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  1. It was also due to the fact that if you hit someone with 7.62 they generally didn't get back up and were normally killed. This negates the need for other resources. Where as with 5.56 you can hit someone, they get injured and have to be removed from the battlefield and take up more resources in aftercare (medical and admin).
  2. Just working out tree and bush placement before i start building up the tree branches and foliage.
  3. Just having a quick play with some mud, dried moss and static grass.
  4. More then i am likely to finish in my build rate and lifetime
  5. From the way i read it. The mould company asked for money. Waited an appropriate amount of time to receive said funds. PJ didn't fufil his contract so mould company sold moulds to Border. Border then updated/reworked said moulds, therefore changing the IP to their own standards. If what Borders say is true then i hope two very large fingers are raised in PJ's face. Not all Chinese companys are 'at it'. And yet they always seem to be portrayed as the enemy and evil doers.
  6. I've seen sets of the D-11 from Miloslav on evilbay. But if you read the small print it states "International postage of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges". To me that means VAT and any other associated monies whoever deems they want. Postage seems to be $18 to the UK I presume GMF is Grey Matter Figures?
  7. Cheers guys. I've now looked at it in daylight and it's not as bad as I thought. Think it was just the lighting it was under when I took the picture last night.
  8. Just painted the V-1. Not totally happy with it. But considering what i'll see when it's fitted under the aircraft, it'll do
  9. Didn't even know JR had done a D-11 conversion set. I'm having a think about this as i was about to bite the bullet and buy a Real Models set but the thought of getting stung for VAT and import duties scared the doo dar outta me. Money is tight so extra costs aren't welcome lol
  10. Sure is Peter. 5 Fw190s and 3 Me262s. But i really want to do it. Will put it on here when i get it under way
  11. No idea how i missed this Harv. Hope you get some results soon so they can get it sorted out for you. Stay safe and speedy recovery.
  12. A little something for an upcoming project. I'm going to try and build all 5 of the JV44 Fw190 D9/D11. So obviously i needed a decal set.
  13. Well if you do, don't get the 1:48 Revell kit. It's a dogs dinner. Although in saying that i would love to get the 1:32 revel He111 H6 kit and get the Profimodeller H-22 conversion kit. That would be some build (and some size too)
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