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  1. Never buy from Kitlinx.  I ordered two Taurus resin engines from them - shown in stock, shown shipped, but weren't in the box that arrived.  I emailed Kitlinx multiple times, including Loic the owner himself, and never heard back from them.  They essentially stole close to $100 from me.

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  2. Peter, meant to also say I'm glad to hear things have gotten better for you and that you are back to modeling.  You've been a kind supporter for everyone else here these past few months, so we are all looking forward to supporting you on this build.  Welcome back!

    Forgive me for asking, but why do you need to fill all those windows?  Are you using decals for them?  What would the kit OOB have you do?  Just leave them open or add a drop of window glazing to the opening?

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  3. Looking really great Rob.  The painting and decorations look fantastic!

    One alternative to using paints on wooden ship models - aside from using colored woods - is to use stains and dyes.  On my Pegasus I used black and blue stains from General Finishes.  I like the stains approach in that they go on a little thinner than paints, and so you can still see a little of the definition of the wood underneath and it will have subtle variations in color tone reflecting the variations in color tone of the wood.  Have to test any stain or dye out on scrap first, as they will look different depending on what wood you are applying them to.  Just wanted to throw that out there in case you are thinking about a future wooden ship build.

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  4. I don't usually post what comes in the mail as you all might think I have some kind of mental condition, but pretty excited about this - Special Hobby's Siebel Si 204D.  I tend to like the work horse subjects when it comes to planes (like the Ju52) and ships (like the auxiliary ships).  Got the full aftermarket including Eduard's BigEd set and a bunch of CMK aftermarket improvements and figures.  The CMK engine set looks especially cool.  Should be a fun build when I ever get to it.



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  5. Rob, your planking looks fantastic!  Nice job!!  Looking really great!  The wood is beautiful.  Completely different color than the pear I have used.  The pear I use is "swiss pear" which I think gets its name and pink color from a steaming process.  Funny thing is I end up staining it to get it closer to the hue yours is.

    I think you'll like the Wipe-On Poly.  It's really easy to apply and brings wood to life.  Glad you were able to finally get some!

    If you ever do another wooden ship, I've found that working with shorter planks makes things easier, especially when you are having to taper planks.  The shorter length makes it much easier to lay a plank flat and avoid the tendency of bending a longer plank laterally against its width.  It is a little trickier working with smaller planks to make the ends butt against each other and you are naturally dealing with a lot more planks than single plank strakes, but overall, I like the shorter plank approach as I find myself prone to forcing wood in position instead of letting it lay naturally.

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