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  1. Ne Mask

    Hello my name is Steve Ringlein and i am working on a new Mask company that i am starting. It will focus on modern aircraft I have a few sets already made for the Tamiya F-16 and F-15c along with Trumpeter A-4 skyhawk . My catalog will keep growing if you have something you may like to see let me know . Steve https://www.facebook.com/NE-Mask-1170264436411178/
  2. f-15c

    It is it's Offutt
  3. f-15c

    painting was done using blue tac and masking tape
  4. f-15c

    you know it go big red
  5. f-15c

    Here is my Tamiya F-15c with the Aries cockpit ,Rhino intakes cutting edge afterburners .The tail marking have been painted on using a mask that i was able to create with my silhouette machine .the rest of the decal are from a old set of superscale
  6. 1/32 ZM HE 219 A-0 UHU

    I was afraid the spots came out too big
  7. 1/32 ZM HE 219 A-0 UHU

    Yhank you for all the kind words
  8. 1/32 ZM HE 219 A-0 UHU

    The camo was done freehand
  9. 1/32 ZM HE 219 A-0 UHU Hello again this is my UHU it was built with ZM photo etch in the cockpit and on the air frame ,I also used some of there turned metal part set which gives you new radar antenna and some nice new parts in the wheel well. On the hole air frame I added in the rivet detail using a Rosie riveter tool, All marking were masked off and painted on
  10. HK Models Meteor F 4 RNethAF

    Very nice looking model good really good
  11. hobby Boss P-61b 1/32

    I didnt take any build pictures but did take some painting it
  12. Here is my resent build its the HB P-61B its a nice kit goes together really well , A few aftermarket parts were used Eduards photo etch was used throw out in the interior , exterior also in wheel wells and on the engine . Some areas i did scratch build , adding ribbing behind the engines , the padding behind the gunner area that was done using Miliputty . The props that come in the kit are miss shaped they were replaced using AMS props . All marking were painted on except the nose art that came from Kit World decals the mask for the marking I used Scale Precision Mask. http://i1163.photobucket.com/albums/q545/madelf75/DSCF0727_zps90e2652f.jpg http://i1163.photobucket.com/albums/q545/madelf75/DSCF0729_zps08eb0e8e.jpg
  13. Regarding HK B-25

    You can use led shot it will get the job done just haft too fell every open space with it that wont be seen including behind the engines
  14. P-51d

    What do you want to know?