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  1. Hi Mike, I have a modeling blog where there is a lot more: www.edokunscalemodelingpage.blogspot.com Thanks for the kind words Best Regards, ED
  2. Really nice job turning the 21st century 32nd scale "toy" plane into a beautiful "Scale Model". Can you tell me why the camouflage changes from squiggly circles to splotches from one wing to the other. That's very unusual if it is an actual documented color scheme. Ed Okun
  3. Your model is just stunning! An excellent effort. I have this model and will aspire to what you've done with yours. Great job. By the way, can you provide the link for the "Spoked Wheel Shop". Ed Okun
  4. Is anybody else having trouble pasting photo links (IMG-URL) into forum posts? No matter how many ways I tried to do this I seem to be having an impossible difficulty pasting into the text area any photos. I also tried the little image icon in the toolbar (above the text area) and get a window with a URL spacebar. It freezes the page after I paste into it. I needed to "back-page" to get any further action. To be clear, I am not having this problem with any of the other website forums that I contribute to, so I think the problem is with your site. Somebody should check this. For your information I use "Photobucket" and image link the URLs from there. Thanks, Ed Okun
  5. Thanks Stikpusher :-) I'm glad you've seen my other work and appreciate your very kind compliment. I do love modeling Middle-East AFVs and aircraft from this specific time and place in history because I happened to be over there at the time. Much as I think Panzers and Focke-Wulfs are cool, I don't feel the connection to the subject so calculating how much time I probably have left in my life to build scale models I decided to stay focused on this subject. It also keeps me from buying too many models and becoming a "collector" rather than a builder...(I'd still love to do a 32nd Heinkel-111)... I've been on an AFV kick this past year but intend to get back into aircraft very soon. Armor (for me anyway) is very forgiving, relaxing and honestly requires more artistic skills than the precision that large scale aircraft require. Best Regards, ED Okun/ Frogman13
  6. Hi Paul, No this would be in Egypt on the west side of the Suez canal. There is a freshwater canal for farmland irrigation that the Israelis controlled parts of this territory during their counter-invasion. The MiG-17 is also marked for the Egyptian air force of that era. cheers :-) Frogman13/ Ed Okun
  7. Hi Guys, My first post. I decided to create this diorama to display my Tamiya M-113 in Israeli army service during the Yom Kippur War. I thought that after all the work done on the model it should have a suitable groundwork base to display it. I had an old Trumpeter MiG-17 fuselage which was left over from another project. That would serve as another point of interest in the diorama and the vehicles were now firmly placed into the scene. This is only the second diorama that I've actually done in my entire 45 years of modeling. I know it can be improved, but for now it has given me some valuable experience working with groundwork materials and into another interesting aspect of scale modeling. Hope you like it. Frogman13/ Ed Okun
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