surfacer.  I also gave him a pistol holster and an empty hand.





    Nicely, the figures can all stand on their own.


    Happy modelling!

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