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  1. I blew out the primer. Metallic. There are, of course, nuances that I did not consider when switching from 32 to 72. But we learn from our mistakes. And a couple of annoying places revealed, need to. fix
  2. John thank you ! My eyesight is actually not as good as it used to be, but it still allows me to work.)))))
  3. Bomber_County thanks for the review! The set is really great!
  4. Assembled the glider, some of the little things were also painted. Everything came together perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised. I put it on the 190 for comparison
  5. I start building an interesting model from Ukrainian manufacturer "Clear Prop" in the 72nd scale. This is the first model of this domestic manufacturer, which I collect in general and the first in many years in the 72nd scale.. On the model itself I think there were great reviews, from myself I would add that very high quality casting even small parts (minimum workmanship) . The plastic is nice to work with, not brittle. Assembles perfectly at this stage of assembly. Variant of the Argentine Air Force number 607 . Started with the cockpit. I could not resist and added the wiring. The model is equipped with photo etching, which animates the appearance. Worked with the engine. Painted the cockpit and engine.
  6. Temporarily switched to another project. "Baby on the Wing." )))))
  7. Finished rolling the rivets on top of the fender. There are a couple of things that will need to be fixed.
  8. Peter thank you so much for the review! Glad you liked the work!!!
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