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Found 18 results

  1. Up next is a German panzer 4 ausf H. I'm pretty sure this is the H variant although it's labeled as G on the box This model is from the maker ZVEZDA I haven't made any models from this company before but they looked pretty good and had decent reviews so I thought I'd give one a go. Pictures of the box. Whitch is more of a cover as all the model is in a plain cardboard box inside this Pictures of the parts and frames.
  2. 1/35 Dora Railway Gun Soar Art Workshop - Metal Troops Creation Catalogue # MT 9511 Currently out of production, but soon to be re-released. Approximately £500 retail There are plastic model kits, and then there are plastic model kits... this one, claiming to be the biggest in the world is something to behold. The packaging is absolutely massive and the total kit weighs around 24 KG!! Here is a picture of the huge box, that door behind the box is 2ft 6" wide. Note the Tamiya paint pot at the bottom to give an idea of size. As mentioned above, this kit is not currently avai
  3. After finishing the German railcar, I decided that I should maybe do a British tank transporter. Plus this way I could join in with all the heavy equipment that's being built. I've got the Thunder Models Scammell kit. Here's the bit of AM that I have for it. There's not a lot out there. I had hope to find some suitable crew figures but haven't had any luck. Assembly starts with the trailer deck. The deck is one piece and you assemble the frame underneath it. The mouldings are quite thin which is nice. Most ejector pin marks are raised so are easily
  4. I decided to build something completely different and started on this rail car It cames as a limited edition release with the Takom Jagdpanther which I'll build at a later date. Sabre Models is a company I haven't come across prior to this kit. Like many new(ish) model companies, it's out of China. Construction started with the deck of the rail car. The deck itself is four sections that butt together to form the complete length. Four full length frame supports are then added. One thing I noticed when sanding off the sprue gates was that the kit is almost ce
  5. Ok I guess it's time I started a thread on this build since it's gone beyond just a set of tracks. I picked this up since it looked like an interesting kit and both and the Modelkasten tracks were on sale. Knowing that the tracks would be the stumbling block, I decided to start with those. Modelkasten gives you a jig to help assemble them. You remove the track links from their sprue, palace them in the jig and then insert the individual pins into each one. To make things easier, the pins are on those long sprues and once glued in place, just trim them off. Ot
  6. Ok, I've pretty much finished off everything on my bench of late that was close to being finished: - Millennium Falcon - Y-Wing fighter - Toyota Celica WRC rally car So here's what I'm hoping will be a quick build with minimal AM. I think the only AM I have is from Dragon itself. I got started by following the instructions (!). Blasphemy, I know. I installed all the suspension arms, making sure I used the correct ones for the steel wheels at the rear. Then I started prep on all the road wheels. And that was the end of day 1.
  7. Hi, am just back off holiday and ordered these for my first ever group build. I was looking for inspiration and found this photo, it was taken in Italy, but I am transplanting to Normandy. I will park the Carrier to the rear of the house. Really looking forward to the build. I just have a few bits to finish on two others and then this is next on the list. Cheers Kev
  8. Its time for my clubs annual Build the Same Kit competition, and the Armour subject is Meng's Panther Family. Which works out great as it ties in nicely with the GB here! Meng's fantastic Panther Ausf. D kit built as '219' of I./SS-Pz.Rgt 12 in Fonteny-le-Pesnil area of Normandy sometime between 9-11 June 1944. Huge thanks to Sam Dwyer, who has been more than helpful, pointing me in the right directions and the discussion in 219 ridge-less zimmerit. Zimmerit was added by using Tamiya's Polyester 2 part putty, slapped with an old toothbrush. The tracks are MasterClub, and Meng's Suspension
  9. Ok, I couldn't wait for the D-Day GB to start and got a bit ahead of myself. This is the Miniart Dingo scout car. I tried to build one a few years ago and have up after seeing the number of parts involved in the suspension. That first try got binned but I still had a second one in the stash. So I figured I'd try again.
  10. Well it seems I have a bad case of squirrelitis as I've pulled yet another kit out of the stash and I'm, started it. The plan is to do it OOB and just get her done from start to finish. Well, that's the plan. Carl
  11. I am sure most of you are in the same position... Trying to finish those last projects for 2018! I just managed to knock this one off a few moments ago that I started back in March. As per normal.. Family life, work and another round of back surgery have keep me busy. Having some free time today, I picked this one up an managed to finish it was it was pretty much weathering that I had to complete. It's my 4th Tank I have ever built. Tamiya's 1/35 Jagdpanzer IV /70 Lang. Built from the box, but I did use Kaizen tracks. Painted using Mission Models Paints, Camo was painted free hand. and we
  12. So, after having gotten sucked into a Leopard C2 with way too much AM (Voyager PE, Legend resin bits, etc,) I decided to start something quick and easy. Pretty much one colour, no AM, and a reasonably low parts count. I don't have too many pics as it just went together how I wanted. Nice and easy. The plastic is two colours for some reason but the fit is fairly decent overall. The smoke grenades are partially buried in the turret sides so those had to be painted before I glued the turret halves together. Where I am as of last night. It'
  13. Hi all this is my first build on here so I thought I'd bring some armour to the party Italeri's 1/35 Tiger 1 I'm planning to do a Normandy or Italy tiger to go with a Sherman firefly I have to build
  14. I was tinkering away with this one in between other builds. It's a straight from the box 1/35 Tamiya kit and although a little long in the tooth now, stands up pretty well, except for the figures, they aren't the best when compared to Dragon.
  15. Bronco Airspeed A.S.51 Horsa Glider Mk.1 Available from many online-stores around £109.99 The Horsa was a troop carrying glider of World War 2 built by Airspeed, a company associated with small trainers and sports aircraft. Designated the AS51 the Horsa was built to a 1940 specification for a 25 seater glider for use by Airborne forces. An order for 400 aircraft was placed February 1941, with fuyll production beginning in February 1942. By this time orders had reached 2345 aircraft. Much of the production was sub-contracted to furniture manufacturers who built the glider in sections
  16. Hello this is what im working on at the moment. Normaly i buidt jets but at the moment i will ga for a few helos (about 10 inthe stash) So when finnishd i hope it ill look like this one. The kit i will use is the italerie kit. Job done at the moment. This part is a combination of eduard en verlinden. Its the back seaters ip.. pit instald. The decals will be home made. Mark
  17. This is the Model of the Ural 4320 from (I think) Revell. The vehicle body and the engine was from Real Model (Resinparts). The Ural was a part of the "MAZ Tank Transporter" and I took this model from the transporter, because the front wheels brok because of the belgian highway. The next picture I will take of both models, MAZ and Ural. The kit from Revell was horrible and so I needed a canvas cover to hide the cracks at the cabine. On the left side you can see such a crack at the door. See you next time and happy modelling. Kai
  18. This is a build that was actually started in December but never appeared on SPAR. I have been working on this one for a Steel Cats GB on Finescale, but the deadline for that one is April 1 and I'd rather not rush to crank this out over my upcoming spring break. Actually, this build was the last thing I was working on over there, so I may not be returning anymore. But anyways, I thought I'd start a fresh thread here where the cool modelers hang out, haha. First, an introduction. The tank is a Panther G in Italy, with the focus of interest being the add-on armor. I got the kit really cheap a
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