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  1. Looking for some advice here my fellow modellers, as the title states I have the old revel kit what I would like to know is what can I turn it into and what would I need to do same. I’ve looked up the scant information available via internet, books and various other models but can’t come up with a definitive answer to a solution. I need a break from my usual fare of 109’s and thought it might be a good project. But I’m at a loss as to what I can do with it. I would like to use as much AM products on it as I can but frankly don’t know where to start. HELP. Jim

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  2. I’m looking for recommendations for books and  technical specifications on bf110’s there isn’t a huge amount available compared with say 109’s. I don’t have vast amounts of money to spend on reference material so don’t  want to make a bad decision buying the wrong material.

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  3. Building the afore mentioned kit I have came across a problem, building the front assembly I can’t find part c13 which doesn’t seem to exist accept for on the diagram it doesn’t appear on the plan of the spruces either. Just wondering if anyone has built this kit and did they have the same problem. 



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