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  1. This was my first published article that I ever did.. It appeared in the September 2011 issue of Military Illustrated Modeller magazine... Cockpit had wiring and hydraulic lines added (this was before Barracuda's Sidewall upgrade set was on the market), Eduard's Late Mk.IX harness and some of Interior PE set was used. I also added Barracuda's fantastic Cockpit upgrade set, Padded Seat and access door and 4 slot wheels. This scheme is included in the Tamiya boxing, but its incorrect. I was lucky and was able to contact the pilot's son, and he confirmed with me with the correct serial number that I had found during my research. All the markings were painted on with custom paint masks made from Miracle Masks Hope you like!
  2. Out of the box, with the exception of the decals, some of which I'll be replacing from EagleCals' "Birdcage Corsairs: Part 2" set: The current plan is a wings-down, wheels-up, in-flight rendition using the provided stand. Thinking now about whether or not it will be piloted and having trouble waiting until August 1st to get started...
  3. Been playing a little with my new studio lights and selected the 1/32 Spitfire built by Luuk from Dutch Decal as the victim! JPG's straight from the camera, no tweaking. I'm not completely satisfied with the results yet. But enough about photographing; on to the model:
  4. Hey Folks, This past weekend, I shot a coat of Tamiya XF-63 "German Grey" onto cockpit components of the ME-163. Rather surprisingly, the paint dried with a high-gloss finish (and, by high gloss, I mean shot-with-three-coats-of-Future high gloss). I used Tamiya thinner, mixed to my usual ratio of 60% thinner/40% paint, shot through my trusty old Paasche single-action airbrush. In the past, this has never failed to deliver a nice, flat base coat. Although, in the great scheme of things, this won't matter in the end (after the detail painting, drybrush, wash, and flat coat) I am very curious as to why this happened in the first place. It did leave a slight orange-peel effect as well, although I think that will disappear under the flat coat. The pic attached doesn't quite capture just how glossy the parts are currently. If anyone has any thoughts on what happened here, I would be happy to hear them!
  5. OK, throwing my hat into the ring here with the new Tamiya Corsair. I have wanted one of these since the day they released their 1/32 A6M5 Zero. I built that one a few years back, and was hooked! Since then, I have built their Spitfire and am nearing completion on the P-51D. I cannot wait to get started here! Not sure yet of the markings, will decide that later on. Probably a weary USMC bird though...
  6. Hi guys, Does anyone know if and where I can get a loose LL-sprue from Tamiya's Spitfire Mk.XVIe? I need the cannon bulges to make a highback Spit Mk.XVIe... Cheers! erik.
  7. Just saw it confirmed via HobbyLink Japan.... F4U-1 Corsair Birdcage.... I knew about it being a Corsair for a while... But didn't expect it to be a Birdcage. http://www.hlj.com/product/TAM60324/Air?utm_source=HobbyLink+Japan+Newsletter&utm_campaign=4abc2d5171-32tamcorsair_04_09_2013&utm_medium=email
  8. 1/32 Beer Kegs for Tamiya Mk.IX Spitfire Profimodeller Catalogue # 32065 Available directly from ProfiModeller for 319,00 CZK During the Second World War, brewery Henegar and Constable donated free beer to the Troops. After the D-Day landings in Normandy, supplying the war effort with critical supplies was already an issue and as you could imagine, carting liquid refreshments was pushed down the vital supply list. Some crafty soldiers were able to source the non-essential supplies from the locals or by other means. It was the RAF Spitfire pilots that ended up with a better solution. This was eventually recognised as an official modification by the RAF... It was called Modification XXX! With the new Mk.IX Spitfire variant, one of its improvements/developments were under wing pylons for external fuel tanks and bombs. But with a bit of clever ingenuity it was discovered that a pylon could be modified to carry nearly anything... including Beer Kegs! ProfiModeller have designed a neat conversion set for the modification XXX to be used on the 1/32 Tamiya Mk.IX Spitfire. Which is available directly from their website, Product # 32065 (http://www.profimodeller.com/detail/32065-beer-kegs-spitfire/) This set contains 34 resin parts for the beer kegs, 1 Photo Etch Fret, 1 plastic rod and a sheet of vinyl paint masks for two beer carrying Spitfire schemes. The resin parts are cast in a cream coloured resin, which are beautifully cast and are free of air bubbles or any imperfections. The resin staves have a wood grain cast into them, so if you are worried about wood grain finishes you will just need to paint and just add an oil wash with a darker brown to bring out the wood grain. The PE fret carries the metal hoops for each barrel and mounting plates for the pylons. The vinyl mask set includes serial numbers and squadron codes for two Spitfires, but you will have to use the kits decals or source your vinyl paint masks for the roundel and fin flash. The two Spitfires that are included – Spitfire Mk.IXc, MK823, JE-J JR, Wing Commander J.E. "Johnnie" Johnson, 144th Wing, June 1944. Spitfire Mk.IXc, MH978, M-FF, 132nd Wing RAF, June1944. So what do we think? Throughout different conflicts there have been some "interesting" items attached to aircraft, and this surely is one of them! An interesting and easy conversion set for the Tamiya Mk.IX Spitfire kit which will surely make your Spitfire pop out of out of a row of them! Highly recommended Our sincere thanks to ProfiMoldeller for the review sample used here. To purchase this directly, click THIS link.
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