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  1. Title says it. I'm in need of Kalfakis HAF Decals 1/72 73-AB72/1 Willing to trade or buy. PM me please. Thanks - Rick
  2. rkranias

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    truly a combination of a building and emotional journey. amazed of the exceptional work before closing up the fuselage.
  3. My kids return to school next week! The bench is calling! Heading back to my table: Fw190C, Planet/HAS conversion, riveting complete...time for primer. Tempest Mk.V (SH), Ace Maker (Roy's) gunsight ready to install then primer. A6M2b (TAM), Wiring engine is on deck Photo session for my completed TRU Hawaiian P40B to come. Stay tuned!
  4. rkranias

    Traders board would be nice

    I'm in for a Traders Board. I know this guy in China selling Tamiya 1:32 F4U's for USD$5.98each. We should reach out to him.
  5. rkranias

    Ok, I'm showing off...

    Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi Thanks for the kudos. ODO has really nice trophies. I had a discussion at an IPMS show with a modeller awhile back. Asked me if I win many 1st awards. I said no. Then this modeller discussed the merits of building to win. It was an interesting take on our hobby. I replied I build for fun, albeit I might have OCD issues. I continued saying I build for the pure joy of research, imagination, build and paint that goes into a model. Also important to me is the camaraderie and fellowship with my modelling peers. I go to IPMS meetings/contests to hang out with the guys and see some great builds. Any hardware is a pure bonus. If I ever start building just to win a contest it will be time to find another hobby. Thanks Harv!
  6. rkranias

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    your reference to history is always a joy to witness. oh, and your build is coming along quite nice...just a tad.
  7. rkranias

    Newbie saying hi

    nice to see you here Phil.
  8. rkranias

    Trumpeter TBM-3

    fix it! it's just plastic. great solutions for those uncooperative fits.
  9. rkranias

    Ok, I'm showing off...

    Cheers Phil! Thanks John.
  10. rkranias

    Ok, I'm showing off...

    Cheers Peter!
  11. looking good Mike. riveting decals? you crazy guy. I'm riveting my Fw190C and I have put in hours and still not done. yep, me crazy too. I'll be posting pics soon. cannot wait to see your finished build.
  12. rkranias

    New Member and Ready to go

    Hey Peter. Nice to see you here. Look forward to see your posts.
  13. rkranias

    Group Builds

    coming from guy who finishes about 1 build a year...maybe 2. Long Build Timeline?
  14. but you know its there! that's all that matter.