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  1. Yrjo They were painted on the outside - this stopped any searchlight(s) reflection of the perspex on the windows . . . .
  2. yrjo I am lead to believe that fuselage windows ceased on the production line around November 1943. I also have it from first hand accounts that windows were painted over on the squadron, its being a crew decision, not every aircraft. That info was dated October 1943. Ian
  3. I think I would be tempted to have it as a static model rather than flying about . . . I would be absolutely horrified if it crashed . . . . All the hours it has so far taken to produce a masterpiece of engineering in such a great scale, never to be done again I would say . . . Certified as 'Grounded'
  4. I got the impression that the 'cab' was two saloon bodies back to back. I would say that you could build that Ernie . . . . .
  5. Ron, harv yeah sorry I did mean what colours did you use to get that effect . . . . If they are natural then what a great choice of color . . . .
  6. RAF Station Grimsby - home to 142 Squadron Oct 1941 -> Nov. 1942 I did study that in the Technical drawing class but I cant recall it that well. I still do some basic drawings usually of old airfield buildings, history may not forgive us for ripping them all down and bulldozing the rest . . . Apologizes for the drift from the true topic
  7. Its almost scientific this modelling but what stunning results . . . . Wellingtons are a favourite as they were stationed at the airfield located just a couple of miles away . . . .
  8. Must be totally smoke covered there as I cant see anything of the blue sky. It looks to be horrendous on the tv pictures and I just hope there is no loss of human life . . . .
  9. Can you imagine the wiring loom behind the panel(s) fault finding ??? I hope you can get close to something that represents that/those panel(s) Ernie, coming close would be great . . . . Ian
  10. What an epic build . . . . . . What will be the wingspan on this when its complete Ernie ??
  11. I have not been long in the large scale builds but I have these to offer . . . One gift of the truck and a 2nd gift of a couple of books with cut aways and colour profiles Ian
  12. Dennis for your clarification, the 'bench' alongside the wireless operator seat is actually a step to aid clambering over the main spar. I love what you are doing so far, keep at it, I think you 've got something good going on . . . particularly within the turrets Ian
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