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  1. Hello friends! Work finished, please go to: Tiger I, Otto Carius, Malinovka Thanks for see my WIP Regards! Rodolfo
  2. Hello friends! Here is my last work: Tiger I, tank No. 2017 from Otto Carius / Battle of Malinovka (Malinova), 1944 Kit: Otto Carius/, Tiger I Mid Production - Cyberhobby / Dragon Zimmerit number No.74, 1/35 * I used A-MIG paints and pigments + enamel odourless thinner * Tamiya paints with Lacquer thinner * Humbrol paints with Humbrol enamel thinner * Local pigments * A.MIG Lucky Varnish satin and matt I not had any problem with my mixes. Work in progress here: Tiger I - Otto Carius, Malinovka
  3. Thanks harv! I am finishing some small details, after of this I will apply A.MIG-Lucky Matt Varnish and paint the preriscopes and ready!.
  4. More details: Spare tracks retouched with Oilbrush brown, red tile and white. Tracks with european hearth pigments and sprayed with pigment fix (local product) and retouched with graphite; finally some small scratches, now is ready for mounting and to give final details.
  5. Thanks for your kind comments friends! Working the tracks: with a mixture of Tamiya XF-1 Flat-black 40% and XF-64 Red-brown 60% and adding Lacquer Thinner (yellow cap) to give it greater fluidity, it gave me the grayish black-steel tone I was looking for , the next step is to apply A.MIG Lucky Satin Varnish to protect it from washes.
  6. Thanks harv! Detailing using silver and graphite pencil-pigment in several areas, for wheel washing use the A.MIG Earth Europe set adding A.MIG- Dark Earth pigment.
  7. Washed with A.MIG-1000 "brown-wash", I need to fine a bit. The wheels will be treated separately like the tracks. The color change is evident.
  8. Thanks harv! Applying filters to the Old school using Humbrol # 93 matt dessert yelllow and # 102 matt army green for each color giving more depth.
  9. Thanks for your kind comments harv, Invisible camouflage to fool the enemy, hee, hee Ready for the weathering! The tools and tow cables were painted with A.MIG Tool Colors set, extinguisher with Vallejo # 70945 Dark-red and the spare tracks with A.MIG-035 Dark-tracks. The tracks are not glued yet.
  10. Camouflage applied using A.MIG-009 Reseda-green slightly diluted with A.MIG-2000 Thinner. Next step; detail wheels, tools, etc.
  11. Thanks harv!!! Masking the wheels with Parafilm to start painting the camouflage. Parafilm can be stretched and molded to any surface without the need for glue.
  12. Finished the application of the first color A-MIG-7028 Dunkelgelb thinned with A.MIG-2000 Thinner for better flow. (The skirts were painted apart).
  13. Nothing happens, it happens that the grid is not glued since it can be opened, so it looks irregular.
  14. Tiger I, Otto Carius - Finished the assembly !, the skirts and tracks are not glued, they are "over-put" for demonstration, follow the painting !!!.
  15. Finished the small interior detail using Vallejo paints except the periscopes that I used MIG paint.
  16. The turret is almost ready inside, I applied MIG Primer White and then a mixture of Tamiya with white and lacquer for fluidity in the airbrush. I just need to detail something about the cannon and periscopes.
  17. Thanks for your kind comments friends!. The tiger is practically finished, first I have to airbrush the inside of the turret as well as the barrel and seats.
  18. Thanks GazzaS!. Photo-etched in tools work has finished, a bit tedious, I think I'll start buying the latest "new generation" ready-made ones, hee, hee.
  19. Hello friend I have started the assembly of tools and tow cables. The holes of the conductor's protective block were very large so I proceeded to fill them with Vallejo putty.
  20. Hello friend!. Yes, it is rare, it is probably a defect of the aging production plate. The plate and the chassis are already adjusted. I have finished the rear and the front without problems, I think I will seal the hatches of the grilles because up there will be an hook and it will avoid them from opening.
  21. Thanks for your comments friends!. I didn't like the first DS tracks from me, they were too weak and sometimes they broken with Humbrol washes but now they are different, at least in the last kts I have built The main board is a bit uneven so the front of the right side has to be lightly sanded to be able to adjust it to the chassis.
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