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  1. Had to dig deep for this one......built for my brother and not a subject I would have chosen personally, its far too big, so found it hard to motivate myself, but 2 years later its finally finished.
  2. Yes, I did think the wash in the invasion stripes was a little too aggresive, If you look at the underside of the stbd wing, in the last picture, thats probably about the right level, but this was a bit of an experiment with the AK enamel washes, and overall I'm quite pleased with the end result, Airfix have definately elevated themselves up the league table in recent years. AK chipping fluid for the chipping effect. Alclad white aluminium sprayed over the wings and fuselage, chipping fluid, then top coat. Same effect for the black non slip panels at the wing roots. Minor chipping around access panels using a Prismacolour pencil. Pictures courtesy of my 12megapixel phone camera.........I agree, not ideal I plan on taking some photos outside when the weather improves, should correct the low light issue Some bombs.....
  3. Finally finished...........this was a bit of an experiment as this is the first model that I used AK panel line enamel washes rather than oils. Paints are a mixture of Tamiya and Gunze Barracuda resin seat, the belts were either RB Productions or HGW, I cant recall which I had major problems with the fit of the radiator cowling and the lower engine panels, however that was my error as I didn't follow the instruction manual sequence when fitting the engine and radiator assemblies. I should have known better !!
  4. Currently building a FAA Corsair from 1841 Sqdn British Pacific Fleet. KD658 is my subject with the fuselage code number 115. I purchased the Eagle Cals set and altered some of the decals to replicate "115" however disaster struck and I mashed one of the "5" decals. I'm loathed to have to buy another set at £20 just for one decal. I've trawled the interweb trying to find the correct 1/32 scale decals for the code numbers on the fuselage side forwards of the roundels. The numbers are either 18" or 24". Xtradecal produce a 1/48 set, but not 1/32. I also have a set of Xtradecals RAF/RN code letters and number with a "5" in the correct font, however they are too small for the fuselage codes and are 4" or 8" for the aircraft serial number aft of the fuselage roundel Anyone know of any that are available - wet or dry decals, masks, I dont mind which. Thanks
  5. Well its finally finished. The longest project I've ever undertaken. I started this project in January 2014, but took a break from modelling for 9 months, finally gathering some enthusiasm about 3 weeks ago. Actual build time is just under 6 months. This particular aircraft has been quite popular with modellers, however I live about 15 minutes drive from RAF Portreath so have a local interest. The build can be followed in the WIP section, http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/2133-airfix-124-mosquito-wip/ so I wont repeat here what I've already covered there, only to add that I utilised Mastermodels 3" RP's. Neadless to say that they are so good, I will be buying another set for my 1/24 Typhoon ! Thanks for looking in Andy
  6. Wow a 66 MGB from the year of my birth !!! You dont see many of those here in the UK, especially on the road. That and the 240Z are beautiful, thanks for sharing them with us :respect:
  7. Hi krow113, See my post in General Discussion titled "My other hobby..." Andy
  8. These are what kept me away from the modelling bench for the last 7 months. I bought these two last summer and spent the winter tidying them up, especially the GSXR. I sold my Yamaha VMAX for good money and decided I wanted a classic sportsbike to tidy up. With the money left over I bought the VL800 so that the wife can enjoy two wheels as well - she wont ride on the back of a sportsbike !! The GSXR had been "modified" but what I liked about it was the bodywork was in very good order for a 23 year old bike, and it still had the original silencer, which was also unmarked. The previous owner had put wavey discs on, different footpegs, screen, saddle and a few other not to my taste mods. I spent a few quid on replacing everything back to standard, although the front mudguard and both wheels should be red and not white. The whole bike was stripped to the frame, engine out and most fasteners replaced with stainless steel. rear shock stripped and spring powder coated and a lot of smaller parts replaced with new suzuki items. The wheels are now the original red The VL800 just had a few items replaced, and was generally tidied up. I did take the motor out of the frame as I sheared a screw, and the only way I could get a drill in to repair it was to remove the motor..!!! The only cosmetic changes I have made to this one is to replace both saddles with standard Suzuki black ones which I had to get from the US, and the rear sissy bar/backrest. I dont have an up to date photo of the VL yet. Now the better weather is coming - hopefully, I can get out and ride these two, and of course get back to the modelling. Andy
  9. Well its been just over 9 months since I last posted the WIP. I lost interest in the Mosquito and spent last summer away from the model bench and in my garage restoring two motorbikes I bought. I also kind of lost any enthusiasm in modelling for a while, but I've got my mojo back and its onto the Mosquito to get it finished. I think I spent so much time and effort into adding tiny details, that I ran out of steam, I guess we all go through a stage where something else grabs our attention. I am currently going through the weathering process, oil wash etc hoping to have this one finished in the next week or so. Thanks for looking in
  10. Seriously brilliant - how did you paint the prop spinners ?
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