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Found 1 result

  1. Just signed up after lurking for a while...so I thought I'd introduce myself... I've been making kits since I was about 11... joined IPMS long ago: my membership number is 224..... hence 224 Peter! Model making tailed off somewhat in the mid 80s when children arrived, has a brief flicker in the late 90s but now, with retirement, I'm back to where I was in about 1979... I've always been tempted by large scale models, 1/48th, 1/32nd and then 1/24th when Airfix introduced them. Although my modelling dried up, kit buying didn't: I have a stash that should keep me active for years. This year I finished the Revell "car door" Typhoon, started in 1973 and the Revell Beaufighter started in 1974. I'm presently working on finishing the Revell Hurricane, started in 1972 and the Airfix Harrier: this is a conversion to the FGR 3 that was detailed by Alan Hall shortly after the big harrier came out. I'm also finishing the Matchbox Spitfire F22, what a terrible kit. I've fitted a resin nose, Brassin U/C legs and applied a lot of filler.... Photos soon. I'm also doing a "What If" Grumman F14 J, the one bought by the RAF after the F111 was cancelled. So it is in Desert Storm "pink". The next challenge is to finish the Revell Hunter, started in 1999.....and the Airfix 1/24th Ju87 started when it came out...to add to that challenge it has to be a captured one in RAF markings! When all that is done I can start something new, from the stash.... probably the Airfix 1/24th Typhoon. Making these old kits makes me realise just how far the tool makers art has progresses. The Matchbox kits are crude, compared with the later 1990s kits and when compared with the new 1/48th Airfix Blenheim... chalk and cheese. Now we have the ability to research information, buy from the internet and talk with fellow modellers undreamt of back in the 70s... I am starting to learn to paint with an airbrush, use resin, PE, etc. Always something new to discover. Some may have seen me post on "another" forum, but I feel that this place, with its focus on big kits, is more "me"..... Cheers, Peter
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