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Found 22 results

  1. 1:32 Fokker Dr. I/F.1 (Early and Late type) Meng (Ex-Wingnut Wings) Kit No. QS-02 Available from Ak-Interactive for €59,95. Well, there it is… the Meng Fokker Dr. I. The box has its fair size, well packed with plastic and in the side with some profiles and information. I confess that this review and this release is a bittersweet for me, as I have been a WnW Fan since day one… since April of 2010. Personaly, Wingnut Wings gave me a lot… new knowledge,
  2. ReXx Exhaust 1:32 Albatros D.V/D.Va AEG G.IV Roland D.VIb Today we have are taking a look to the new items form ReXx catalogue, all in 1:32 scale. ReXx produce exhaust from metal "galvanically”. I really have no idea how theses beauties are produce but it´s my first time I look in flesh to these exhaust so it’s really a premiere for me. Today we will be looking to the latest ReXx release: AEG G.IV and Roland Vb exhaust in 1:32, suitable directly to Wingnut Wings and Albatros D.V/DVa also for Wingnut Wings. Looking
  3. LukGraph has release two Dragon Rapide, one of them in Scottish version. I haven´t see the profiles from this version so LukGraph send us pic of the second scottish version. Cheers
  4. I got my hands on this a few weeks ago and I immediately binned the A29 and the Mossie, new canopy ordered. That said after a through wash I broke out the sprue cutters and got to work. See James Hatch's outstanding review. This is going to be an out of box build. With exception of markings which will be masked and painted. The decals have some spots and are not usable. Details on that later. Test fit looks good. There will some seam work and scribing needed. Obligatory ejector hole fills needed. A little 500 Mr. Surfacer did the trick. Using my shaping tool I ad
  5. PLUSMODEL AERO line 1:32 Tempest Pilot Catalogue number - AL3001 Price tag: $23,90/€16,80 Available from Plusmodel Another pilot on this Easter day and once again from Plus Model A couple of years now, Plusmodel was a new line called “AeroLine” with figures, details sets and others accessories for aircraft and here on Lage Scale Modeller we have the honor of review almost every item of this line. Let´s see the box. The usual clear plastic box, shows what you get, three resin pieces containing a 1:32
  6. PLUSMODEL 1:32 F-14 Tomcat Crew (6 resin pieces) Catalog n.º AL3005 Price tag: $38,20/€26,80 – directly from Plusmodel. Plus Model was established in 1990 in the Czech Republic. Their product range is comprised primarily of 1/35th scale resin kits, conversion sets, and accessories which are vacuum cast from polyurethane plastic. For many years up to today that Plusmodel was creating in a clear and serene form, their own space in modeling, especially for 1/35 scale with fantastic resin kits and accessories for dioramas. A f
  7. PLUSMODEL AERO line 1:32 F4U Corsair Pilot Catalogue number - AL3002 Price tag: $23,90/€16,80 Available from Plusmodel for the prices indicated below on the text Plus Model was established in 1990 in the Czech Republic. Their product range is comprised primarily of 1/35th scale resin kits, conversion sets, and accessories which are vacuum cast from polyurathane plastic (Plusmodel web introduction) A couple years now, Plusmodel was a new line called “AeroLine” with figures, details sets and others access
  8. Trumpeter 1:32 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat VF-4 USS Ranger (CV-4) Atlantic Early 1942 The Grumman Wildcat began service with the United States Navy in 1940. First used in combat by the British in Europe, the Wildcat was the only effective fighter available to the United States Navy and Marine Corps during the early part of World War II in 1941 and 1942; the disappointing Brewster Buffalo was withdrawn in favor of the Wildcat and replaced as units became available. It had a top speed of 318 mph (512 km/h), the Wildcat was outperformed in the Pacific theatre by the faster 331 mph
  9. 1:32 Fighter and Mechanisn of the WWI BLACK DOG Catalogue n.º F32003, F32006 and F32012 Price Tag:€23,50 The name Black Dog is a well know name for all AF modelers with their AFV accessories and conversion. So WWI figures and in 1:32 is a new thing from Black Dog and a very welcome to WWI scenario as Black Dog is known for the quality. Today we got the chance of reviewing 3 sets of two figures each. They all come in a small flip side box with each figure in zip-log bag. The box art are the figures full build and painte
  10. 1:32 Ansaldo A.1 “Balilla” WW1 Italian Fighter Aeroplane AVIATTIC (catalogue n.ºATTKIT006) Price Tag – £ 160 ( resin parts, PE sheet with parts) One day, I got a surprise waiting for me… a package with the Aviattic logo on it!! An excitement get over me and I was just like a 5 years old kid with a brand new toy Ansaldo A.1 Balilla in 1:32. Knowing Richard and all the products release by Aviattic the “Balilla” would be top noch in quality and detail. Richard from Aviattic is a devoted modeler and a WWI passionate so all their proje
  11. Special Hobby 1:32 Yakolev Yak-3 "Onward to Berlin" Following the German attack against the Soviet Union, it's soon become clear Soviet fighter aircraft lacked performance against the invading German types. The German attack came during a period when the new Soviet types were just being introduced into both production and service. Types such as the Yak-1, Lagg-3 and Mig-3. Apart from the Mig-3 high altitude aircraft, all the other types were inferior to German machines. Soviet designers were struggling with the storage of high quality raw materials, insufficie
  12. 1:32 Highly Detail Bombs by Kellerkind Miniaturen (from Martin Hille) In this review, we had the chance to take a close look to the new set of WWI Bombs in 1:32 made by Kellerkind. Once again, these ones are full committed to WnW models kits and lets see if they are a really improvement aftermarket. But first, I asked Martin to give us a small background history about Kellerkind Miniaturen and it’s a quite fascinating history. “Founded in 2004 and started with some historical and fantasy figures in different scales. Main scale at this time: 28mm figures and
  13. Date 24th October 1940 Location Gilze-Rijen Airport - The Netherlands Squadron 3./NJG2 Pilot Fw. Hans Hahn Hans Hahn was born on 9 February 1919 at Rheydt in Rheinland. Hahn trained as a bomber pilot and was assigned to a Kampfgeschwader in January 1940. In May, he sank a 4,000 BRT freighter off Dunkirk. Shortly thereafter, Hahn transferred to the Nachtjagd. Hahn was posted to NJG 2 on its formation in September 1940. Feldwebel Hahn was assigned to 3./NJG 2. He gained his first victory on the night of 24 October 1940 on an intruder mission over England shooting down a RAF Whitl
  14. German Aviator 1918 THE FUSILIER Fus 54-19 1:32nd scale Price Tag: 15£ (Steve Warrilow picture) Steve Warrilow has been a busy bee in expanding his catalogue. Not only to the figure modeler, as such, but also to 1:32 scale, in order to give some figures to our WnW. I got a small box in the mail box and I was quite excited with it because I knew that was this particular figure that is made to fit WnW Albatros. A small plastic box, with three resin pieces, and one small sheet with painting instructions. The resin parts are the torso (all body and hea
  15. Kitty Hawk 1:32 OV-10D “Bronco” HH32003 The Bronco - Wikepiedia Entry The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco is a turboprop light attack and observation aircraft. It was developed in the 1960s as a special aircraft for counter-insurgency (COIN) combat, and one of its primary missions was as a forward air control (FAC) aircraft. It can carry up to three tons of external munitions, internal loads such as paratroops or stretchers, and can loiter for three or more hours. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Rockwell_OV-10_Bronco The Kit. Well, as soon as I heard about thi
  16. German WW1 Airspeed Indicators GasPatch Models Available from GasPatch Models Greek company, GasPatch Models are really beginning to cater to large scale WW1 modellers in a very unique way. We recently took a look at their excellent turnbuckles, produced in a number of styles, using a sintered metal power system. Modellers are now catching on that these are probably the ultimate solution for their rigging. Since then, they have released some 'Albatros-specific' which we hope to be able to bring to you. GasPatch have now turned their attention to accessories for WW1 aircraft, in
  17. As Jeroen suggest, I present my DH-82 Tiger Moth from Revell in 1:32 scale, finished last year: Please be mercyful... All your comments are very appreciate. More pics at: http://ipmsbogotaar.net/blog/?p=463 Regards.
  18. AVIATTIC (1:32 Lozenge Decal (4/5 colour upper & Lower, Fokker D.VII) Available from Aviattic for £9.75 each +P&P (full width 54”) and £ 10,90 (Fokker D.VII Lozenges Tapes) The first time I heard of Aviattic, I did not care much because I`m a WnW hardcore fan and is the WnW decals are made by Cartograf. And Cartograf means quality! Then I saw some reviews about their decals . However I still thought to myself and as a WnW hardcore fan: decals kit are great and more than enough... Meanwhile I saw several reviews on the internet, all with high statements about Aviattic a
  19. My first post here......so an introduction would be nice. I'm Ulrich Schütt, live in the Netherlands, I build mainly Japanese WW2 stuff with wings in 1:32 scale and (sometimes in 1:48 scale). Best regards; Ulrich Schütt build report ( in Dutch) can be found here; http://plakkers-inc.nl/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2165
  20. Hasegawa's 1:32 P47D Jug for this double build. Russian 255 IAP, Northern Fleet and "Slick Chick" 368FG/395FS. The Russian Jug will get the PE treatment/wheels/blast tubes while Slick Chick will be OOB with exception of belts/wheels/blast tubes. Aftermarket items include: Eduard Big Ed for the Russian Jug HGW Belts for Russian Jug Eduard Belts for Slick Chick Barracuda Wheel set for both Jugs Hasegawa brass Blast Tubes for both Jugs AML decals for Russian Jug Kits World decals for Slick Chick TEST FIT General fit seems pretty good with no issues projected on
  21. EagleCals has released these decals for the1:32 F4U1 Birdcage. Three sheets will be available June 2013. EagleCals #150-32 F4U 1 Part 1 EagleCals #151-32 F4U 1 Part 2 EagleCals #152-32 F4U 1 Part 3
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