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  1. I think that is the axle off the front on the Matador. The drive is off-centre and I think that is the steering rack seen at the back in the photo . . . (I'm not an expert either )
  2. I opted to purchase these kits in order to obtain a third axle along with the prop shaft and wheel/tyres should i decide to go 35th scale. I have the AEC 6w refueller plan(s) in both 32nd & 35th scale. In both cases I would have to build a tank and associated pump housing at the rear. I still fancy the 32nd scale as the cab is basically a box. I was unaware that you got TWO cab fronts and roof in each boxing of the kit so I can readily build a couple of vehicles in 35th (an RAF 3-tonner & 6w Crane). If I turn to the 32nd I would need to source something to represent three axles, drive transmission and prop shafts . . . anybody know of such for a WWII lorry ? Decisions to be made David
  3. I did find those panels rather strange with the panel lines contained within them . . . glad you are eliminating them Ernie ! David
  4. Looking good Ernie . . . you are doing a grand job !!!
  5. Good informative review with many clear sprue photos, many thanks. I look forward to seeing your build James . . . . David
  6. It appears that Nige's Lancaster build Videos have dried up so I'm paying more attention to yours Bill . . . How is your build coming along ?? David
  7. It is becoming a work of outstanding craftsmanship. I love the details that you are adding and those interior photos are a great incentive to build one of those colourful birds. I think you are right Ernie when you say that you need to stick to ONE particular bird as there seems occasional mods on individual aircraft. Slightly off topic but what do you use the 'Leveling Thinners' fluid for ?? Keep up the good work my man David
  8. Thanks gents for pointing a few kits in my direction. Currently researching this particular AEC vehicle so it will be a while before I start, just finishing a Ford WOT crew bus. Many thanks Martin for the handbook link, it looks to be very helpful, cheers. I thought about the AFV kit(s) but there are only 4 wheels and transmission drive to the rear axle whereas I need potential 6/7 wheels and the associated axles and shafts for the two sets of rear axles. Can you obtain spares from AFV I wonder to expand it to a six-wheeler ?? Where are AFV ? I have built the 35th IBG Bedford QL so the scale isnt that imperative. I have scaled up the Airfix drawing to 32nd and cross reference with some old John Church drawings. As I stated earlier, I am new to this scratch building so would like to attempt it but I hope to find odds and sods that I can utilise. I am on the lookout for a ladder that was used to climb up onto the tank but I think I could build that reasonable well . . . .
  9. I am seriously considering building this as part of my (eventual) Lancaster dispersal diorama . . . I am gathering some pieces before I start and at the mo I am trying to source something that looks like transmission housing etc for the wheel drives. I'm relatively new to this scratch building despite having done a few other items for this planned diorama, OIL bowser & pneumatic trailer. I know it wont be perfect but it will look something like it should be but rivet counter accurate it wont be. I'll try my best. I will be sure to post here once I start
  10. I'll be keeping you on my mailing list then and be checking in for some of ya bits
  11. Those 3D prints are the future . . . Looking forward to seeing them installed
  12. Jeff Looking Good !!! You seem to have achieved a smooth transition of the engine nacelles to the leading edge of the main wings . . . did they give you any bother ?? Perfect camou scheme applied, have you covered over the fuselage windows or did your chosen kite not have any ?? David
  13. I believe a David Brown tractor is on its way along with some bomb trolleys from Canada. When I say on its way, I mean that its in production or so I am lead to believe . . . I have the HK Lancaster here ready to start soon; dont think I have the room for two of these girls unless I do wait and sell HK for the WNW version ?? I'm just gathering some bits to start another vehicle for my Lancaster diorama.
  14. Thanks for the replies. It encourages one to continue knowing fellow modellers like what you do and that it is accurate . Cheers boys !!
  15. I think its wonderful that certain modellers can produce the stuff that others need . . . . I think its a credit to the forum model builders that such a 'brotherhood' exists to serve us all for the better. I think the dome and inlet are first class additions to your build Ernie and its coming along fine. I too will be building a wartime Lanc without windows and judging from your photo, its turned out well. Did you or have you, re-riveted ?? David
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