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  1. Final test print! Looks good to me!
  2. Sorry Rob! Did you mean like first photo attached bellow? Because as i understanded, thats early type/prototype of w.4, and later type had flat lenghtwise like on 2nd pic and like floats that i made correct me if i'm wrong!
  3. Thanks Rob! What do you mean by tail is lowering? I got w12 few weeks ago! Finaly got one after almost a year of search...and was looking for w12 build logs and i actually bookmarked yours! Lol Today i was working on top part, and i think it came out good?
  4. Made some progress on both top and bottom part, will test print again to see how it looks
  5. Any link to him? Would love to see some build logs!
  6. Thank you Jeff! Will start with top part tomorrow, this is how it looked after first print prototype and after that i have made few changes to bottom part, and wanted to see if i did "good" job on it (should i change, add, remove something)
  7. Hello all! I wanted to share and to ask for some help regarding floats for albatros w.4. As i'm new to modeling (started last year just before wnw closed up) and new to 3d modeling i wanted to tackle albatros conversion to w.4 starting with floats. I have found few blueprints regarding dimensions, but can't find any detailed or clear photos of the floats. So any help is more than welcome! Here are few photos of current stage of bottom part of the float, are these detailes any good? Should i add something, or remove something? Thanks in advance!
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