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  1. I grew up with Calvin & Hobbes. Absolutely loved them. this one is my favourite
  2. Just won this on evilbay. Was a cheeky half price bid that only went and won. Guess i have another kit for my Bocage dio now lol
  3. Welcome to the forum. Alain i presume?
  4. Just ordered this little beauty. I know it's not LSM as it's 1:48 but i was going to make the "Russian Knights" version but that is SOOOO not going to happen now. So i ordered the Foxbot Su-27 digital camo mask/decal set instead straight from Ukraine. Been conversing with the shop owner there and he says it may take a little extra time getting to the UK because they are having to send everything via Poland. But i'm cool with that. Just feels nice to put some money into their hands at this time. Also been talking to Robert from Schatton Modellbau. And just ordered this lovely conversion too. Could be quite a busy year for me lol
  5. Absolutely superb Gaz. Loved watching this being built and the final result is breath taking. Congrats
  6. Anything wurger related and i'm in like a rat up a drain pipe. Very nice start and welcome to the forum
  7. Rod. What decals are they? Also did you mask the checker yourself or are they AM ones?
  8. Probably a lot more now. Going to be a farm manager. So the buck stops with me now. But i also get bigger bonuses lol Got the IV for a very good price inc del off evilbay. Much cheaper then i had seen it anywhere else. Andy's Hobby Headquarters gave it a very good review and i really liked the zimmerit decals. I'm not into making my own zimm like i'd have to if i had bought the Borders kit.
  9. Stunning wurger! I'm hoping to build a checker nose too and this is right up my alley way.
  10. Got given a managers job at work yesterday. So to celebrate i bought this little beauty
  11. Slava Ukraini

    1. AlanG


      Sorry. Just seeing what this status thing was for

  12. I have the 1:48 Hobbyboss Su-27 Flanker B to build. I've been looking at the Mig-29 (9-13) for ages but they are like rocking horse poo and expensive when they come up for sale lol
  13. Received my Ju88 G6 conversion from Pastor John today. Rather chuffed
  14. Well i've just bought the most expensive model item i've had (apart from airbrush). Pastor John totally out of the blue, very kindly made me an AIMS 1/32 Ju88 G6 conversion because he knew i was after one for ages and was gutted to hear him closing down his business. He is one very kind and considerate person. So as we speak it is winging it's way across Europe to Scotland. One very VERY chuffed modeller right here i'll tell ya!
  15. When Italy surrendered in September 1943, Obersturmbannfurer Max Wunsche (Commander of HJ) went to Italy to to visit the Italian depots (Beverloo in particular) now in German hands. There he took the Italian camo clothing but he also took submariner's dark brown leather uniforms for his panzer crews. Only III/Battation of the 26th Panzergrenadiers wore the new Erbsenmuster Pattern 44 uniforms
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