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  1. Craig Your statement . . ." i am not the worlds greatest modeler " isnt to far short of the truth. I would love to be able to add a fraction of the detail that you have on to any of my kits . . . cracking build I must say Ian
  2. An update . . . . The bomb bay: Part number M17 has THREE viewing windows in the bulkhead but in reality there were only TWO The removal of some 30+ injector pins took some doing but well worth the finish The cockpit floor across the top of the bomb-bay I have yet to start the flight-enginneers seat but I have a sketch from which to start the preliminary build . . . thanks for looking in Ian
  3. The flight-engineers seat provided in the kit is the post-war (PA474) type that hinges up from a bracket whereas a wartime seat was hinged and lifted, being supported by a bracket as seen in the second photo of the version which I am pleased to see that HK have corrected for the 48th The 32nd seat provided for the flight engineer . . . BELOW, the seat provided in HK's 48th which is the correct version for a wartime aircraft and needs to be scratched for the 32nd kit . . . Note the 'triangular' support bracket for the seat . . . Be making a start then . . .. Ian
  4. I made a start on painting a few bits that fit into the rear fuselage so I guess thats a start in the right direction. . . . Looking over the build I think the next item to scratch is the flight engineers 2nd dickie seat so I'll get that sorted, measured up etc and show some progress . . .
  5. I think I may be gettin the urge or some form of mojo back cos I've been thinking about getting back onto the build as research for my other project is slowly coming to a halt as I await further details from another source . . . I shall have to carry out an overview of the status . . . .
  6. Phil A review locate here . . . https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/04/build-review-pt-i-48th-scale-avro.html#more
  7. Phil I just received a couple of the 48th kits of the HK Lancaster, If I get the chance I can post the sprue shots but before that happens somebody else will have posted a review. Here is a build of the kit which I must say look rather nice but I dont know of any issues, the builder said there were none . . .
  8. That looks to be well detailed but unfortunately for us in the UK when you put together the postal charge and import tax it becomes extortionate . . . Ian
  9. Hi Phil I've been a bit distracted of late. I still have the Lancaster on the work bench but I am currently researching a book concerning WWII airfields. I know that I WANT to start again and have it finished before Xmas . . . rgds Ian
  10. Thanks for sharing, so fortunate that somebody recorded it . . . I echo you thoughts about getting it saved before the tides rip it apart .. . .
  11. I believe a prominent modeller already has but at my build stage, I shall used my modified kit seat . . .
  12. The 32nd resin seat with the Tamiya 48th figure It maybe that the seat will be more suitable for the HK 48th scale Lancaster ???
  13. Apparently the seat is to small for 32nd scale There is a build of an actual Lancaster Nose only section being built in England and the author of the article has provided measurements of an actual Lancaster seat to confirm the size. It seems that the original HK kit seat, despite lacking the fine detail, is in fact, nearer to the actual size . . . .
  14. These arrived yesterday from Jersey USA. Beautifully crafted resin seat for the Lancaster showing quite exquisite fine detail . . . Some CAREFUL trimming from the base will be needed . . . . back as soon as I can Ian
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