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Found 7 results

  1. OK, this is a good excuse to drag this one off the shelf of doom. I did some preliminary work on the cockpit on this bad boy a couple of years back and then put it back in the box and it hasn't seen the light of day since. I'll have some shots up by this weekend.
  2. Wouter

    Ju 388 L-1

    Hi everyone, This one will fit in just right for this group build, AIMS Ju388 L1 conversion set for the Revell Ju88. Surely I will finish my Me410 first as I've said many times before. It's just that I'm rebuilding my man-cave at the moment and can't build models in the mean time. Anyway, the finish line is in sight on that project, so I hope the be modelling again soon. I will make a post in the general forums on the new man-cave in the 'show us your workbench' sub-forum. Seeing that I still have a year from now on, I'm confident that I will be able to pull of this conversion in time for this GB. This will be the starting point . Cheers, Wouter
  3. James H

    Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a/U3

    Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a/U3 built with AIMS resin conversion and decals Why do I do this? Ok, there will be an update on the 1/32 Fw 189A-1 in the next days, and this is on the runway for completion in a few weeks. Despite this, I still have an open topic for the Sea Hornet that I'm hoping to make progress on in the next months......BUT, how about an infill project? Converting the 1:32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a fighter into a reconnaissance machine, Me 262A-1a/U3. These were rare machines, with many being converted from standard fighters at Cheb airfield in the Karlovy Vary Region of the former Czechoslovakia. The seed for this project was sown a couple of years ago when a good friend of mine gave me a part of a fuselage stringer from one of these rare machines, shot down, possibly by a Mosquito, whilst in the Cheb area. When AIMS announced a conversion kit, I decided to get this and stash it for future use. This is a fairly simple conversion, and whilst I yet have to get the associated decals for it, I thought I'd plant a flag here, right now and say that I WILL build this one. On top of the resin conversion, I'll be adding the AIRES cockpit and main gear bay set too. This is the basic kit: And these are some photos of the conversion from the AIMS site.....something to aim for!! Hope you like it.
  4. wackyracer

    Under a Moonlit Sky - Ju88 C

    Date 24th October 1940 Location Gilze-Rijen Airport - The Netherlands Squadron 3./NJG2 Pilot Fw. Hans Hahn Hans Hahn was born on 9 February 1919 at Rheydt in Rheinland. Hahn trained as a bomber pilot and was assigned to a Kampfgeschwader in January 1940. In May, he sank a 4,000 BRT freighter off Dunkirk. Shortly thereafter, Hahn transferred to the Nachtjagd. Hahn was posted to NJG 2 on its formation in September 1940. Feldwebel Hahn was assigned to 3./NJG 2. He gained his first victory on the night of 24 October 1940 on an intruder mission over England shooting down a RAF Whitley twin-engined bomber as it took-off from Linton-on-Ouse. He gained considerable success operating over England in the intruder role being awarded the Ritterkreuz on 9 July 1941 for 11 victories, the first night-fighter pilot to receive this decoration. His success did not come without cost.On four occasions he returned to his base at Gilze-Rijen with his Ju 88 operating on one engine only. On one occasion he returned with a British balloon cable wrapped around one wing. Leutnant Hahn was slightly injured on 31 July 1941 when his aircraft crashed on take-off from Gilze-Rijen. He shot down a RAF Wellington twin-engined bomber over Scunthorpe on the night of 16 August 1941 but debris from the bomber hit his aircraft putting one engine out action. Once again he had to bring his aircraft back to base on one engine. On the night of 11 October 1941 he attacked a RAF Oxford twin-engined trainer over Grantham. During the attack his aircraft collided with the target and he perished with his crew in Ju 88 C-4 (W.Nr. 0851) R4+NL. Hans Hahn was credited with 12 victories. All his victories were scored on night intruder missions over the Bristish Isles. I've been awaiting a moonlit evening for sometime now. On the occasions previously its been too windy or raining to risk taking the model outside. Last night the sky was clear and no wind, but still nerve racking having to balance it on a small table 3ft in the air! Camera on a tripod, ISO 200, Manual exposure and focus and shutter speeds from 8 to 20 seconds. I'll get some proper studio type shots before the GB finishes. Aaron
  5. wackyracer

    Ju88C-2 NJG2 Gilze Rijen

    Here's my entry to the build. Its the same one I was going to do for the Junkers GB but ran out of time. Revells 88A-1 AM bits for it New AM bits just added! CMK exterior set (I want to show the dinghy to break up the black) Profimodeller's ladder and pitot Revells boxing of the ICM kit (same model half the price!) Vulcans Motorcycle and sidecar And finally Tanks figure which is pretty close to the pose in the pics! I started last weekend and will post up the progress pics where I'm up to later on Aaron
  6. wackyracer

    JU 88C-2

    Tease Revell A-1 kit, Aims and CMK conversion sets and decals, RB belts and Master barrels Aaron
  7. rkranias

    AIMS great service!

    A few weeks ago I began working on a Ju88 conversion using AIMS parts. One of the parts needed to be replace. One email with attached photo to John @ AIMS resulted in a prompt and quick resolution by John. He was ready to ship replacement part (across the pond) at no cost to me. I took this opportunity to secure another conversion set and accessories. I had a ton of layman Ju88 questions and it was obvious John was very patient and he clearly answered each and every one my questions. My replacement parts, new conversion and accessories arrived as expected and I am ready to start on my upcoming Ju88 conversion. With the upcoming Ju88 GB you may want to check out the offerings at AIMS, they have some really nice stuff. Conversions, accessories and decals. Johns expertise and patience was most appreciated. I highly recommended John and AIMS for excellent resin quality and customer service. I will be a repeat customer. Cheers Pastor John!