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  1. Trumpeter P40B

    A few pics of finished work. These are iPhone pics and will execute 35mm photoshoot this weekend.
  2. Trumpeter P40B

    Aerial rigging is my next step and I opted to get some practice (for future WNW builds) making making my own turnbuckles. Using Albion 0.5mm Nickel Micro Tubing and Ultra Wire X-Small I made turnbuckles. A little time consuming but I'm pleased with results. Nav lights installed. Drilling a .5mm hole and inserting the turnbuckle is easier than said. Not as clean as I'd like it. FICE Much better... EZ Line small is great to work with as it's very forgiving and stretchy too.
  3. Hey guys, I'm in need of the windscreen for TRU P-40B. Serious dire straights have come my way.
  4. Trumpeter P40B

    I'l be watching! You have canopy masks? I have extra set.
  5. Trumpeter P40B

    While the streaking and grime dries I got to spend some quality time with my Opti-Visor and work on the navigation lights. .5mm holes drilled on back of kit supplied navigation lights. Luckly the sprue was quite thick and I was able to drill the holes while on the sprue. After drilling I carefully added paint in the hole with a 0/10 brush. One of these days I'm going to use blue as the bulb for the starboard light is actually blue and looks green when bulb is on. After paint dried I carefully scraped excess paint with a sharp blade. Then with a micro saw each lens was removed from the thick sprue. Painting the reflector base of these lenses presented a masking challenge. To mask the lenses I pressed each lens into Tacky Putty base side up and applied Alclad Dark Aluminum. Applying in light layers building up as not to have paint bleed on sides of lens. The white lens does show up.
  6. Trumpeter P40B

    I applied weathering based on reference photos of Hawaiian P40's. Lots of foot traffic on wings at wing root and gun bays. Hopefully I'll capture the look I want. MiG Streaking Grime applied with sponge. Anxious to see what happens when I apply the Matte varnish. Some Fuel/Oil stains at the filler caps add seeping through the panel line of the aft cockpit glazing. Streaking grime applied with brush and feathered with soft make-up sponge. Wheel well aft edges got some love with brush and sponge. Panel line wash did not deliver the look I wanted. I might redo.
  7. Trumpeter P40B

    Thanks Mike. Is your P40B on the bench?
  8. Trumpeter P40B

    The P40B/C used the N-2A floor mounted gunsight with reflector mounted on windscreen. Assumption the P40N may have used either N-3A or British 1008 gunsight/reflector mounted on the IP comb. Great tip on the dulling forward tips of blades. I'l be applying dull coat in a few days and will have the prop assembly handy.
  9. Trumpeter P40B

    Determining how to do the prop and prop hub was a selective process. All natural metal/silver prop? All black prop? I poured over many images of P40B and Pearl Harbor P40B's. It was a mix of many. Some props were even natural metal/silver with black backs. Weathering the prop hub was also important. The Pearl Harbor P40B's were rather clean with maintenance wear and dirt. Not the weathering/wear you would see on an aircraft as a result of the cadence of war. Prop hub is Gunze 69 Off White and prop blades are Gunze Super Metallic 06 Chome Silver. Weathering (round one) is done with pigments and panel line wash. Back of prop blades are MRP Nato Black. A little bit of Uschi Metal Polishing Powder Chrome Type applied for wear. Kit prop decals are beyond unacceptable. Either too large or weird symbols. Prop logo decals are F├╝dekals and the prop stencils are from the Airfix 1:48 P40B. Very happy with the results. The prop hub got some more weathering. A little more chrome powder on backs of the prop blades. All good. Hub detail washed out due to crummy photography. Next step is to weathering on aircraft. Home stretch in sight.
  10. Trumpeter P40B

    The windscreen handed me many challenges. Aligning the armor glass provided plenty of angst. Deciding on the reflector glass yielded a new drama. At first I was going to drill into the windscreen and mount a scratchbuilt reflector. My spider sense was tingling with all the armor framing mount molded into the windscreen. I passed and created a reflector decal with my inkjet printer then secured to a piece of clear stryene and secured with some Future (PMFP) Not 100% happy with results. I might try to fit a SH P36A windscreen. For now I'll take the FICE approach. Pardon all the dust.
  11. TA-152 Zoukei Moura 1/32, My First ZM

    great work on a not so ez kit. for me mottling is a continuing work in progress. always improving and refining. you pulled it off quite well.
  12. Trumpeter P40B

    WHEELS Recently Roy released his P40B/C resin wheels BR32329. Color me happy. The Trumpy wheels are just hideous. I was going to use Hasegawa's P40 wheels until Barracuda saved the day. These wheels are also perfect for Special Hobby's P36A. Here are some comparison images with the kit supplied wheels. And after a little love. Plumbing and stencils added.
  13. 1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    the history of this a/c and connection to where you live is very cool. nice PE work btw.
  14. Trumpeter P40B

    Hey, Mike. Time to pull your TRU P40B off the SOD. Yeah, I'm a big fan of black basing. I will pre shade when I feel the need. For now black basing works for me. Back in the day, if I could get a glimpse of the pitchers fingers and seam of the ball I knew what was coming. Kahuna, This has been a battle indeed. Albeit, I'm savoring each little conquest. Updates coming soon. Cheers Jonathan! Would love to see you take on the TRU P40B. You'd have your way in short order. Thanks Levier.
  15. Ok, I'm showing off...

    Scored some bling at the Old Dominion Open in Richmond, VA. There were 2 beautiful builds, a Ju188 and E2 Hawkeye which earned 1st and 2nd in the 1:48 milti-engine category. I'm happy to be in this group. I was hoping to meet the builder of the Ju188 for some Q&A on the great finishes and detail on the Ju188. Not sure which I enjoyed most from ODO '18. Chumming around with the guys from Northern Virginia IPMS or the clever 3D trophy.