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  1. trickyrich

    1/35th DDR ZSU-57-2

    This build I finished towards the end of last year (I promise I have new builds coming up so a WIP thread will be inlace for those), for a 60's NATO vs WARSAW Pact GB. This is the first AFV I've actually managed to complete in under a year, have 8 or so in various stages of building...just keep getting distracted! Plus this is the first build I've tried weather an AFV, and I must say it was lots of fun and very messy. I'm still sort of cleaning up the mess. The base model is the Takom one and it's a beauty! It went together without any real issues, though some of the parts needed "adjusting" to fit, and the instructions...I'll be kind here and say they are quite vague in places!!!! The only extras were some Friulmodel tracks, Aber Barrels, and some Magic Model shell casings which in the end you couldn't really see. I tried some new techniques with the paint job to help break the "flatness" of the single colour which turned out ok I think. I have about 5 AFV's planned for this year including a M42A1 Duster (AFV Club German Army) to go with this one as well as a ZSU-23-4 (Meng) later in the year. So please enjoy Model: Takom 1/35thZSU-57-2 Paint: Mr Hobby and Tamiya Acrylics, Model Master Metalizer Lacquer Extras: Aber Gun Barrel set, Friulmodel Tracks, Magic Models ZSU-57-2 Empty Shells ZSU-57-2 build
  2. trickyrich

    1/32 F9F-5 instructions

    Awesome effort Barry, thanks. Got everything I need, now I just need to schedule this build in somewhere??? I love the Grey & White Marines scheme, not what you are use to seeing these aircraft in. Think that maybe the one I’ll go for. Again I really appreciated all you help, cheers mate.
  3. are but what's life without a challenge!
  4. thanks. The wing fold......its hanging on with a wing and a prayer!!! If I was to do this model again (and I would really love to) or the wings were to break badly (a real possibility), I'd replace the hingers with brass versions. I have it all planned out, basically I'd groove the wings inline with the hung and hit brass flat rod with a hinge cut into the end. This would allow me to fit a pin to hold the outer section and give it real strength. To groove, fit flat rod and fill/finish sounds frightening but is quite simple. I can't remember where I found the reference for the wing locks, I have a couple of books on them, but I think I just trolled the net for pictures. I'll have a dig around to see what I can find for you. It maybe a bit slow as I'm heading off to work tomorrow and will be away for 2 weeks and internet is a wee bit slow where I am (in the top end of Oz, 150mls east of Darwin). But will have my library with me so will have a look. I really don't remember seeing a wing bar fitted, again I'll have to recheck my stuff. http://www.adf-serials.com.au/seafury.htm This is a good site for RAN Sea Fury's plus has some interesting stuff as well.
  5. thanks, I finally found it
  6. trickyrich

    1/32 F9F-5 instructions

    thanks, PM sent
  7. oh ok, I hadn't found that section yet, I may drop my Tamiya Bombcat (F-14D) in it once she's done.
  8. thanks everyone haha , I wouldn't quite say Master builder, I struggle with build like most of us and have a rather large "shelf of doom", but I'm glad you liked model, it's probably the best I've done so far. I can promise too many new builds as I have a huge stash of 1/48th to get through, but I'm starting to build quite a few AFV's now, think I'm building 7 next year. But I'm hoping to start at least one of the beasts in the stash this coming year, though all but one are full resin models! the stash all 1/32nd... Fisher Model & Pattern - RB-51 Reno Unlimited Racer - sort of started 4 years ago! Fisher Model & Pattern - F9F-5 Panther Model Design & Construction (MDC) - Ki-61-I Hien (have 2 of these) Model Design & Construction (MDC) - Hawker Typhoon Mk.1b Roden - Cessna O-2A Skymaster (plastic) plus who knows what I'll find on evilBay!
  9. trickyrich

    1/32 F9F-5 instructions

    that's awesome Barry, thank you very much. There's no huge rush so just send them when you are able. Rich
  10. This is my first posting here, though some may know me from the Britmodeller site which I seem to live on. I'm starting to move more and more into the larger scales but I'm still predominantly 1/48th. I'm a huge fan of resin models and will normally build one of them over a plastic model....I really do need to have my head read! I'll pop a couple of recent builds up and I'll try to start a build thread for the next big beast I build. Well this was built for the Hawker (Siddeley) GB on the Britmodeller site. The model is Fisher Model & Pattern's 1/32nd resin Sea Fury. I was very lucky to win this one on my favourite website for a ridiculously cheap price as normally they're quite frightening price wish. There was an option in the schemes for an all-over blue RAN aircraft but I wanted to do one in the earlier colour scheme, lucky enough Novascale do a nice set of decals for this aircraft, but in the end I decided to paint all the major markings other than the serial numbers. She does look much better for it. The only other options were replacement tyres, as these aircraft had the diamond pattern tread version and some brass gun barrels and pitot tube. The model was a real pleasure to build with no real issues at all. The only real issue I had was my own doing as I wanted to have the wings folded, the model comes with this option. Not a good idea as the outer wings are really quite heavy resin hinges are very fragile. I ended up making a pair of wing locks as per the those used on the real aircraft, they've helped strengthen the wings, but I'm too scared to turn her upside down in case they fall off. Other that that she was a real pleasure to build and I enjoyed every minute of the build. Hopefully you enjoy the photos Fisher Model & Pattern Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 Paint: Mr Hobby (main), Tamiya, Model Master Metalizer Lacquers Decals: Nova Scale Sea Fury Extras: Master Model: Gun Barrels & Pitot Probe set Fisher Model & Pattern: Diamond Pattern Tyres
  11. trickyrich

    Zoukei Mura, Ta152 H-0, 1/32 scale

    very nicely done, I've built the H-1 version and agree whole heartedly with your comments on the front end....very scary!! It make resin models look easy!
  12. trickyrich

    1/32 F9F-5 instructions

    I'm hoping someone one here maybe able to help me out with this one. I have recently acquired from an estate a Fisher Model & Pattern F9F-5 Panther which unfortunately is missing the instructions. I'm hoping someone may have one of these in their stash or are able to find a copy of the instructions and PDF them for me. Hopefully someone can help me out or point me in the right direction. It's really sad what happened to these guys, unfortunately we know the devastation of bush fires well here in Australia.