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  1. Bomber_County ; Thanks a lot. Belugawhaleman ; I used Gunze H15 Bright Blue and Gunze H25 Sky Blue.
  2. Gusmac , Belugawhaleman , GazzaS , DocRob , thank you all. DocRob ; You are right. There is a tiny difference between them. The other is 1/1 scale. :)) As I wrote above, I was inspired by him at first.
  3. Hello to everyone, This model is actually an inspiration when watching the Euroleague quarter-final matches with my daughter. A similar study was previously done for Schalke 04 on a 1: 1 scale. When the championship cup appeared on the horizon, we wanted to do one, but better, with my daughter. We did it very quickly against the clock. For this reason, he has no war wounds and the weariness of those tough matches. Ours is full of makeup and even botox Kit Revell 1/35 Panzerhaubitze 2000. A really nice and easy to build kit. I enjoyed it very much I thank Mehmet Tarık Soyl
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