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  1. Thanks guys, I finished off the rear hull with a couple of little issues. The directions show the idler axles to be installed in the upside down position, the side with the bolts should be facing down, the fit was also lacking and took some trimming and fitting. This is a important area where good strength is needed as the idler will snap off with tight tracks. I also sanded down the backside of the side hull idler mounting plates so I could get a better stronger fit. I drilled out the shackle lugs and did not add the extra lug on each side as my reference photos only show one per side. The small nipple on the end of each axle will need to be trimmed off as well. There are two different Idler wheels on the sprues, make sure you use the nicer ones with a insert and rear detail I finished up the bogies by drilling the four bolt holes on each side (for the reversible return roller bracket) and adding the track skids. That's all for today as I glued the bogies to the lower hull and it needs to dry. Thanks for looking!
  2. I apologize for the delay in starting this, life got in the way and ruined my plans but things are mostly back to normal. Enough about that it's on to the build. The first steps start in typical fashion with the suspension. Dragon's bogies fit too tight and can cause problems so I drilled out the holes (except the upper return roller) with a 5/64 bit. Also note that only one side of the rocker arms has casting marks (the side without the pins) so this side needs to face out, the wheels are two pieces each with a insert that fits into a keyed tab, I cut off the tab inside the wheel so it makes things easier. The wheel side with the insert should be placed facing towards the tank as it leaves a unsightly seam. A few in progress bogie assemblies, While I was waiting for the bogies to dry I turned to the lower hull. It doesn't look like the image in the instructions so I test fit it to the upper hull to see if there would be problems. Sure enough the sponsons on the lower hull are too long and needed to be cut down to fit, it also left a nasty gap towards the front that I will fill with some evergreen styrene. more soon
  3. Hi All, I will be joining this group build with the Cyber Hobby M4A1(76) W, I plan to make a very early version without the threaded barrel, turret ventilator etc. I will be doing "In the Mood" which was Lafayette Pool's second tank (the earlier being a 75mm M4A1). I haven't broken the seal yet so it may be out of the box it may not depending on what is inside. Constructive criticism and comments welcomed and thanks for watching!
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