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  1. Enjoying your build Carl, spotted many mods that I also have carried out. I'm hoping by reading your thread it may get me back to the bench . . . . Carry on the good work Ian
  2. In case you guys haven't seen this yet . . . . I altered the settings to obtain English sub-titles but you dont need them to appreciate the detailing . . . WOW
  3. If such a fuel vehicle isnt available, scratch build your own . . . sadly we cant wait for manufacturer to always produce what we want/need I'm in the throws of buildin a crew bus as well . . . Truth is that these are 35th scale but as a back drop to the hugh Lancaster I dont think anybody will notice . . . .
  4. Apparently the 0.5 were prone to stoppages (?) whereas the .303 were very reliable plus, even the RAF gunners considered that havin a bank of four machine guns concentrating fire at close range was pretty good. I cant remember the firing rate but it was a lot of bullets (rounds) for a short burst. Night combats lasted but seconds and usually at close range so it was exceptable . . .
  5. I'm sorry there have been no updates, In recent weeks I lost my partner due to a heart condition . . .
  6. Its a 16ft base Nissen hut with a length of 36ft. 16ft - 32nd: 152mm 36ft -32nd: 342mm
  7. I posted the detail under its own heading 'Nissen hut' (scratch build)
  8. The Nissen hut was designed by a South African engineer from his mining days, Col. Nissen, prior to WWI The size that I shall base my diorama on will be on an 8ft x 4ft board and it will only hold One 32nd HK Lancaster . . . There will be some support vehicles & ground equipment as well (yet to build the battery starter cart from IconicAir).
  9. Been asked to show my large scale Nissen hut that will serve as a backdrop for my up-coming Lancaster diorama . . . A simple 6" plastic pipe cut to the appropriate size, some embossed timber on plasti-card and some square micro-strip. Hopefully the photos are self-explanatory and the finished result rgds Ian
  10. Kai I found this from a chap who was on my squadron (100 Sqdn.) stationed at RAF Grimsby, listen at the very begining to what he says . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAeIv35Qlxs Ian
  11. The scratch built and correct fitting for the flight-engineers seat in all Lancaster aircraft . . . . For those not aware, the seat dropped down and the two rails ran up the channels and stopped at the top and in essence formed a triangle, the foot of the support frame didnt move from its base position I will secure it when I have the to halves together as there is a few more bits of equipment to add before doing that such as a canvas back rest for the flight engineer. Ian
  12. My Dad was a founding member of the Auster pilots club along with Jim Simes . . . .
  13. The bomb-aimer was only required to lay down on the bomb run however, in the nose he could also act as a look out for landmarks and report these to the navigator. With electronic aids being used into late 44 and 1945 some bomb-aimers also sat along side the nav to monitor certain equipment, (what exactly I dont know). Here is a link filmed mid 1945 showing such two airmen, It has been suggested to me that the front man is sat on the flight engineers seat but I would suggest that seat would be higher plus, the front man is sat either in front of or slightly behind the equipment . . . Starts around 11 mins Also a photo showing a navigator not sat in a 'chair' but on a bench . . . I know this was not in all aircraft but it was in some . . . . Ian
  14. Something to show after a period of absence . . . The rod bar on which to hang the seat the seat in position, I need to finish the frame then I'll paint it . . . its in the stowed position because I intend to have the flight-engineer stood beside it and how it looks from the outside . . . and because my Lancaster was a late production and I had it first hand from the navigator, the bench seat shared with him and the bomb-aimer more to come Ian
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