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  1. I've sanded down the bleed through and Resprayed the white, you can still the blue through it, unsure whether to give it another coat since I'm going to spray the bule again in the same place.
  2. Personally I'm not keen on alclad, it's extremely fragile and quite pricey
  3. This is the finished result. I enjoyed this kit so much I built 2 other versions of it can post pics if you want
  4. Thanks Jeff Another update.
  5. You can't see it in the pics but I thought I show the boiler(it's a spray paint can)
  6. Hi all this was loosely based on a Vic Smeed plan.
  7. Hi all this was a great kit and a pleasure to build
  8. Hi all I loved this when I saw it I had never seen one before but after a bit of research I discovered it was converted into a myriad of unusual designs
  9. Hi all built this a couple of months ago. IMG_5507.MOV
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