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  1. You're all very kind. Here's a few more
  2. Figures by Copperstate, Elan13 and Kellerkind.
  3. Our all very kind! Sorry for not replying sooner... the wheels are aftermarket. The scheme is from around the polish war of independence in1920/21 the crew are matt coated, but the sheen just comes from rubbing a greasy thumb over the bits you want a patina on. It works!
  4. Lovely kits and great figures too.
  5. These are Pheon Decals and the figures are Kellerkind.
  6. These are Printscale IIRC
  7. Thoroughly enjoyable.
  8. Thanks Peter. I got commended in class 29 at Telford! Very pleased with that.
  9. Wait till you see the WNW HP0/400......
  10. Thanks guys. It's a modelscene mat, meadow grass premium IIRC.
  11. Here you go fellas. Hope you like it. I'll bring it to the club stand at Telford. The scheme is in the Herris book. Crew is Copper State DFW crew. Gaspatch MGs and turnbuckles, Bobs buckles, kit decals.
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