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  1. That looks first class . . . .
  2. This looks interesting and I can see it becoming a trend to build several . . .
  3. Got to be a winner . . . so looking forward to seeing the finest versatile twin engined bomber of all time being brought to life
  4. John I have found that also to be the case . . . . . I am soon to receive such gifts Ian
  5. Being relatively new here can somebody explain just what happens ?? I am only guessing that each members puts in a 32nd scale kit, if your allocated number is drawn you receive a model that has been donated ???
  6. A poor photo that I have just taken in the dark of a 48th tamiya Mossie in PR Blue
  7. It will be on by shopping list . . . .
  8. I would have to think about this but I do think MY No1 would be the classic British film 'The Dambusters' Purely historic without any over the top dramatic, no love scene just pure British grit to get a job done . . . . Twelve O'clock High' has to be in there, a true reflection of the stress endured 'Das Boot' I was blown away with the conditions under which they went to war Battle of Britain for it accurate portrail of the events Quite liked 'Hannover Street' for several reason by mainly the B25 and the music score I'm sure there are many more such as 633 Squadron as it was great to see so many Mosquitoes flying etc plus the music is so recognizable Back of my mind I have 'Howards Hawks, (1930's ?) WW1 aerial warfare with details, re-enactments from those that experienced those days
  9. https://www.facebook.com/officialiconicair/post/31523582981172780
  10. Saying that it no longer excepts responses ?????
  11. Your on your way back to us . . . . thats great
  12. So sorry to hear of your pain Ernie. Plenty of support for you a lot nearer to home than me but I wish you well , time is a great healer they say. Try and stay positive, I used to say to my children, just think ' PMA' Positive Mental Attitude' it does so help . . . . Ian
  13. Thinking of you as you go under and we will be waiting on the other side . . . all the best for a speedy recovery
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