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  1. Thanks Jeff. of course I enjoyed this little Jug. Out of box and lots of brush detailing. clearly took me out of my comfort zone. Cheers Phil. Thanks Harv!
  2. Done in about 40 days. Revell P47M #04185 (I know P47M did not serve RAF SEAC, just don't look at the engine or cockpit too closely. And the kit cost $5) Out of Box build Drilled out Blast Tubes MRP used through out with exception of Alclad for Drop tanks and Gunze for Interior Green and Chromate Yellow colors. Cockpit detail picked out with Vallejo Model Color Decals from Eduard Aussie Eight Spitfire kit Tamiya FX86 Flat Clear overall
  3. Panel line wash added then sealed Tamiya XF86 Flat Clear thinned with Mr. Leveling Thinner 1:1. Exhaust stain with MiG Industrial Dirt powder. Turbine and Flight hood get a shot of Alclad 123 Exhaust Manifold. Cordite stains is highly thinned Tamiya X19 Clear Smoke. Remember, less is more. Powder effects sealed with mineral spirits then overall sealed sealed with XF86. Locator pins for drop tanks are .5mm aluminum rod. Landing gear installed followed by racks and drop tanks.
  4. Test fit engine/cowling. Decals applied straight on the MRP paint surface, no gloss decal prep. Effort was flawless with no silvering. Underside decal work completed. Marking were borrowed from Eduard Aussie Eight decal sheet. Recognition lights are kit decals. Gloss varnish overall to begin weathering. Gloss is Tamiya X22 clear and Mr. Leveling Thinner 1:1 ratio using my PS290 ProCon Boy with .5mm equipped with fan nozzle.
  5. Underside masked MRP 108 Dark Earth is applied to topsides. First covering is marbled, then... blended. My Iwata airbrush photobomb is due to maintenance effort. MRP110 Dark Green applied. Marbled then blended. Masking removed.
  6. ID Stripes. I'm doing a RAF SEAC scheme with Dark Earth/Dark Green/Med Sea Gray camo. This scheme will also be used when I get to my 1:32 TAM Mossie, hopefully before the apocalypse. Another element which drew me to this scheme are the white ID Bands. No only for the look but for the challenge to replicate. Using MRP 135 White the ID Bands are first marbled. The cowling got some ID Band love as well. Then blended. The camera really blew up the white, it's not that solid. After full paint cure I mask the ID Bands. Medium Sea Gray MRP 112 marbling begins. Med Sea Gray blended. After cure will mask undersides to begin upper camouflage.
  7. Closing things up. Fuselage buttoned up and wings glued in place. A little sanding and scribing. Masking cockpit and wheel wells complete and little more surface prep. After breaking blast tubes off multiple times I've folded some paper and taped to tings to protect further breakage. Black from the attack. After primer Gunze Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black cures will begin masking for ID bands.
  8. Prop, engine and drop tanks get a little love. While drying rack is full I'm going to work on the prop. Engine work complete abd test fitted in the cowling and prop. Prop tips painted. Another test fit this time with the fuselage. Prop boss/spinner painted MRP 135 White and masked with tape and maskol. Tips masked and ready for a shot of Tamiya XF69 NATO Black thinned with MLT. After the Tamiya XF69 Nato Black cures more masking to paint the prop hub Alclad 102 Duraluminum. Making removed and I'm happy with results. Test fit with engine.
  9. nice change-up Ernie. looking good and fun to watch you enjoy this.
  10. Details picked out with toothpick, pointy brush using Vallejo Model Color. After dry, sealed with varnish then Mig dark wash highlights all the details.
  11. While at the Old Dominion Open IPMS Richmond, VA show I was asked (challenged actually) to do a P47 build as a group with several members of our local IPMS club. The challenge was to finish the build in 30 days. If I can find an inexpensive kit at the show I'm in. Soon after COVID19 hit so I'm also calling this my COVID19 build. It's complete, I'm going to periodically post WIP pictures. I'll keep you all guessing, till the end, if I actually finished in 30 days. 30 minutes later I found this gem for USD$5. My scheme will be a RAF Thunderbolt Mk.II SEAC. Parts cleaning begins. Really? Must cut the landing gear doors? Cutting apart the landing gear doors...1:72 scale. Various priming done on pit, interior engine, etc Interior Green for...the interior. Gunze 302. Yellow Chromate for wheel wells, inside cowling. Gunze 27.
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