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  1. I use them all the time. Highly commended. Glossy lacquer with a slight translucency that means depth of colour can be adjusted, e.g. Red barons translucent red alby. Spray neat. Dry in seconds. Can be decalled over. Responds to salt chipping etc. Mask over with Tamiya tape. as it's lacquer, any liquid cement or solvent re dissolves it, unless futured I love them.
  2. It's enamel wood wash over gloss white with clear orange tint.
  3. JAsta 10 decals. Aviattic pilot and Rexx exhaust.
  4. This is the best thing I've seen since breaking bad. It's superb drama.
  5. I use bobs on top wings and only use gaspatch 1/48 on German 2 seaters really. Looks unright on single seaters and RFC aircraft.
  6. The way to get aligned gaspatch buckles is to thread from above, attach to the buckle under slight tension with elastic thread and then glue the buckle into the marked hole and count to 10.
  7. You're all very kind. Here's a few more
  8. Figures by Copperstate, Elan13 and Kellerkind.
  9. Our all very kind! Sorry for not replying sooner... the wheels are aftermarket. The scheme is from around the polish war of independence in1920/21 the crew are matt coated, but the sheen just comes from rubbing a greasy thumb over the bits you want a patina on. It works!
  10. Lovely kits and great figures too.
  11. These are Pheon Decals and the figures are Kellerkind.
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