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  1. The strange thing about this vehicle is the suspension. Each wheels hangs from an arm from suspension bars and its difficult to explain so a photo here showing the Airfix version may give you an idea . . . (The Airfix version is too long in its wheelbase). I found some suitable diameter piping to utilize as these suspension bars and arms Turntable also in the process of construction Thanks for stopping by. :-)
  2. This basically is a box unless you were to detail the inside with a small petrol engine, fuel tank, an air compressor and its air tank. This may be a slight cheat but I intend to display it alongside a Nissen hut in the background . . . . Having now painted the square frame, next on the agenda with be the 'curtains' down each of the four sides. I have a tow hitch to put in place as well as a small jockey wheel and the stability legs.
  3. Great set of photos, many thanks for sharing. I think most of the pics show the bowser being used for re-fuelling . . . perhaps after specialised vehicles were introduced these bowsers were used for Oil ??
  4. Getting a bit more done . . . Wheels from SKP that require a small mod to the hub(s) More photos in the next couple of days
  5. Nige For those of us that have not got or set eyes on this particular kit, can you at least offer up a photo so we can see what the issue might be ?? many thanks
  6. As I want to display my HK Lancaster I thought what do you typically see alongside a Lancaster when it sits at dispersal ?? An Oil bowser seemed a good choice so I set about digging out the details . . . Back in the 1980's I photographed and got some basic measurements from two example that were located on farms near to where I live. I thoughts that the thing that might prove difficult would be the wheels and although I have source some, the overall diameter is correct but not the tyre/wheel ratio. The start More to come . . . David
  7. I purchased the 32nd trolley acc from Iconicair and thought about other pieces of ground equipment that I could possibly have alongside the HK Lancaster when I come to build and display the beast . . . Although I have some details/photos of what was contained within I thought I would just go with the basic structure and have it with the canvas screen down, (it will save any embarrassment on my part). The plan The basic frame The suspension
  8. From which aircraft is that photo taken please ? No doubt a post-war survivors ??
  9. Sorry they are NOT the same orientation and I still cant see what you have done !
  10. Sorry Nige I Cant see what you have altered on those legs ??? Perhaps if you had photographed them in the same orientation ?? David
  11. Neat surgery on both locations there Bill . . . .
  12. Ernie Those radio etc are well back beyond the cockpit. You can see the flap actuator and the main spar well into the background. I believe this photo is looking forward so that puts that radio gear on the starboard wall . . . . which means you aint going to see them !! David
  13. Phil I scratch built it from a sketch and measurements that I had drawn on a sheet of paper done in the early 1980's. Along with numerous photographs. The wheels I got from an overseas producers , I had to modify the hub, they are the correct diameter overall but the wheel/tyre ratio is slightly out but despite this I think it looks the part. If you are not aware, I scratch built some engine trestle and just completing a 32nd Nissen hut, again they are constructed from drawings of measurements taken from the real thing along with photographs. I have also done some wheel chocks. (I intend to display my HK Lancaster on a small diorama). I have built the Tamiya 35th Austin Tilly, converted to a Hillman Tilly, and in the final throws of the IBG 35th Bedford QL. You can purchase a 32nd Trolley acc. from IconicAir and I believe he is going to produce some bomb trolleys and a David Brown tractor ??? David
  14. Thats showing great detail Thanks Jeff for sharing.
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