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Found 7 results

  1. with the lotus almost done time to start another great car Yes again a Model Factory Hiro kit so progress slow and long what the car looks like the one that i will be building has nr23 the instruction book the first parts out the box ready for clean up and adding extra details The plan is to add extras to the kit that are not there like all the rivets i have order about 900 of them so keep your eyes open. Also a few bottels of alclad Thats it for the start i will try to take pics off the parts before clean up after with extra detail and paint on Mark
  2. Buon Giorno Amici, I have a Tamiya run lately for no special reason and this time I go LS. The Tamiya kit rpresents the Ducati 1199 Panigale and will be finished in the Tricolore design. You have to love European motorcycles for being only half the weight of the average American bike with at least double the acceleration and real handling. I know a bit provocative, but there are other reasons to love them. As they are high tech products, you will have to replicate dozens of different metal correctly, which attracted this project to me. When I lived in Berlin I had a KTM 950 SM, which drove like a sharp blade through the heavy traffic in Berlin. I loved this bike, but left it in Berlin and promise my wife not to buy one for my tiny island. This is the kit: I opted for the metal fork set. The plastic looks very nicely casted with the exception of the clear canopy dome, which is quite distorted. As it's very prominent, I will buy a vac-formed substitute. One other irritating thing is the color call outs in the manual. For the engine you need to paint single parts in different, mostly metal colors. I haven't counted, but already used more than ten different metal colors and some of them has to be mixed, which makes it quite confusing to follow the steps, without forgetting to paint some detail this way or another. Cheers Rob
  3. Well, I reviewed this here yesterday. I said I couldn't wait to build the Scout Trooper, I just didn't expect to build it today or this fast. Its like the other Bandai kits in that it basically snaps together. So far not a drop of glue on this kit. Hardly any cleanup of the kit if you're careful to cut it off the sprue and most of the joins are hidden in creases or where there are natural line. It almost fell together and took a whole 90 minutes at most. All of the sprues, pre-coloured, are gloss. The under-suit though of the Scout Trooper though is matt as its cloth. To get around this I sprayed all of the gloss black suit parts (not the poly caps though) with Vallejo Matt which always comes up the most matt finish Ive ever seen. Once the figure was complete though I noticed that the gloves are semi-gloss black so I did a quick masking job and over-sprayed the gloves in a semi-gloss varnish (Vallejo again). Otherwise this is OOB at the moment. Decals are great using setting solution and adhere well and make a real difference, especially around the face. So a few pictures before more words... With gun in hand. There are a few hand combinations both armed and unarmed, plus a set of hands that moulded to fit the handle bars on the Speeder Bike itself. The gun can also be stowed in the leg pocket on the figures right leg, a nice touch. So, pictures of him unarmed. My only issue is illustrated below. To allow the feet to be posed on the Speeder Bike pedals the ankles of the figure have to be articulated. Most of the joints are hidden most of the time depending on the pose. The only one thats visible all the time is the ankles. Once I decide how its going to be posed I will probably fill the gaps in the ankles and then spray the filled joints gloss white to match the boots. More to come once I start the bike. I guess at that point I need to choose whether he goes on the bike or stays as a standalone. He's also going to need some weathering too.
  4. Hello All, Well I have completed another one of the Bandai Star Wars kits. This time its the R2-D2 kit that comes in a 2 droid set of R2-D2 and R5-D4. He builds in no time and shouldnt need paint. That said for the Chrome parts I used Alclad Chrome (sprayed over the coloured plastic) and for the dome of the head I used Alclad Duralumin as the silver plastci in both cases looks a bot toy like. He comes our really well and I can really recommend these kits, theyre a change, really easy, very accurate it seems and come with all sorts of extra's. He has arms and actuators as seen in the various films but I chose to leave him in his standard state. Eventually I intend to weather him and C3-PO up and place them on a sand base doing them as if they have just climbed out the Escape Capsule at the start of Star Wars A New Hope. Enough words, time for pictures. And here he is with his companion And finally with the other figures built so far.
  5. Hello again, Well after putting up all of the pictures Ive taken so far of the Banda Kits I've built I figured I should show the final one so far. I still have the R2-D2 and R4-D4 to do as well as Darth Vader in the figures so far, I guess I will do R2-D2 to go with this guy next. So, as the others he bascially falls together. A little less complicated than the Scout Trooper and Stormtrooper as there are less optional fittings here. There are 2 sorts of arms that allow either poseable arms or the fixed arms you see here. The poseable ones look less realistic so I opted for the fixed ones and they're in the classic C3-PO pose anyway. He does have 2 head choices one with dent one without (I chose dent) and theres the ability to have his 'eye' hanging out on a stalk too like in return of the Jedi. The stomach and back of the legs have decals for most of the wiring and theyre pretty good with some setting solution. This one has no paint at all on it so far other than the black lock he has on his chest which in photo's shows a silver border and centre which Ive painted here with Vallejo acrylics. Again you need to be careful removing parts from the sprue so as not to damage the gold plating too much, that said most of the sprue stubs are in areas not generally on view. He also has a silver leg which I used here for a bit of variation, this is seen in some scenes in the movies. I will dull him down a bit and weather him as I'd like to show him, along with R2-D2 as if on Tatooine after they crash down in the desert after escaping the Empire at the start of Star Wars: A New Hope. The gold is pretty difficult to photograph well but I think they came out OK. Enjoy. And one last one with the team so far
  6. Hi all, Well after building the 1/12 Scout Trooper I figured I should try one of the others. So, out came the 1/12 Stormtrooper. Same sort of build as the Scout Trooper, very fast, looks very good and all one would do once the pose was finalised is maybe glue and fill the gaps in the joints for the arms and legs. I might get round to that eventually. The only paint on him is across the nose where there is a grey area, the decal looked wrong so I painted it with vallejo blue/grey. A nice feature is the poseability for now and the fact that he has multiple (3) weapons all of which can be interchanged and the smallest pistol and blaster can also be placed in the black holster on his leg. You can even choose whether he is left or right handed. Very cool. I hope you like the pictures. Cheer for now...
  7. 1/48 Bandai Star Wars Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike. Bandai Kit Ref: 0196693 Priced Yen 4,000 (about £30 before pnp and customs if they get you). Once again Bandai answers a long standing wish of mine. Since building the AMT/ERTL kit of the same subject when I was a child I have always wanted to get another kit of this subject and do it some justice. Well my dreams have been answered and this kit is really a great one from my point of view. Like all of the other Star Wars Bandai kits reviewed here by myself and Jim these are only available for import from Japan. I use the well known HLJ for this and every time a new kit comes up I add it to my wish list/warehouse there and just wait for release. The reason its only import is that the license for Star Wars in Europe is held by Revell whereas its held by Bandai in Japan and I guess the two companies have a non-compete clause across the world with respect to Star Wars. Personally I think this is a bad move but thats between LucasArts, Disney, Revell and Bandai to work out. There were rumours that Disney may block shipping Bandai out of Japan and Revell out of Europe, I hope not and so far its still a good (if expensive if the Tax Man gets you) route for these kits. The Kit. The box art (above) is really evocative of the Speeder Bike from the Star Wars movie (Return of the Jedi) and shows the Speeder in pursuit of its foes through the forests of Endor. Its a really nice, shiny and well built box. Its packed to the full with kit pieces too. Effectively this is two kits in one. One of the Scout Trooper himself. Personally I think this is the coolest armour of any of the Imperials in Star Wars, maybe the Tie Fighter pilot comes close but this wins it for me, so just for the Trooper I'd have paid a premium, but with the Speeder Bike its just a win win for me. Given its two kits my review will take two parts, the Scout Trooper and the Bike as two mini reviews. The Scout Trooper. As all of the previous kits the trooper builds from multi colour multi media pieces, some sprues have more than one colour on them, something that continues to surprise me in a good way. The Trooper is predominantly gloss white (needs some weathering for a good representation of an Endor Trooper) and black. His armour being white and the under suit being black. In this kit there's also some brown in there for the soles of his boots. A decent touch. The main parts are contained in the 1st three sprues pictured below whilst there is a fourth sprue that is made of a softer rubber style plastic which is all the joints in the figure. This allows one to either display the figure standing or in an action pose or he can be placed upon the bike itself. A nice touch I think. This also seems to follow other Japanese manufacturers who often allow posing of figures and models, this reminds me of Wave Ma.K kits I've built in the past. There is a separate base for the Trooper and Ive noticed that all of the bases of the figures so far are the same and are inter-lockable. I guess Bandai are allowing for figure collectors who'd like to display all their figures together, another nice touch. The Main Figure Sprues (above) and the rubber 'joints' (below). The Speeder Bike. As mentioned above the Speeder Bike could be considered a kit in itself. Its very nicely moulded, as all of the other sprues is completely flash free and is again coloured, just like the Scout Trooper. In the case of the Speeder Bike the plastic is a deep grey and a brown colour. These match closely the colours of the 'real' thing and so for a more casual modeller they could suffice. Of course most of us, including me, will paint these but as a means of introducing younger or less experienced modellers to the hobby I think this is a great move. Again this comes with its own base, this time consisting of a forest floor piece and what looks like the lower half of a tree. This allows a small, invisible from one side, support to attach to the bike and give a sense of the bike either hovering whilst at rest of flying through the sky with the Scout Trooper posed onboard. The Speeder Bike and its components arranged on three multi colour sprues (above). The Decals. There are decals for both the Trooper and the Bike but there are two options here. For the less experienced modeller there is a set of self adhesive decals available (on the green backing paper) and for the more experienced a set of slide decals (on the blue backing paper). Again a great option that allows the less proficient modeller to still build a representative kit. The Decals. Waterslide (left) and Self Adhesive (right). The Instructions. Being for the Japanese Market the instructions are completely in Japanese other than the odd title here and there. This shouldn't give too many issues as we can all Im sure work out the colour scheme. Whats also common with the other Bandai kits is the quality of the instructions, they're great. Very well presented, illustrated and annotated (though I wish I could read Japanese). The Colour Callouts on the back page are great and show a weathered bike to give the modeller a few ideas, again a great touch. The Bases. As I mentioned above there is a seperate base for the Trooper (black) and one for the bike (brown). These are a great touch and the interlocking of each to each other or to other ones in the series is a great little feature. The Bases for the Speeder Bike (left) and Scout Trooper (right). Conclusion. Well you probably already guessed, I love this kit and cant wait to get to the build itself. The Trooper is cool, the bike is cool, two together is super cool so I'll be building these at the soonest opportunity. The bonus is that for someone who enjoys weathering these two also have endless opportunities for fun. Highly Recommended. Available from Hobby Link Japan (HLJ.com) and other Japanese Importers.
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