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  1. i have several RB 109 PE canopies. They are quite nice. Love your work on the PE.
  2. Cheers Hubert. No desire to motorize this. I've done enough fabricating on this project. Thanks for checking in.
  3. Hope of a November completion are fading. So perhaps mid November. Prime and painted the main frame is ready for the rigging to begin. Black from the attack. Gunze 117 RLM76 used thinned with Mr Leveling Thinner. 2:3 - RLM 76:MLT The details show up nicely with a coat of light paint. A few touch ups and its on the the rigging.
  4. My GasPatch Anchor Points shipment is delayed so on to an alternative. Took my RB Productions turnbuckle and trimmed for anchor point only to the skids. Cannot see it? Drilled .45mm hole and secured with epoxy. Priming to begin.
  5. appreciated Rob! Indeed on the unique FLY portfolio. HiHiHiHiHiHi
  6. More scratch work. Rigging bar on rudder, left. Grab bar on tail, right. Will reduce the rib via sanding prior to paint. Grab handles/rigging retainers .4mm styrene rod, bent via mandrel and hair dryer, top main body near base of rotor mast and bottom of main body installed. Tail pad just below stabilizer. Also added .4mm aluminum tube just forward to tail pad for rigging. Grab handles/rigging retainers on rotor mast. What the heck are these? Formed using a mandrel and hairdryer I glued the straight pieces to curved pieces. After a little trimming. Cleats don't fail me now! The cleats and grab/rigging retainers were offered in PE. I elected to makes these out of stryene as they weld to kit plastic. The PE would eventually get knocked off as there will be much handling during painting and rigging. I feel these will be stronger than PE attached with CA. Almost ready to start painting.
  7. Skids added. This required more .5mm styrene rods. The Fly plastic is soft and works well with welding the styrene to Fly plastic. Cement is Tamiya Thin Cement. MEK is too hot for this. Skids added using only one kit part for braces. All others were measured and replaced with .5mm styrene rod. I drilled a .7mm hole at base of rotor mast. Inserted a trimmed .7mm aluminum tube completely through. This will be used for the rigging.
  8. My OCD has reached an enhanced level. Steelers are turning into an ICU recovery floor. My hopes remain positive. However, my wife is carefully monitoring my activities with sharp pointy things.
  9. a resurrection! love the subject.
  10. My plan is to crank this out by November then start something really big. The Fa330 always interested me as a unique aircraft with an equally unique mission. This was towed by a U-Boat so the pilot could see beyond U-Boat horizon view and report any enemy activity. Finally there is a lot of rigging and I will use either RB or GasPatch turnbuckles. This will get me feeling comfortable for my WNW build, next on the bench. That's right Kiwi Mike...no typo here. 30 minutes into this build I was already regretting this. This aircraft is mostly tubular and the parts are typical short run injection. Loads of flash and seams. Cleaning these tubes are going to drive me batty. So I will cut all remaining tubular parts from .5mm, .4mm and .3mm styrene rod. This will actually be easier than cutting from sprue and cleaning. Building balsa wood and tissue models experience will come in handy. Resin main control pully wheel (feel free to correct me on correct definition) and control stick installed with epoxy. I also wrapped the control stick handle with .2mm lead wire. A brush coat of paint will give the handle a ribbed appearance. Spar and 4 sub control pully wheels are cut from styrene. More fun with .5mm and .4mm styrene rods. The rudder gets a .4mm rod on both sides and will be sanded down and this was fabric. Will also add grab handle I cut out at top of rudder.
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