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  1. Thanks for the credit Ryan. When It will be done by the end of December I will post only one small fragment of a picture in a separate thread. You deserve nothing more other than my pitty for your worthless lives and ways of living/thinking. @Admin, please close this one forever. UPDATE: Another sponsor in my country called GePlast (www.geplast.ro) is already providing me support with workers and materials. Great !
  2. You are worthy of my pitty. I am not an arab or african/asian. I am an European from the South East Europe. I don't plan to export parts to Iran, but in the future who knows ? If they're interested and they contact me , I can arrange a strategic partnership, why not ? It would be good for me as a civilian. I will gain authority and publicity in my country.
  3. Good luck with that. A guy from Republic of Moldavia had an active Su-25 on his backyard. Nothing happened, no one touched him. Not even the communists.
  4. Yeah and do you think the iranians cannot attack the fleet of the Navy if they want ? Anytime. Because they have active Tomcats. That is why the americans fear to strike them. If I , as an European, know that the Pacific Fleet group, along with the carrier and the destroyers was on the Gulf of Japan two weeks ago, so the iranian intelligence do. And the F-14 is not classified , that is why it was selled to Iran in the '80s.
  5. I think your attitude is to blame. You make jokes, laugh about it. You don't treat this very serious. You treat death with laughters as well ? You did not helped me with anything at all, beside empty words. I will tell you who my sponsor is. I give a fuck about US Navy, Air Force, Army and US government. Here in Europe their laws mean nothing. I fear no one. When I 'll have my own iconic Cold War fighter I'll impose my own rules on anyone I wish. US has no influence nowhere, not even in their neighbour country, Canada. My sponsor on this quest is a very wealthy and educated canadian from Vancouver, who was the manager of a famous canadian insurance group for almost thirty years. I won't tell you how he got the F-14 parts but happened in 1989, when the Soviets fell. This are the only details you'll get. If you hear me Maurice, thank you again for your support . You are a great guy and I wish you all the best in life.
  6. Why should I ? Did you helped with something ? Did you sent me drawings, plans, materials to build it ? Did you came to start working beside me as a volunteer alongside other volunteers ? Think about that . I don't expect a quick answer.
  7. Indeed it is my friend. So excited to see that the dream finally come true in Europe after many years.
  8. No one , no film company owns Tomcat. There was one in 2009 , but the Tomcat they had was seized and the producers arrested, because they owned it illegal, without gov approval. No one besides several museums in USA own this. I am rebuilding the Tomcat outside the borders of USA . I already exported from USA some original pieces to integrate them in the original airframe. I cannot tell you more because in general you don't know to keep a secret. I am also starting to export it across all Europe as the iconic Cold War american fighter. It's a symbol for Europe too because Europe also suffered from the economic problems during the Cold War.
  9. Admin, please close once and for all this thread. If someone very serious have something to share with me, I'll expect a pm. When I'll get it done, I will post a picture with the scale model in a separate topic. Until now, asta la vista, baby !
  10. Yeah, thanks for the huge support. You are really helpful !
  11. Keep waiting until death comes for you, mister. Thanks for the info, but I already started to get the things done.
  12. Your information is old and outdated. Just a simple small talk from behind the line. There is no "possibility" to buy one. If it was, many civilians would have one by now .
  13. @Dave J finally you're a guy who knows what he's talking about. Yes, you are right. Wood for frame/structure and then metal for the outside. Metal which is resistive to rain, freezing cold and snow. But should I beg to find out info like you just did ? You must admit that most users registered here have no idea about scale modelling. That is why I need this topic closed. Because people instead of telling me or send me videos with the steps to make: "cut that, do that, draw that, assemble that etc" they're just posting bad things not related to the subject.
  14. @Wumm and the rest of you, thank you very much for being ironical. You just proved your limitations. You don't actually help anyone, because let's face it, you have no idea about scale modelling. But most of you are here only to do what you do best. Rubbish talking. I will close the topic. For me it's very clear what kind of people are here.
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