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Found 11 results

  1. Hola Compañeros, today I was not sure what to do in my cave, till I remembered the sheer amazement, when I opened the box of my Mig-31 BM-BSM (Limited Edition) kit from AMK or Avantgarde Model Kits. besides the sprues in separated bags, there where some boxes included for special protection of the front fuselage tub, the weapon sprues and the upper fuselage. Than there was a plastic box containing superbly cast white metal parts for the wheel struts, which not only look better than the plastic, but sometimes make living easier, because multi part plastic affairs are cast as single parts
  2. Hola you tolerant non LS followers, Some days ago, I started to build two kits of the Eduard SSW D.III. It's the ProfiPack edition with PE and I ordered a Brassin engine, a set of Brassin 08/15, another set of 08/15's from Gaspatch and Aviattic's cookie cut Lozenge decals. I posted some progresses on the engine in another thread, but caught a little fire while building, because of the great fun factor of these kits. The plan was to use the SSW's as a testbed for different techniques, which are new to me, like wood painting with oils, Lozenge decaling and others. I started this WIP
  3. After some "Outings" lately concerning building other scales than 1/32 or 1/35 I took all my pride aside and confess, I do 1/48 Jets sometimes , I even built a tiny 1/72 Mig-17 and had fun . To me the most hindering reason Building 1/48 Jets is not the scale or the lack of interesting subjects, it's about STENCILING. Some years ago I built a F-15 and lots of time were put into stenceling and the follow-up problems, like silvering, not setting perfectly, you name it. I have one of the Eduard 1/48 "Good Morning Da Nang" F-4 Phantoms in my stash, which is in fact an Academy kit and some
  4. My second kit completion of 2016. All paints were Tamiya, thinned with Gunze leveling thinner. This was the mount of Russian ace Nikolay Shkodin in 1953. Decals courtesy of "Hi Decals". They are excellent decals, and react beautifully to MicroSol and MicroSet. Other than the decals, 100% out-of-box.
  5. AERO Line AL 4058 1/48 Pilot figure for BAC Lightning Available for $11.30 or Eur7,90 from Plusmodel. The blister pack contains one 1/48 resin figure of an English Electric / BAC Lightning pilot in 1960's flightgear. This is how the figure looks when unpacked, a fine film of resin "flash" has to be removed. Just breaking away the flash on both sides gives the following result, without me removing the last traces of mould lines: It's evident that the figure is beautifully mastered and cast. It looks quite accurate too, except for one detail which I will highli
  6. Aeroline (Plusmodel) AL4051 + AL4052 R-98R (AA-3A Anab) + R-98T (AA-3B Anab) Click to purchase the R-98R or the R-98T directly for $15.90 or Eur 11,10 History from Wikipedia: The K-8's development began in 1955, known as R-8 in service. Like most Soviet air-to-air missiles, it was made with a choice of semi-active radar homing or infrared seeker heads. The original missile was compatible with the Uragan-5B radar used on the Sukhoi Su-11 and several developmental aircraft from Mikoyan-Gurevich. It was upgraded to R-8M (better known as R-98) standard in 1961, giving the SARH we
  7. Here is the final reveal of a little project I took on to see what this cute little plane kit was all about. So, in addition to the kit, I decided to get the upgrade set for it as well. The paints were AKAN, Weathered with clay-based washes and pigments. Added a few oil and fuel stains as well. So, without further ado - I present my version of the Eduard 1/48 scale Limited Edition Yak-1b. I hope you like it. And there you have it. It was an Accurate Miniatures base kit and Eduard added PE, resin,
  8. 1/48 Bandai Star Wars Snowspeeder. Bandai Kit Ref: 996692 Priced Yen 1,920 (about £15 before pnp and customs if they get you). Anyone who knows me knows I love Star Wars. I have done since I was 6 and saw it in the cinema in 1971 when it was released. When Bandai said they were the new official kit suppliers my heart kind of sank, the kits that were done by Fine Molds were great and I had high hopes for more. Given Bandai's reputation as a toy manufacturer I cant say I held out much hope. How wrong was I! Ive had the lot on order since I saw the 1st reviews and this is my 1st revie
  9. Ok, I started this topic on the original SPAR forum but, yeah. Now that things seem to have settled down and we're still keeping the group build over here, I'll put my entry back up. This is Eduard's 1/48 Bf-109 E-1 and I'll be doing Hannes Trautloft's rig. Here are some pics to bring us up to speed. Had a bit of a problem with the propeller shaft coming out of the engine. It was sacrificed to the carpet monster. I decided to turn a new part on my dremel. It came out alright. Luckily, it won't be seen. Here's the part with a little brass rod reinforceme
  10. This is what I want to build. Two different schemes of Honduran Airforce Corsairs, this means I will build two kits!
  11. Hey all, This was one of my latest builds, First one to be completed with an airbrush, first WWI-aircraft and first one to get a diorama base. It was build in three days (excluding the diorama), the idea around this whole build was, no excuses, just finish it. It was build using the 1/48 Revell kit, which actually contains an Eduard mold. In the kit were decals for the Fokker Dr. I flown by Manfred von Richthofen, who should not be unknown with most of you guys. He flew various aircraft, as the Albatros D.V. and various Fokker Dr. I's and scored a total of 80 victories. The Revell kit state
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