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  1. A black dog mantlet and stowage and sandbags and metal 2 pounder
  2. WNW Crumpler

    Those of you on FB may have seen my tired and battered warhorse Rumpler. I did some marmite method chipping on her. Unfortunately I dropped the damn model right at the end of rigging. Hence this new diorama, which involved some bending over a candle and some snipping and rearranging, including the prop. Idea was that she's ground looped after a forced landing. I'd already done the figures. The base is Meadow scene meadow grass and some fake earth.
  3. Telford Scale Model World 2016!

    Holiday inn is nearest but fills up. Park inn is a 20 min walk away. International hotel is right by the centre.
  4. Telford 2016

  5. Telford 2016

  6. Telford 2016

  7. Telford 2016

  8. I wanted to show her at the end of her service life. I based the weathering on a photo. I used drooling bulldog laquers.