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  1. Thanks for that Mike, will grab one for the Hurricane.
  2. I can't believe it's 3 years since my last post http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/1798-airfix-junkers-ju87-b-2/ but I'm now out of the licensed trade (Thank God!) and have more time for models....I just need more time to post what I've been doing I've been on with the Bf 109E-4 for a couple of months and here's the progress so far. As suggested in the post title, I last built this model in the 70s and a lot has changed since then I'm sure we all know the fit isn't great and the detail a little lacking but I've tried to scratch build some bits to compensate Engine first,not much to tell. It's not great detail but I Dremmelled off the moulded pipes etc and added some of my own. Due to the build a lot of the engine isn't visible so no point going too much to town. Painted in black with a little gunmetal added. Weathered with an oil wash and some oil stains etc added. Also I've added engine numbers to try and add a little realism I'll try and get an update on later with cockpit build etc. As ever any comments, advice are most welcome Regards Craig So, onto the cockpit. It's a bit sparse by todays' standards but I've tried to pep it up a bit First, before any huge debate I've used Humbrol RLM02 as my weapon of choice. This will be painted as a BoB from Aug 1940 so I'm happy that the interior should be RLM02. As I said it's a bit bare in there so I've made a seat back from Milliput and distressed it up a bit. Also used the RB seat harness which I think is brilliant and forms a little project all its own (especially at 54 YoA and with dodgy eyes close up) I got all the parts in. This pic shows the rudder pedals with the addition of the red hydraulic brake lines and the foot holders made from lead wire. It also show the full metal replacement instrument panel from Airscale. Pricey but worth it. If anyone has any opinions on the Yahu ready made ones I'd be grateful as next up for me is the 1:24 Hurricane Left side wall I've added various pipes etc and lots of decals from Airscales Luftwaffe placards set. Also managed an attempt at the harness tensioning device from behind the seat Right side wall saw me remove the moulded wiring and replace it with red telephone wire. The oxygen regulator got a new coiled pipe from copper wire and some decals on the valves. A blue oxygen pipe was added running up the side wall to the pilots connection. The map was downloaded from an original Luftwaffe one and shrunk and printed(I've since taken the bottom off at an angle to make it sit right in the pocket Top view shows a bit of weathering and staining etc. Next will be the fuselage halves going together. Now won't THAT be fun I've decided to do a bit of a detour and get the wings sorted before looking at the fuselage. The wings were a terible fit so I had to kidnap the wife's nail sanding sponge block and work it to death to get a decent fit. Wheel wells were blocked in with plastic sheet and a bit of strip for the formers along the floor of the wells Bit of an oil wash and they don't look too bad. I've tried using some masking tape cut to size, painted and stitching pencilled in to represent the canvas cover that protects the wheel well surround. Still a bit of sanding etc needed round here. The guns were painted with a mix of gunmetal with a touch of black then drybrushed silver and a silver crayon used to add some wear and tear. The wing radiators were again a poor fit. I ditched the horrid plastic kit grilles and fitted some fine wire mesh instead. Even though the grilles sit quite deep in the housing so aren't that prominent, it still adds a more realistic touch....or at least I think so. Over the last few days I've put the fuselage together. What a Job!!!. I'm not going into detail but I reckon I'll keep Squadron and Milliput going for at least another year with the amount I've used. Not to mention the wet and dry and sanding blocks. The fit was so bad I've had no choice but to glue the covers of the cowl on and fill the gaps, so losing the detail of the cowl guns I spent hours on. but here a re a couple of pics I took prior to that. I got a micro drill and drilled out the air cooler holes along the barrels to enhance the look and took off the moulded wiring and added some real stuff. I'll be posting a couple of shots when I've got a coat of primer on Wow. Bit of a lag since my last post so here's a catch up. I adjusted the map in the map pocket to look more realistiic and tidied up the cockpit generally Next on were the wings.. Not too bad but filler and sanding needed again I really thought I'd taken pictures of the base paint job going on but the PC HDD crashed (hence the delay in updating the post) however I can't now find them. It's a basic RLM02/71 upper paint job and RLM so it's onto the decaling. I've decided to do Wick's aircraft in October 1940 and I'm using various sources. Some photos from Falkeeins excellent site: http://falkeeins.blogspot.co.uk/2009/12/helmut-wick-his-me-109-wnr-5344.html?m=1 as well as some good paintings of Wicks camouflage So, decals. I've used the Techmod ones and they''re a bit fiddly to say the least Ii should mention my thinking here and I hope someone will correct me if it's wrong I decided to put a base paint job on first ie a factory finish then put the decals on as I figured the stippling so typical of JG2 planes would have been applied after the crosses and other markings. exceptions were the kills on the tail and the stab markings Anyway here's a few pics of how they've gone on: Next up came the stippling. I tried a cut down brush but found a bit of quite "holey" sponge from a 50p Wilkinson's bath sponge worked best. I went for a light overall stippling first: Then over successive coats tried to achieve a heavier look. I put the stab markings on over this then stippled onto them a little. Again, I'm not sure if its correct but it seems to work OK I've put the kill markings on after all the paint is done So now it's some touch up on the paintwork and a coat of varnish then just the weathering to do.
  3. Hi Paul Having lots of trouble with Photobucket. Will repost Regards Craig
  4. So, finally, here she is finished (or fouled up or whatever else you want to call it). I went for a heavily weathered look and I think I've probably overdone it a tad? Still it was a long dry summer in 1940, apparently, and I've tried to reflect that in the dust etc. All in all I'm not too displeased with my first model in 30 years. Thanks all, HK superfortress next!! :-)
  5. Time for another update. I've done quite a lot, canopy was masked off and painted first of all. Next was putting it all together and base coating. Then came decals and trying to make them look painted. Here's a few pictures of all that. This is the underside after basecoating and decaling. As I said earlier, this is my first model for over 30 years and I made some mistakes lining up the fuselage decals as you can see at the bottom of the picture. I used future as a gloss coat but still got some silvering on the underwing Ks. Any advice is welcome as ever. This is the front fuselage. These decals went on better than the wing ones and conformed nicely after microsol/set was applied about 5 times. I'm a little worried that the wear and chipping along the wing/fuselage join is a bit excessive but the photos I've been using to reference show some planes with huge amounts of chipping in these walking areas. This shows the wing cross which didn't go on too badly which is more than I can say for the paint! I used Humbrols enamel RLM colours anf the fuselage was fine. The wings however were a nightmare with multiple resprays needed. Anothe thing I found out (too late to change it) was that the decals are different between the original mid 70s kit, which I have, and the later issue, even though the markings are supposed to be for the same plane. Thus it turned out the underside wing crosses were palced differently and the red ,which don't appear on my comtemporary instruction book, do in the updated one. Hence I've painted the Ks on. Bit of a line on the crossover from RLM 70 to 71, learning all the time! Next came the weathering which is all new to me. I'm not too happy with it but went with the reference photos I have which show heavy weathering all round. Here's the underside after some washes, panel line marking and exhaust stains. This is where I'd really appreciate feedback on whether I've gone OTT. I've tried to fade the decals with a diluted white coat and dirt and muck is shown collected in crevices via dilute browns/blacks and a trusty airbrush. Topside, I've done quite a bit of chipping aroung the access panes etc. I wanted to weather the topsides using streaks of oil paints stumped with thinner to simulate wear and fading a la Mr. Jiminez but the thinner left awful white patches on the paint even with two coats of future going on first to protect it. Thi is the best I could come up with after much trial and error. I've put one of my archive photos below it to show the things I was trying to achieve. Lastly for now, here's the engine all mounted and with the exhaust stacks added along with exhaust staining along the fuselage. The Airfix kits gives the option of either having the panels on with a different set of exhaust stacks glued to the panel rather than to the engine or the panels off with the exhausts glued in the right place. The only problem is that the two aren't interchangeable, that is, you can't put the panels on if you choose the exhausts glued to the engine.....unless you do some careful filing and reshaping which is what I did. The result will be on the next update. Thanks for looking.
  6. Thanks Eric. I first built it as a kid in the 70s. I've got a couple of free weeks now so should be able to rattle along
  7. Been a while since any updates so here we are. I've just been working on finishing the engine and getting everything in the fuselage and glued togethr ready for the wings going on. These are just a few shots of that. Don't worry the oil filter is skewed, I got over zealous with masking tape when fitting the engine and it cracked off together with the LH oil pipe. Bit of remedial work needed there I think. Engine Mounted Engine mounted front view This is the cockpit in position. I've chucked the plastic kit backstrap and made one from padding and masking tape plus a couple of leftover buckles from the seatbelts kit. I've also been wrestling with trying to get the exhaust stacks to look real. If anyone has any comments on how they do it I'd be grateful but in the meantime this is my effort... So next is getting the canopy all sorted and masked, wings on then camoflage
  8. Hello, sorry for the delay in getting anything uploaded but I only get one day a week to work on the model (running my pub takes up the other 6!) I originally posted in Say Hello: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/1421-hi-guys/ and promised some progress so here it is. As I said, I'm starting modelling again after a 20 year layoff so your comments on how it's looking would be appreciated. I hadn't realised how much the old eyes go in artificial light when you hit 50. Cockpit is well under way and should be finished in next couple of sessions. I've added Airscale Luftwaffe harness and some of their generic decals on the right hand sidewall. Also made an oxygen bottle from a bit of sprue and run blue wire as an oxygen pipe. At the rear I've wound some copper wire around the drum of the retractable antenna for a bit of realism and replaced the plastic spent cartridge bag with one made of masking tape Few bits of wire between the transmitters and receivers add a bit of interest. I've also been working on the engine and that's well on too. I painted it a dark gray base coat then added a wash of metallic gunmetal gray to give a slight metallic shimmer. Some chipping (stilllearning on that one) and some glossy oil runs and dry brushing and it looks like this though not complete yet. Hopefully will have the engine and cockpit ready to go in the fuselage in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime any critisisms or comments will be greatly appreciated and absorbed. Cheers
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