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  1. Hi Ernie Im afraid Fran the admin as done a swap with me and its now on its way to him. But yeah I checked the postage to the states and it was £100, pretty pricey 😬 Regards Kev
  2. It certainly is mate, Im gutted ive got to sell it, but due to moving workspace into the house, I can no longer work with the resin 😔
  3. Partially started, but not loads done, got pics if needed. Its a big bird and ive moved back into the house from the shed, so no resin work anymore. Want £220 paypal F&F, buyer pays postage from UK 😁
  4. Looking good Ernie, Ive heard these kits need abit of work putting in to get them together, but ive seen some mighty fine builds produced from them. How ya finding it?
  5. Very gappy, but abit of filler and sorted, would have thought it wouldnt of been the case with the price of the kit. But the fact that the moulds were still in the preproduction stage at WNW and have just been used to produce the kit the clears are abit iffy.
  6. Thank you, its a real nice kit is the stuka, almost at the point of closing the back end of the fuselage on the lanc, some hours labour so far, been working all the hours I can on it, very enjoyable kit, the canopy fit is awful though im afraid 😔
  7. Thanks Ernie 👍 Yeah the wheels are lacking and the eduard ones won't fit the kit, I'll after have a look into those. I've asked about and alot of companies aren't interested in producing any aftermarket material due to the small number of kits produced they dont seem to think it'll be worth it 😔 dreading cutting the masks for this one 😬 Regards Kev
  8. Thank you 👍 1/32 lancs are just crazy size. Its a bit of a lump 😆😆👍
  9. Yeah both the stuka and the bf109 by them are really nice kits, looking forward to the kate there releasing soon aswell 👍
  10. Here's my version of the kit 😁👍
  11. Thank you 😁👍 yes its a miracle this kit ever got released really. I have built the stuka and bf109 by border both really nice kits alittle strange the scale they choose but still nice kits, looking forward to the Kate being released by them soon 👍
  12. Thank you 😁👍
  13. Thank you and yeah I had to put another project on hold to crack straight on with this, waited that long that I was itching to have ago 😆😁👍
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