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  1. Ernie, Thank you for the opportunity to explain that I intended absolutely no harm. It was a very poorly constructed joke, and I apologise to anybody who was extremely offended by it. Being a Brit, we tend to joke & take the piss out of each other, but it translated poorly here. I appreciate that you paid me the respect of discreetly PM'ed me to discuss it, because I have no history at all of writing upsetting posts, rather than act in a heavy handed manner by publicly admonishing me and hiding my post without any discussion or an opportunity for me to explain or edit my post. For the record, I don't drink. But please don't let that stop you inferring that I drank too much. The irony is not lost on me - whilst "not standing for any personal attacks or insults against a single human or group of them", you decide to prove your point as loudly as possible by personally & publicly singling me out & awarding me a warning. I've been posting on forums for many years, with very few issues whatsoever - if any. Never before have I been treated in such a manner by anybody online, much less a moderator. Please continue to keep enjoying the power moderation has granted you. I'll not make the mistake of posting on LSM again. Regards, Dean Bainbridge
  2. Looks very interesting, I'll watch this later - thanks. (Although the level of intrusion into his personal life sounds extremely intrusive.)
  3. I'd be surprised if they didm- and if so, it would only happen whilst WNW continues with its dead parrot trick. Set up an alert or notification on EBay for "Encore Albatros 1/32". Whenever one is listed, you'll find out straight away. I use it to find rarer stuff.
  4. Roden do the early, boxy Albatros in various guises, and the Encore kit is a delight, and their Pfalz D.III is good. I was looking back at some old Windsock magazines. The reviews of the Roden WWI kits pour huge amounts of praise on them, saying that they are state of the art, how the moulding is exquisite, the details outstanding, the accuracy amazing, etc. I think they are still bloody good kits, offering good value for money at £30 - arguably better than WNW in value terms, the WWI equivilant of Revell - and if WNW kits are beyond your budget, I really couldn't recommend them enough. PART of Poland offer some ridiculously detailed PE sets for some of the kits. So detailed, they make Eduard look positively clumsy! But they need a lot of work & patience, as some of the parts are very, very small and much gluing & bending is required.
  5. Now, you don't see many of those in amongst the stash! Amazing. Do the house lights flicker when you power it up?! I can swap you a WNW Felixstowe Duel set for your laser. And a WNW Pup. And a WNW Camel of your choice. A J.1, SE.5a, AEG, Gotha & THREE Albatros. I've a feeling your laser cost more than my entire stash..... But it's so cool.
  6. "My laser". You've got your own laser?!
  7. It does seem the US market is different to the European market, which is different to the Aussie market. We in the UK have to pay 20% VAT, so that explains part of the difference, but Tamiya Zero's are around the £100 here, whilst the Hasegawa kit is around half that. Ignoring price considerations, I think it depends upon what type of build you want - if you want a bells & whistles build that takes a fair amount of time but gives a first class result, Tamiya is probably your kit. If you want a relatively simple, quick build, the Hasegawa is worth considering.
  8. Victim's of their own success!
  9. In some previews of the kit, I saw PE that included pretty much an entire cabin, including a wood effect floor - I wonder why that never made it to the kit? I expect it'll be sold separately at some point, that's why.
  10. My advice would be to steer clear of EBay if you want to buy WNW or even Roden kits at present. The Roden kits are available in online Polish retailers for less than £30. WNW kits will be back. The amount of money invested in the moulds, plus the associated IP, means they are worth a fair amount of money, and it's just a matter of time before the industry consolidates in some manner to release that value & make PJ just a little bit wealthier. Or, PJ weathers the situation he finds himself in, and opens back up, but that seems less likely having sacked all the staff, shuttered the website & left retailers completely in the dark. Or the Chinese moulders just decide to "lose" the moulds, or even use them themselves gratis, such is the level of business ethics in some Chinese industries - that would see very cheap copies flooding the market. (And this from somebody with 78 WNW kits, including several multi-kit boxings, who would benefit financially from selling a good few on EBay!)
  11. No. Get the Hasegawa new mould kit, it's very good, albeit around £40-£50. Or the Hasegawa old mould kit is OK if it's dirt cheap. Seen it at around £20 or so recently. The old Revell kits are that - old - but can be had easily & very, very cheap. Those moulds must be very old by now! The Tamiya kit is the dogs nads if you have around £100 spare.
  12. I absolutely despair at the stuff circulating online that's been described as "fact". The "narrative"? Don't you mean the truth? Gates has no such patent. Not now, not ever. He's given billions of Dollars away, and continues to do so. The tin hat brigade seriously need to get a life.
  13. Cuts to the Norwegian defence budget were particularly severe that year.
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