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  1. No. I do not shoot outdoors. Hard to control lighting, etc.
  2. hard on many levels. stay focused on family, memories.
  3. nice work one. finish just right.
  4. 6 Mar Update. Items pending sale are marked. Will delete post when finaled. Ship with tracking only. Ship via USPS Priority, UPS or FedEx. Small package I shipped USPS 1st class 19 Feb is MIA with no tracking. Ship cost additional from Washington, DC. Will combine as needed. Most of these kits have a ton of aftermarket stuff. All 1:32, all unstarted unless noted. More resin, brass, extra parts and H & S Airbrush set have been added PayPal only CONUS. No trades. Will accept reasonable offers. KITS REVELL/GERMANY Fw190F-8 #04869 USD$40 632057 Eduard Brassin Undercarriage JX181 Eduard Mask *kit opened, right landing gear oleo parts 159/163 glued. Stand parts 2&3, 4&5 glued. Fw190F-8 #04869 USD$91 632057 Eduard Brassin Undercarriage 632056 Eduard Brassin Cockpit 632055 Eduard Brassin Wheels 32065 Master A7-A9 Armament set with pitot JX181 Eduard Mask ZOUKIE MAURA P51D Mustang #SWS04 USD$200 SWSO4 Concept Notes SWS04-M02 - Weighted Tires SWS04-M03 - Brass Machine Gun Barrels (Master Models) SWS04-M04 - Photo Etch Interior (Eduard) SWS04-M05 - Photo Etch Gun Bay (Eduard) SWS04-M06 - Photo Etch Exterior/Engine (Eduard) SWS04-F03 - Engine Maintenance Figure Set SWS04-F04 - Oil Tank Exchange Figure Set TAILBOOM PRODUCTIONS RAF Spade Grip 1:1 Scale #AH8068 USD$80 Cannon Armed Printed Instructions Included Out Of Production *a small piece is broken off grip can be easily glued or fabricated with plastic-card. MISCELLANEOUS PE, Brass, RESIN, MASKS, DECALS, SETS, EXTRA PARTS PHOTO ETCH SETS Hasegawa Bf109G-14 set –USD$12.00 33033 EDU Bf109G-14 Interior for HAS Bf109G-14 JX040 EDU Bf109G-14 Mask for HAS Bf109G-14 Tamiya P-51D set – USD$25.00 32732 EDU P51-D Gun Bay Early for TAM P51-D 32731 EDU P51-D Seatbelts for TAM P51-D JX136 EDU P51-D Mask for TAM P51-D 3203 GMAJR Grey Matter Weighted Tires Direct Replacement for TAM P-51 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.VIII set – USD$10.00 32680 EDU Spitfire Mk.VIII Seatbelts for TAM Spitfire Mk.VIII JX113 EDU Spitfire Mk.VIII Mask for TAM Spitfire Mk.VIII Brass Barrels, etc Master 32097 AM P40B/C US Version .30 Cal Barrels, Pitot Tube, Iron Sight for TRU kit - USD$9.00 MASKS LOT (all 3 listed below) USD$5.00 JX005 EDU Fw190D–9 for HAS JX043 EDU Bf109G for REV (Old Tool) JX103 EDU Spitfire Mk.IX for TAM MISCELLANEOUS RESIN Henri Daehne Ju388 Propeller set of 2 VDM9-121188 resin propeller (blades, hub, counterbalance weights, brass shaft) - USD$15.00 64-32 EagleParts Fw190D-9 Propeller Blades. Direct replacement for HAS kit - USD$10.00 5632080 EDU P40 Wheels w/Pattern for HAS kit - USD$10.00 088 CMK Luftwaffe 600l Drop Tanks – USD$9.00 2186 Aires He111P-1/2, H1/2 Armament Set – USD$17.00 MDC Typhoon/Tempest weighted tires – USD$4.00 EXTRA PARTS P40B/C Trumpeter Clear Sprue E (windscreen missing) parts attatched to sprue - USD$7.00 P40B/C Trumpeter Clear Sprue E (windscreen, rear view panels missing) parts attached to sprue - USD$5.00 AIRBRUSH Harder & Steenbeck Set 126003 Evolution Silverline Two in One - 0.2 + 0.4 nozzle set, 2ml + 5ml cup. Original packaging/case - USD$300.00 Used for only 3 builds. I retired this airbrush when I got a micron airbrush. This airbrush very well maintained and extremely clean no dents. Cup(s) are spotless. Included are: H&S Airbrush Workshop DVD 123713 - 0.4mm Nozzle Set (Needle, Nozzle, Air Cap) 123740 - 0.4mm Needle (needle only) 126833 - 0.2mm Nozzle Set Fineline Set (Needle, Nozzle, Crown Cap) 123730 - 0.2mm Needle (3 sets, needle only) 123822 - 0.2mm Nozzle 123910 - Complete Sealing Kit 126333 - Micro Cup, used 123763 - Protective Needle Cap, used *all needles are new in original packaging, never used.
  5. another epic result. the historical connection (as with all your builds) is much appreciated.
  6. Been using Radu riveter for years. a great tool.
  7. FuG220 installation almost complete. This was fabricated via reverse engineering and 3D Print Technology. Using 1940's construction method. I did a walk around today and will post more images later. That's "Flak Bait" in the background.
  8. Observe the alignment of the stabilizer plugs. The starboard stabilizer plug is about 2mm higher than the port side. The entire tailplane is warped.
  9. Yes! My cut was not perfect.
  10. Ok, I'm in. Hopefully this will be the kick I need to finish this thing. FW190C-V-U BACK FROM THE SHELF O' DOOM I received my FW190D9 "Tall Tail" from Hasegawa. Cut at the panel line. After assembly of the tail and tail wheel the new "Tall Tail" was grafted to the fuselage using stryene strips for locators and 5 minute epoxy. The white card is a shim. Fill/sand/scribe required later.
  11. I am looking for this decal sheet: ICARUS 72001 Hellenic Air Force Part 1 Decals My son and I are doing a Dad & Lad build - Greek F16C. Buy or Trade. Thanks - Rick
  12. Albeit a little late...THANK YOU! Albeit a little late...THANK YOU! Appreciate the kind words, cheers! The TAM 1:48 is a pleasurable build. The canopy gave me fits though and I went for the vac replacement. Thank you! Thanks!
  13. multiple posts and they are all epic
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