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  1. Got this through today (along with some 1/48 kits for a planned diorama). Been after one for years and got the chance to get one for cost of postage and a generous donation to Armed Forces charities. Boy is it big. SWMBO just glared at me when she saw the wing span lol.
  2. Cheers guys. Guess i'm going to have to keep an eye open for them. I'm not paying for kit to come from Australia.
  3. That's the sort of thing i was thinking of. Did look on evilbay but everything was only available from Australia.
  4. Is that the HGW ones? If so. Then yes i have considered them but without sounding a bit of a skinflint. They aint exactly cheap. But they are defo an option.
  5. 109G6 you say? Take my money already why don't ya! lol Just need some Fw190 A8 and F8 ones now
  6. I am planning to do an 'open' Fw190 F8 with loads of AM thrown at it. But as the Brassin comes with rivets already added it would look a bit silly if the rest of the model wasn't riveted too. I already own (but never used) a Trumpeter Master Tools Riveter that someone kindly donated to me. But i would have thought it was to large to get into the smaller radial curves. Any advice on what (relatively cheap) riveter i could try to get?
  7. Right i'm gonna call this one as completed(ish). Had real fun making this and it's taught me a lot for when i come to do some serious dioramas. The tree hasn't stuck well so i've had to place a bush around it to hold it down. I'll have to paint and foam scatter that at a later date. But all in all i like what i've created. Not epic. But certainly a good starting point. So here we have a off-airfield Luftwaffe aircraft stand. The idea was that due to allied air attacks to their bases in 1944/45 and the fluid state of the retreat, the Luftwaffe resorted to making these stands in areas
  8. I wish. Had my weekend off this weekend so now i'm back to work tomorrow for 12 days on. Also with the snow we've just got it's going to be a cold bitter day down on the farm.
  9. One home made tree later. Needs a little trimming as there a few stray fibres.
  10. Saved up for this and had a few email conversations with Pastor John regarding what i needed but.... 1/32 AIMS Ju88 C6 Dayfighter conversion set plus a decal sheet for the two i want to build (still need to buy the G6 set).
  11. Yep the broom is coming out here too. Looks flippin' great.
  12. Had a play with some fine foam scatter tonight. Used three different colours to try and add a little contrast.
  13. I have to admit Phil that i am enjoying doing this. I've sort of stalled with my 'plastic' builds due to a little mental health issue but this is starting to get me back into it.
  14. After finishing work today i decided to have another go at some of the diorama bushes. I've been 'teasing' some of the lichen apart and it looks (to me at least) like i have some really decent bushes/branches here. I think these will paint up and hold leaves vey nicely. Might have to go out and get some more lichen.
  15. I pass this distillery every day when going to work. It's about 2 miles from my house
  16. That's because it's erm.... mud Dried some off in the oven to kill any bugs and mixed it with PVA glue (white glue). It was something that a friend once told me to do. He said why buy expensive artificial mud when you have a garden full of it.
  17. Whilst i've been gathering kits and materials for my upcoming 1/35 Ardennes diorama, i thought i'd better actually learn how to make one. So i've been having a play with static grass and an old 1/48 Tamiya Fw190 A8/R2 i did years ago. This dio is a mule for learning techniques but i'm getting there. I think the grass has come out ok for a newbie lol
  18. So. I've gone and done a decent amount of overtime in the last month and now i have (that'll be had now) some free cash to spend on myself. So as mentioned in Jeroen's thread i've ordered a nice Brassin Fw190 F8 BMW801 set. Also ordered Brassin Fw190 A8 cockpit set, AIMS Ju88 C6 Dayfighter resin set and Ju88 Fighters decal sheet.
  19. I'm trying to find a space for a 1/32 Ju88 build i have planned let a lone a 1/24 Typhoon lol
  20. Love it! Love it! Love it! With a side order of Love it! I SO want to do one of these. You've done a fantastic job
  21. Cheers Jeroen. Just ordered myself a Brassin F8 engine. Taking all the hints from you build lol
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