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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all Well here I go again. Another build thread. Since all my plane builds are on hold waiting for items coming from many different parts of the world, and all held up due to Covid. I decided to start something that has been kicking around in my head for quite some time. I'm going to be doing a Michigan gravel train in 1/25 scale. I'm using the AMT Kenworth W-925 kit, the AMT tri-axle gravel trailer kit (two of these) and a AMT 1/25 Tandem Van Trailers Double Header kit. The tandom trailer kit is mostly for parts to build the gravel trains dolly. Here are some pictures. this is the tractor I'm using. these are the trailers, I have two of these, the front will be mostly OOB with some detailing, all the plumbing and working hydraulic cylinder. The rear has to be shortened by 4 spaces and will be treated to the same treatment as the front. this is only for parts. I need the dolly parts and two of the axles and suspension systems to convert the single axle dolly into a dual axle one with all the plumbing. Well here's where I'm at with the front gravel dump trailer so far. on the left is the main air line with glad hand, blue, next is the electrical cable with 7 pin end connector, green, next is the main hydraulic fluid feed line with quick connects, black, and last is the emergency air line with glad hand, red. this view shows from the left the main air glad hand, blue, next is the electrical connector, this is scratch built from plastic and 2 small bolts, next is the hydraulic quick connect made from some small pipe fittings that came out of the parts box and last is the emergency air glad hand, red. this is another view of the trailer connections. this view shows the frame mostly together. On top is the kits hydraulic cylinder. You either have to put it in, dump up or leave it out, dump down. The bottom cylinder I scratch built from plastic and aluminum tubing so that it will actually work. this view shows the cylinder in the down, or the retracted position. this view shows the cylinder in the up, or extended position. this view shows the kit part and the one I made extended. this view shows the kit cylinder and mine in the retracted position. This cylinder didn't come out the way I hoped it would. It's a little too big, because I used plastic tubing. I think I'm going to try and redo it using just aluminum tubing, that way it will be the correct diameter. Well that's it for now be back soon with more. Ron G
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