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Found 2 results

  1. Hola Señhores, last week, I had enough from all the summer distractions, like work in the house and garden, having friends visiting me, barbecues, swimming and used some rainy days, to start a hopefully fast in- between project, the Tamiya 1/48 KI-61, added with some Kabuki masks from HGW, Brassin barrels, which got lost , an Eduard Löök resin IP and seat belts and last but not least, HGW's camo wet transfers, which I want to try with this build. After some enjoyable hours, I finished the cockpit, which is a lot brighter, than the dull German fighter pits. The fit was Tamiya like, flawless and I really liked the seemingly new designed seatbelts, made from printed PE, which came with Eduard's Löök instrument panel. The PE is ultra thin, compared to other sets, I used in the past, folds almost like paper and have tiny holes in the belts, très cool. The IP itself, is color printed on cast resin and looks a bit toyish for my liking, but as I planned to have the canopy closed, with the pilot sitting in, I decided, it's good enough. I managed to close the fuselage, with the simple engine inserted, which will not be seen with the cowling closed, so it got only a coat of black and an iron pigment rub. The whole cockpit is inserted, after gluing together the fuselage halves from the underside and fitted without problems. I added the wings and the tail in a breeze, with no gaps to fill and no extra work needed. After the detail painting of the cockpit, everything is speeding up with this build, exactly what I hoped for. The only letdown, is the pilot figure, which I intended to use. After some basic painting, I stopped, when I couldn't find the eyes in that blob like face and decided to put no further effort into that bownish smurf, oh my, Tamiya, what have you done with this figure. Cheers Rob
  2. Ok, so the P-47 Work Lunch Time project is annoying the hell of of me... I seem to be spending all my time sanding, filling and rescribing at the moment and I feel that I am getting no where with it! So I need to build some thing that is nearly shake and bake to get my mojo flowing again for the P-47! I been wanting to tackle the Hasegawa K-61 Tony for a while now... so I am going to do it now! I am also going to throw some AM at it too, I have the following - Aires Cockpit Set Quickboost Undercarriage Covers Wolf Pack Exhaust set Wolf Pack Ki-61 Tei Conversion Hasegawa Barrel set Scheme is going to be Commander Teruhiko Kobayashi, of the 244th Sentai of the Tokyo Defenders.
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