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  1. Thats not modelling its engineering. Fantastic stuff at that If the turret will be able to rotate and guns elevate etc I presume this will be done by remote control once the aircraft is built and flying ?? Will you be sourcing aircrew members or will it be possible to 3D print the basic torso and dress them accordingly ? I am just thinking ahead of some of the things you are going to need, tyres, propellers, etc which, as a radio control aircraft builder, you have already eyeballed fromthat field. Mr Jackson may have a need for such a Wellington in his up coming (?) remake of a certain film.
  2. Am I allowed to say "Bloody 'ell" thats brilliant. I can't understand why you didnt go for it and build a full size one . . . . The detail you have put in there is superb and a credit to your skills and I for one will look forward to you posting more. I going to youtube now to look at what other parts of the aircraft you have achieved results with . . . Carry on the good work David
  3. It can be the final touches that will make a difference, looking spot-on I must say
  4. About two years ago I had to give up the driving job due to failing eyesight I had about a month off and it was great. Towards the end of that month somebody asked me if I fancied a part-time job ? I now work 20hrs a week, working just the afternoons and I love it. I class myself as semi-retired at 60 and I would recommend it to anybody. Mark all is not lost, you just have to re-adjust your lifestyle a tweak and I think you will realise it could be a blessing in disguise. David
  5. Its a real credit to your Grandad . . . I think you have got the weathering about spot on, to much overdone would certainly spoil the great finish you have on the 'natural metal' wings etc I am so envious of modellers of American aircraft, the Americans were not so camera shy as the British and there appears to be more info and photos of aircraft and their environment than any RAF bombers aircraft and station. Keep up the good work Dennis, you are doing full justice to the kit
  6. I built up the canopy framework on the Tamiya 48th Lancaster so I know of the challenge you are undertaking . . . . good luck with your progress
  7. Enjoy your day Bill . . . It only comes around once year
  8. Can you send a link for that product as I shall be needing one for my wartime Lancaster, Rebecca aerials were quite common on mid-late production Lancasters. I am at work and have tried to access the web site but the company has blocked the page as it is classed as 'Weapons' !!!! Many thanks David
  9. Not wanting to detract from the original thread but this is HK Lancaster related . . . . Could I use this (these) in my build I wonder ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RC-1-18-Car-RS370-High-Speed-Brushed-Electric-Engine-Motor/253489502769?hash=item3b0526da31:g:PqEAAOSw-H1a88R2 I'm not sure about the voltage, 220volts DC, and want to know if I purchase a battery pack to hold a 9V battery or TWO AA batteries, would it turn the motor which in turn would turn the propeller .. . . ???
  10. Not much to show but some progress . . . the rear housing for the pumps etc that sits at the rear of the main tanks . . . More to come sooon David
  11. Been pressing on with the main tank I am making the master for the tank supports, again! The first version was a bit narrow when I checked against the tank straps so a bit more time will pass before I can cast those. Busy working on the pump housing at the rear as well . . . David
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