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  1. Everything looks exemplary as you nailed the "acquired, repaired, stored & somewhat forgotten" look. The display configuration adds so much. Watching the final rounds. This will look interesting displayed next to your Ju88.
  2. I'm 1:1 ratio. I apply multiple thin layers and use leveling thinner. Then after 36 hour dry I give it a light go over with a 6000 grit cloth. It's a pain, but it works for me.
  3. pfffffffffttttttt
  4. I still love you!
  5. Apollo 11 Command Module at the NSAM/Udvar Hazy Mary Baker Restoration Hangar being prepared for its multi city US tour to acknowledge the 50th Anniversary of that little July 1969 event. After showing this to my kids they think I am a rock star. It's always good being the cool Dad in the neighborhood.
  6. Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc LF686 on display at NASM Udvar Hazy Cenetr. This aircraft was built at the Langley Factory, near what is now Heathrow Airport, early in 1944. Enjoy the images and I hope they can be helpful for any future build of yours. There will be a Fly Hurricane in my future.
  7. Gun Charger handles. The gnat size Eduard handles were just that...gnat size. I made my own with some .5mm styrene rods. Painted NATO Black. Trim and install...wait for it. After I installed the handles I was feeling real proud of myself. I opened my reference book to discover these handles were RED. They will remain NATO Black.
  8. N-2A gunsight complete. Bottom is painted NATO Black and the removable cap is Alclad Duraluminum. I added some cockpit stencils. Assumption there was a "remove before flight" note on the cap. Meh, close enough. Detail picked out with panel line wash.
  9. exemplary work Jeroen! PM inbound.
  10. RB seatbelts done. These are the best textile belts I have ever used. No need to stain or wash as substrate is colored. Just some gloss applied for leather look and boom! Done. Ready for assembly Cockpit all buttoned up. Fuselage buttoned up. Spine and tail dry-fitted. Now on to the engine.
  11. Kit came without N-2A gunsight so it's back to some scratchin'. 2.4mm styrene tube with a .3mm x 2.0mm strip wrapped around top for lens. Then a 2.5mm disc and 2.0mm disc are punched out of styrene card and placed on top of lens cover to replicate removable cap. Cap strap created using a piece of flattened out .3mm lead wire. A 1mm rod is slid inside the tube to serve as a mounting pin. Test fits looks good. It's hard to see, trust me it's there, the lens cover cap is touched off with a secure nut punched out of styrene card.
  12. lovely work James. nice color and layout.
  13. Danny, I'll respond later. I'm up to my ears with all things parenting, all good. I have plenty to say so far...tail plane, wheels, cockpit. Later....
  14. May the force be with you.