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  1. Congrats to all! Hope to be able to build with you again!
  2. Grant, Thank you for all your hard work, starting and administering this Great GB! I was honored (and humbled) to be able to build with the talented folks here. Look forward to future builds with you all. Doug
  3. Matt88 ... I found the referance to the "White Walls" om the Bf109 trops... Its in the Messerschmitt Bf109E Walkaround by Squadron/Signal publications. Hope the picture and text are clear enough to read, having been Photographed right from the book. Take care... Doug (Devil Dog)
  4. Wayne... Outstanding build! She came out beautifully!
  5. imatt 88... What I've read is that due to the composition of the tire material, and the intense heat, the tires were prone to blowout or popping during take off. The tires were "white washed " to attempt to reflect the suns rays and avoid pre-mature dry rot and over pressure failures. Again , that was the info I was able to find and if there is further reason or more to add, please do. Thanks! Doug
  6. Very cool! That is going to be a monster! Whats the wing span?, gotta be about 2ft? I have a Bday coming up, Maybe if I took my asawa to the hobby shop... Nah, she'd still get it wrong! (LOL) Great looking thus far Mike!
  7. Agreed about PhotoBucket... What a EFFING Mess!!! Build looking good Mike!
  8. While I still like the softer blending of the patterens by doing freehand, Its hard to beat a well done splinter scheme, Very nicely done, Looking Great...Cant wait to see more of your build!
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