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  1. Do these doors come with the engine or have you done a total scratch build on them (as in cut them out and made new ones)?
  2. I've had a look at the CMK Ju88A Interior resin pack (5026) and read the reviews of it (one from here) and they all say its designed for the A1 version. My question is. Can it be used on the A4 kit (and A17/C6/G6 conversions) or was the interior different. I know the B-Stand went from singe gun to two guns. But other then that i know nada.
  3. As title says. £ 6.50. Postage will be £ 1.53 via Royal Mail 2nd Class (UK). If someone wants it outside of the UK, please PM for postage (at cost) Payment via PP F&F
  4. Looks stunning. Always wanted to see one of these Brassin BMW 801 mini-kits being built up close. This just makes me want one (or three) more. Might just have to take a little gander at Hannants.
  5. Well if you could actually see my bench then you'd see three kits. It's all a bit of a cluster**** at the moment. But honestly there is the 1/32 Fw190 G8 conversion (just painted the RLM 23), a 1/48 Bf109 E4 (GB on another forum) and my sons Mitsubishi Zero (awaiting starting). I am going to tidy it all up but i just haven't had the time this week.
  6. The good thing about modelling Fw190s (short noses) is that in real life the cowls and upper gun covers weren't always a flush fitting. Especially if they had replacement parts fitted.
  7. You forgot 'cleaner air' too lol. I don't miss scunny at all. I'll always be a 'yellow belly' but i much prefer living up here.
  8. That's ok Phil. Its a common mistake. Having moved from sunny scunny in Lincolnshire to northern Scotland, i had to learn all this. The local area is rife with distillerys
  9. Discussion accepted lol. You don't drink Scottish whiskey. You drink Scottish whisky. Whiskey with an 'e' is Irish whiskey
  10. The two outboard 300L drop tanks and SC500 have been made up and sanded flush. There are a couple of little marks that are still present on the fuel tanks but, if they show up through the paint then i'll let them go down as wear n tear. After all i doubt these fuel tanks in the field were kept in pristine condition. Used a Flory wash on the undercarriage doors. Just need to seal it in with a matt coat. Also trying to make an electrical harness for the main leg retraction arms. Drilling with 0.3mm drill bits take time and a lot of patience. My eyes and hand co-ordination isn't what it used to
  11. Loving this build Harv. I have an A5 to build but i'll be doing Black 7 from 5./JG54. So i'm gleaning all the info i can from your build
  12. Best wishes to your wife Gus. Hope for a speedy recovery..... even if it is to get you some bench time lol
  13. Was working Gus. Joys of working on a farm. Bed early as it's well physical and have to stay sober so i can drive lol
  14. Work near to Elgin so the coast area has just been cold, windy and chuffin wet. But live in the hills and we've had a fair bit of snow on and off along with the cold and wind. My pigs are starting to learn to swim lol
  15. Loving this build. Wish i had the balls to give rivetting a go. I 've done it in real life (joys of being an Airframe Technician) but never tried it on a model aircraft lol
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