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  1. Oh Tannenbaum., oh Tannenbaum...

    Wait...   It's not Christmas!  It's time for an update.  I'll bet y'all thought I'd given up on this one.  Anyway...   back to the Tannenbaum...

    A while back, the notion came into my head to create my own pine bough.  After a few failed attempts, I came up with something, but it's size needs some explanation.  How many of you have harvested a blue spruce for Christmas?  Anyone?  OK...if you have, you know that the branches at the bottom can be quite long, up to 6 feet for a tree that is only 8-12 feet tall.   Well...   that is what I tried to make here.


    It doesn;t look half bad with light coming through it.  But with no light coming through, and in an in-scale situation, it looks a bit big.


    And the bristles...  maybe just way too much.


    If anyone has thoughts on improving it, lemme know.  I used static grass for the bristles.  Perhaps I should have put a green scotch pad in the food processor?  Anyway...   pines are common in Europe...  so I reckon they would have been used a fair bit since those needles hang on to the branches a lot longer than leaves do.

    I've also been weathering.   I made my own mud and used oils to capture both the wet and dry look.








    I used enamel washes to darken certain areas of the tank to simulate dirt in some corners and on the surfaces walked on by the crew.



    I even tried to simulate grime, grease and dirty hand prints around the engine hatch.


    I also didn't want to forget the burnt exhaust pipes and adjacent metals.



    And finally a gratuitous picture....   because I noticed the likeable angle earlier and wanted to make a more full-sized shot.



    Thanks for looking, and thanks for your thoughts!


    Happy modelling!

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  2. 6 hours ago, DocRob said:

    Nice little Albie Gaz, but c'mon, no rigging :D. I can only bow my head to modelers, who are able to rig their 72 scale planes. I only built the Fokker D.VIII from Arma hobby in this scale and there are only a few rigging lines with this.
    Your Albatros looks great though and you have to look twice to realize the scale.

    Cheers Rob

    Thank you Rob.  This build is for a group build in my local club.  A nostalgic thing for all of the old guys who have tons of old kits lying around.  I had to buy this on purpose because I don;t have anything from the early 70's.  One of the main rules is "no rigging".  Trust me.  I want to rig it.  But I'll become ineligible for the competition.

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  3. The Hun in the Sun.  There are a few fuzzies sitting on the wing...    but most of my attempts at shading and weathering came out as planned.  Though sometimes harder to see than desired.IMG_0601.thumb.JPG.9c8302cc677f56e17b9ac2defd5896ee.JPG

    I didn't do much to the underside...  I just wanted the picture from that angle.


    Aarrrrghh!  Fuzzies!  I hope they brush off.


    Looks weird without rigging, eh?  But that's a condition of the group build.






    Thanks for looking, Friends!  If you like how the white area came out...  lemme know.  If you don't like it...   tell me, too.

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  4. On 3/19/2022 at 1:29 AM, JohnB said:

    I think the Trumpeter folks had the "B" team on this area.

    Well...   I've had three Trumpeter kits.  I have yet to get one done by the A team.  So I haven't considered buying any more.  But apparently they are the only game in town when it comes to a Razorback.

  5. Hola Amigos!

    The decals really make the model.  I got a little stupid and let my desire to tackle a new challenge upset the build.  I really was looking forward to turning the empty white field that comprised the empennage into 3d shapes sculpted with oil paints.  I should have waited until the decals were on.  But...   such is life.


    To make the shapes appear on the tail I used black, blue, and white oils.  I'm pleased that even in the intense light of my bench, some of the shades are still visible.


    The original blades were very stumpy and broad.  So much so that I thought they were under-length for scale.  But I was wrong.  They were the proper length.  Still... they were ugly enough to warrant replacement.  And the spinner required a lot of reshaping.  This is as steady as my hands can do with a paint brush.  Remember that the blades are only 2.6mm wide.


    I used oils to darken the spaces between the ribs on both upper and lower wings.  It shows more on the lower wing of this picture than on the upper wing.  I'm hoping that it becomes more apparent after a matte coat and better, less brilliant lighting.


    Happy modelling!

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