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  1. rkranias

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    another epic result. the historical connection (as with all your builds) is much appreciated.
  2. rkranias

    If you haven’t yet, then BUY THIS TOOL!

    Been using Radu riveter for years. a great tool.
  3. FuG220 installation almost complete. This was fabricated via reverse engineering and 3D Print Technology. Using 1940's construction method. I did a walk around today and will post more images later. That's "Flak Bait" in the background.
  4. rkranias

    Würger Party!

    Observe the alignment of the stabilizer plugs. The starboard stabilizer plug is about 2mm higher than the port side. The entire tailplane is warped.
  5. rkranias

    Würger Party!

    Yes! My cut was not perfect.
  6. rkranias

    Würger Party!

    Ok, I'm in. Hopefully this will be the kick I need to finish this thing. FW190C-V-U BACK FROM THE SHELF O' DOOM I received my FW190D9 "Tall Tail" from Hasegawa. Cut at the panel line. After assembly of the tail and tail wheel the new "Tall Tail" was grafted to the fuselage using stryene strips for locators and 5 minute epoxy. The white card is a shim. Fill/sand/scribe required later.
  7. I am looking for this decal sheet: ICARUS 72001 Hellenic Air Force Part 1 Decals My son and I are doing a Dad & Lad build - Greek F16C. Buy or Trade. Thanks - Rick
  8. rkranias

    1:48 Tamiya Mosquito PR Mk.IV

    Albeit a little late...THANK YOU! Albeit a little late...THANK YOU! Appreciate the kind words, cheers! The TAM 1:48 is a pleasurable build. The canopy gave me fits though and I went for the vac replacement. Thank you! Thanks!
  9. rkranias

    Wingnut Wings W.12 1407

    multiple posts and they are all epic
  10. rkranias

    Wingnut wings Camel F.1

    beautiful work...love the woodgrain effort.
  11. WNW quality in a 1:32 Lanc? You do the math.
  12. the Azur windscreen will not fit.
  13. yup, snagged one a few months ago. Removed the inside mounts for the armored glass and polished inside windscreen smooth. Next step will be to mount the reflector glass and scratch armored glass and mount it askew inside windscreen. EZ right?
  14. Nice Mike. I'm riveting my 190 C. Hope my results when paint applied turn out as good as yours.