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  1. Hedge work FINALLY done! Had to re-do some of it as the glue didn't hold the leaves on. So had to use neat PVA. Quite happy with how it's turned out. Just waiting to get some spray adhesive for the tree foliage. I don't want to get that wrong. To much time invested in them. Then it'll be onto some armour and figures for it
  2. Someone on a different forum (not that one lol) has very kindly sent me these figures for free for my Normandy dio. Never painted figures before so this will be a first for me.
  3. To the best of my hazy knowledge. I've never tried that one. Spent many a drunken night in Roermond, Eindoven, Amsterdam and Den Helder though
  4. If you're buying the Amstel then i'm in
  5. Glad you guys like it. Gus. I'm afraid the mud only comes in one colour. Morayshire's finest brown.... straight from my garden
  6. Finally got the bush placement sorted out. The bushes with leaves are the ones glued in place (alone with the small trees. I've had to select more bushes as some of the ones i made up i either didn't like or they didn't fit the space available. But probably another two hours of work on the bushes left then it is onto painting the two big trees. Trying to figure out what colour (other than brown) to paint them. After that then it's gluing on their leaves and gluing the trees to the dio base. Any recommendations/observations on the dio?
  7. Finally got a weekend off from the farm so i've made a start on my diorama small trees before i hit the 'fall down juice' later on. If i'm not too hungover i might start on the big tree as well this weekend. But i doubt that very much
  8. God that brings back some good memories. Mostly when i was based in Germany and went around Europe to the various nightclubs. RIP KF. Will be sorely missed
  9. SWMBO and my two boys bought me these little things for xmas. Knowing i am doing a Normandy Bocage i have to say they are spot on with it. Thank god for Amazon wish lists lol
  10. I always thought Das Werk kits were Takom ones but without interiors? I could be wrong though.... i usually am
  11. A little bit of perspective of what i am trying to achieve....
  12. Excellent work. Lovely finish on it. Where is the B&W picture taken? Do you know what unit it is?
  13. Just caught up with this. Looking good. I'm in the market for a Panzer IV Ausf. H for my Normandy Bocage dio. Seen the Zvezda but never seen one made.
  14. My two furry children (boxers) Gus and Pepper. Always pleased to see me come home with wags and cuddles whatever the hour is
  15. Will do. I'm hoping to get a Meng Panther ausf.A (late) and Academy Panzer IV ausf.H (Mid) to go along with it. I'm trying to build vehicles from 12 SS.Pz.Div 'Hitlerjugend'.
  16. And to go under the trees i'm going to be building.......
  17. Seafoam and spray adhesive for making some trees in my bocage diorama. This will be quite a tedious job me thinks
  18. What's on my bench? Flowers! As the Normandy bocage battles took part in summer time period, obviously i would have to add a little bit of colour to the dio. I don't want to over do it though.
  19. It was also due to the fact that if you hit someone with 7.62 they generally didn't get back up and were normally killed. This negates the need for other resources. Where as with 5.56 you can hit someone, they get injured and have to be removed from the battlefield and take up more resources in aftercare (medical and admin).
  20. Just working out tree and bush placement before i start building up the tree branches and foliage.
  21. Just having a quick play with some mud, dried moss and static grass.
  22. More then i am likely to finish in my build rate and lifetime
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