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  1. Cees I dont feel I can comment other than I really enjoy the work you are doing, watching and learning like many others I only undertake small simple conversions but your work goes well beyond that so I dont think I am qualified to do so .. .. .. I am probably only 'average' when it comes to modeling and I feel that I can only add simple suggestions such as for the gaters on the u/c struts. I am relatively new here so I certainly am not in the position to criticise Please continue the good work . . . . Ian
  2. I would suggest possibly some 4 or 7mm corrugated strip that you could have and wrap it around each section . . . . It has ridges so without having a go myself, the 7mm scale MIGHT look the better of te two ??? Just a thought Cees
  3. Both the kits bomb-aimers blister are correct for particular aircraft. Early and MK.II Lancasters had the shallow blister. The other kit blister has two holes in the front which is suitable for aircraft that had the later version of I.F.F. installed. The new blister give you the option of the most common blister carried by the majority of Lancaster aircraft.
  4. Thats is just bloody amazin . . . . who would have thought it was for a flying model ??
  5. Recently received this and thought I would share as a 'Inbox review' The very simple instruction booklet shows the twenty stages of construction. The few decals required for the tractor has two styles of registrations so it can be marked as a post-war. The resin is beautifully cast and all parts are found on FIVE sprues and the detail is really of a high definition . . . I think it will compliment my OIL bowser that I scratched late last year but it was produced to draw the bomb trolly that is also produced by Iconicair. I look forward to building this lovely kit in the near future Ian
  6. I am pleased to say that this little gem dropped in today . . . First impression is that its very clean and crisp and I am looking forward to adding it to the OIL bowser that I built. Only the tiniest of an itch, the decals dont include 'my' bomber group, No1 . . . No's 5, 4 & 2 are represented on the decal sheet its just a shame that Graham couldn't have included all the numbers for the Group's No. 1, 3, 6 & 8. It shouldn't be a problem to spray the letter 1 on to the tractor. I am looking forward to building it when I get some appropriate adhesive .. . .
  7. I see the new bomb aimer blister is on the website, its listed as the Dambuster nose blister but it can obviously be used on any Lancaster and replaces the IFF 'OO' rings found on the HK kit, hence the new release from Iconicair. Price £20 excluding postage, around £3.50. . . .
  8. I look forward to seeing it . . . Will make a big difference to have the correct type on the nose
  9. Yrjo They were painted on the outside - this stopped any searchlight(s) reflection of the perspex on the windows . . . .
  10. yrjo I am lead to believe that fuselage windows ceased on the production line around November 1943. I also have it from first hand accounts that windows were painted over on the squadron, its being a crew decision, not every aircraft. That info was dated October 1943. Ian
  11. I think I would be tempted to have it as a static model rather than flying about . . . I would be absolutely horrified if it crashed . . . . All the hours it has so far taken to produce a masterpiece of engineering in such a great scale, never to be done again I would say . . . Certified as 'Grounded'
  12. I got the impression that the 'cab' was two saloon bodies back to back. I would say that you could build that Ernie . . . . .
  13. Ron, harv yeah sorry I did mean what colours did you use to get that effect . . . . If they are natural then what a great choice of color . . . .
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