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  1. I just came across your thread, but can't see any of photos...am.i the only one or post is old?
  2. Yes i know, wider wings, wider tail so luckily i'm not making conversion myself hahaha this was made for a friend, and now have it for sale, if someone whats to do conversion
  3. Hi! Ofcourse! I can scale them down for 1/48! Just in case let me know lenght of floats from the kit
  4. Thank you! I'm a bit of artsy guy, have finished art high school, and college-ceramic/pottery department, like to make and build everything! Although i have finished applied arts, i suck at painting lol hahaha and modeling is whole new world for me, especially weathering models...
  5. Thanks guys! I must say that i started with modeling last year, and although i have started like all my 5-6 wnw kits that i managed to buy from last year to present hahahah i haven't finished any! At some point i just stopped working as i thought something is missing and i'm not able to give them 100% On this build, it will be finished, and as my second model ever!
  6. Cockpit almost finished! Decided not to get HGW seatbelts, as they didn't shipped them after 7days after order. I'm a bit impatient hahah so waiting for another 2-3 weeks just for seatbelts was a no no for me
  7. Wheel finished tomorrow will tackle PE belts, decided not to get HGW ones, due to long waiting time...i just need belts so i could close up fuselage
  8. Had to do some operations lol I wanted to wrap thread around wheel but it ended way to much messy..couldn't remove it so i made brass ring, and used copper wire to wrap it around and glue middle section back in!
  9. Thanks Peter! Decaling was quite easy! Gotta love those aviattic decals! I'll see what else can i do before i recieve turnbuckles (already 1week at customs...) And also waiting for seatbelts from HGW
  10. Yesterday aviattic faded hex was applied, top wing was done in 2 pieces everything else in one piece waiting for gaspatch turnbuckles to arrive so i could close cockpit and start working on fuselage
  11. Thanks everyone! Today i started with lower wings, spraying CDL for bottom side and applying aviattic faded lozenge on top!
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