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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! A fun little build that took me way too long to finish. I usually try and do something in 1/72 when I am working on a larger kit (in this instance, the 1/32 Revell Me 262 B1-U1) so that I feel like I am actually accomplishing something in a reasonable amount of time. Looking at the pictures I notice the weathering is very inconsistent - the nosecone and props are pristine, as are the yellow wing strips, in contrast to the rest of the aircraft. Something I will fix here shortly. The dolly is wholly unweathered at this point, too. Comments and suggestions are of course, welcomed. This is actually only my second Japanese aircraft, both in 1/72. Thanks, Chris
  2. Hola friends of the Polystyrol, big changes in our forum and a very tiny plane to show. My very last build before I left Berlin last year was a pleasant one, because the fit of the parts was ok and the addition of PE for the cockpit area made things easier, specially in 1/72. First I decided to go for a camouflaged finish, but then I changed my opinion, because I wanted to do my first Natural Metal Finish and trying different shades of Alclad Aluminium. I liked the result and the decals blended in well. The markings are finish and yes, there are some tiny parts missing. After 3000 miles in a container the little bird arrived in a not too bad shape. Cheers Rob
  3. Hello everyone! This is The Scottsville Modeler here. Welcome to my build of Eduard's Limited Editiion B-24D Mission Centenarians kit #2111. Lot's of first for this post. My first build thread on this forum. My first 1/72 scale bomber. My first video review of any kit. Not sure if everyone knows what these "Limited Edition" kits are all about. Let me quickly explain for those that do not. Eduard takes a cool subject - like the B-24 - and takes another manufacturer's kit, like Accurate Miniatures, and packages the plastic with aftermarket detail kits, like a zoom PE cockpit sets, external PE sets, maybe some Brassin resin something-or-other like wheels, and canopy/clear part laser cut masks. They put all that in one box, label it a limited edition because they only box up a limited number. In my experience, kit fits and details are pretty good right up front, the PE just adds another level of pop to the finished model. Anyway, without further ado - here is a link to the video review on my yt channel - such that it is (very much a work in progress) - and boy, did I botch the name of this kit! Lol. Take a look and see what you think, and please subscribe. Now, let me show you what I've done so far. As usual with any aircraft model, the cockpit is the first order of business. I have to tell you, 1/72 scale PE is very small and requires a lot of patience. It also means that I need to use optical aids to see the darn things sometimes, too. First, let's get all the tools needed, at the ready. PE and plastic sprue cutters, tweezers, CA glue, toothpicks, plastic sprue, PE frets, PE diamond file, and instructions. And well lit, orderly area. After removing the parts for step 1 from the sprue, some surgery was required right off the bat. Removal of some plastic protuberances to facilitate PE placement and contact. Nothing a sharp No. 23 blade couldn't take care of easily, then a good flush sanding to bring it all to true. Next, primed the IP flat black and allowed it to dry thoroughly., PE was placed and this is the result. To use the PE steering yokes, I had to use the plastic column from the plastic yokes. Worked well, and they will be painted to blend in, so it will all look like it's supposed to. Took me about two hours in all to get this part - step 1 - completed to this point. I plan on video blogging - or vblog- this build as well, So look for those on my channel, I'll post link here as well. Hope you like. Comments are always welcome. Thanks for taking a look, The Scottsville Modeler
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