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  1. OK , for those that know me, also know that I have been working on this beast for 3 yrs and 2 months ! I had a thread going with the old site, so now I start again. I wont bore you with the last 3 yrs ( to many pics anyway) I'll start with some not so new and go from there. As I have always said comments and criticism is always welcome. Thanks all...........Harv these are the most excellent MASTER brass gun barrels, and the were blued using...yep, gun blueing. Tires and wheels are done with powders, no paint Two hrs of work ! Getting ready for paint
  2. Yeh I'm being a bit cheeky putting this here, but you know, it's not a tank and but it is an LSM - Large Scale Missile. I got this when it first came out, half built it then put it back in the box for several years due to the poor quality molding (particularly on the missile itself) and pretty bad fit in areas. Just like every Trumpeter kit I've built, it's just plagued by mold slip and seams, especially on mating surfaces which for a brand new kit (I got it hot off the LHS shelf) is just crap. I built this off a black and white picture of an Egyptian SA-2 seen in a 1982 Born in Battle magazine.
  3. Hi Guys, With the need for more armour I pulled this from the shelf of DOOOOOMMM! I started this build maybe 10 years ago. Did the interior, engine and then lost interest. Still haven't gained quite enough interest to really pick this up, but maybe if someone posts his (or unlikely hers) rendering of this kit, I might get back into gear. The barrel is after market. Forgot what brand. 10 yrs ago and all.. So.. anyone ever finished one of these??? Cheers, Jeroen
  4. I though it would be a good idea to have two builds on the go at work... So when I drag in my compressor from home I have a few things to paint. So this is my second Lunchtime project! Trumpeters MIG-3 kit! For a while I been wanting this kit, as I have heard very good things about it and I have never built anything Soviet! My planned scheme is Hidden 4 - This MIG 3 was captured by Germans, probably in spring 1942. There are only two known photos of it and many pieces are lacking to nail the scheme down completely... So I am going to have to use some imagination to paint the camo on this one!
  5. Here is another stalled project that I am resurrecting... Originally I was planning to do this as an article for MIM, but it didn't quite make it! So I have dragged it into work for my lunch time project... I will be using the Trumpeter kit and it will be finished as P-47D #42-226628, Rozzie Geth II/Miss Fire, Col. Fred J. Christensen, Jr., 62nd FS, 56th FG. The kit comes with these markings included but the art is incorrect as Trumpeter has the background white instead of yellow... So I will either applying an yellow coat to the kit decal, or just buy the new book from Kagero P-47 Thunderbolts of the USAAF which has this scheme included in the decal sheet. So I will do a quick fire up of pic's and add comments to them shortly! A lot detail is hidden away once the fuse halfs are sandwiched together... You can leave it out... but I just used the bare bones to help everything line up... Nice clear cowl so you can display that huge Pratt & Whitney R-2800... but I will be painting it!
  6. Hello All! Heres a quick over view of Herman's work ,,, 1/32 Trumpeter Me262 A-1a with Eduard BigEd add on,, it will be styled after the "Red Four" oob as Herman likes the camo scheme,,, With the office complete the gun bay was finished and plumbed......................... Onward too the engines and remote radio ..... As always thanks for lookin!! More to come,,,,,,,,,,,
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