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  1. We are right back as bad as the first week of April. My ICU is over full. The youngest of the 13 Covid cases is in his 30s. We have 28 patients, for 24 beds and still have to continue elective surgery, by government decree. It’s bedlam. Alarms, phones, shouts for help. All in PPE, like a sauna. All day. All night.
  2. It’s not about zero deaths, it’s about the prevention of ICUs being overwhelmed. That is what will happen without controls and I absolutely believe the lockdown turned off surge one just before we were overwhelmed in the UK. Just in time. these These patients take about 10-28 days of ICU care. It takes 28 days to die after Covid strikes. You can reckon on about 1% of cases being ill enough to potentially need ICU. Some cities currently have 600+ per 100,000 in England. My city has 24 beds and could flex Conceivably.to 50 with hazards in an emergency. That’s for 600,000 citizens.
  3. Yes it is it’s 70 x more lethal to 80+ vs 40 + average age is pointless because of the numbers of elderly deaths. It’s the median age or middle most that is more important. it’s still lethal to a significant number of middle aged men, particularly.
  4. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/healthandsocialcare/conditionsanddiseases As you can see, Covid has killed 3 times more UK citizens than flu and Pneumonia combined. I can personally attest that is a very deadly and highly contagious disease that often takes 28 days or more to die from.
  5. Here’s a couple of graphs from This weeks Office ofNational Statistics bulletin about UK causes of death so far in 2020 vs usual years.
  6. A mortality rate of 2-4% is not to be sniffed at. These are victims that die alone, in hospital, away from loved ones, often having consumed a large amount of healthcare resource in attempts to save their lives. Some patients die quickly and some succumb after days and weeks of organ support. Isolation, masks and quarantine etc are all an attempt to reduce the rate of rise of infections. No healthcare system in the world could manage the surge without a lockdown. The northern Italian health system almost collapsed, as did NY. In the UK we were very stretched and models suggest although lo
  7. Covid is an awful And terrifying disease up close. We admitted 60 odd patients through the ICU during our surge. Initial mortality was 75% and overall was 45% in the UK by the end of the surge. Some patients spent 60 plus days ventilated. We were lucky that we never ran out of ICU beds.I had no leave from Mid February until this week. It was bloody awful, not having visitors in until end of life and having to break the worst news over the phone. The PPE is exhausting, draining. I have every sympathy for anyone in any country going through a Covid surge. I just hope we don’t see a second wave
  8. That’s a different pandemic. Different time. No ICU, no medical oxygen, no antibiotics, no antigen testing. Apples and pears really.
  9. I think this one will have been standard lozenge and then Jasta 18 staff painted it in their usual blue red. It’s in a data file, but at a long distance from the camera. At that stage they didn’t bother painting the lower wing. I used drooling bulldog lacquers as they are translucent which is a nice scale effect seeing the lozenge through the blue. The red is Kraplak, a generic pigment, and the blue is Prussian blue. I quite fancy doing another now...
  10. This one has been hanging around a while whilst I had a cataract done. I used Aviattic lozenge and spare decals from the late kit. Colours are DB kraplak and Prussian blue, which shows the lozenge through nicely.
  11. I use them all the time. Highly commended. Glossy lacquer with a slight translucency that means depth of colour can be adjusted, e.g. Red barons translucent red alby. Spray neat. Dry in seconds. Can be decalled over. Responds to salt chipping etc. Mask over with Tamiya tape. as it's lacquer, any liquid cement or solvent re dissolves it, unless futured I love them.
  12. It's enamel wood wash over gloss white with clear orange tint.
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